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62 thoughts on “Dane Cook Gets Sorted By A Pkmovies92 – LEGO animation

  1. @legoguy20
    Spastikchuwawa is the original creator, shortly after 0ldscratch posted a video that continued the series and Dane cook karma was born

  2. @maxishineQ
    To jest film poklatkowy, czyli pokaz slajdów ale w tempie np. 15 klatek na sekundę.

    Wbij na StopMotionPolska, tam dowiesz się więcej.

  3. @badgeramzinglegofilm This is a custom.
    Hair – Old Alpha Team sets,
    Head – Power Miners sets,
    Torso – Just a black torso you can find in some sets,
    Dark Blue Legs – from some old Vikings set.

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