Day at Work: Vegan Baker
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Day at Work: Vegan Baker

I’m Shannon Radke and I’m one of the owners of Cinnaholic… and I created the recipe. I’m Florian Radke. I’m her husband.. and.. I believed in her recipe and then we started this business together. I was probably in my early twenties and… I’d come home from work.. and just kinda destress and… I started baking. A friend of mine got me my first kitchen aid mixer for Christmas. When I was probably like twenty-four years old… and I was just so excited. And, like every week I would start baking things and bringing them into work and then it turned into every night.. and (laughter) started a giving away all my stuff to friends I just.. I couldn’t keep up with eating – how much I was baking. Everything is soy-based. So we don’t use any milk or eggs or any um sugar with bone char. Our specialty is cinnamon rolls, obviously. We have full size ones. We do cinnacakes… where we kinda bake ’em all together flip them over and frost them and decorate ’em. We have our baby buns that are mini bite-size ones. This summer I think we are going to be introducing a kinda of like a cookie sandwhich that has frosting in the middle sandwiched between two of our chocolate chipped cookies. And we have almost thirty different flavors of frosting and I don’t even know how many different toppings… so. I have a bachelor’s degree in multi-media arts and marketing. And, I started in Berlin, Germany, where I’m originally from. And I worked for big corporate clients like Heineken and MTV and Nike. I remember the things that interested me the most was a typography class. And I think I used a lot of that typography class actually for the first time um, in creating our brand. I actually used to be like this skater goth chic, so I’ve always been into like black and white and skulls. We thought like every… every cupcake store is like pink and cute and… it is annoying. So we thought, “Hey let’s do something completely different.” We’re really engaged in our social media. We do.. we’re on Twitter. We’re on Facebook. We talk to our costumers whenever somebody posts something on our wall, we answer right away. The good thing is if people are on social media they’re searching for input. They want information. So you’re not penetrating them with stuff they don’t want to know. They’re looking for it. “Thanks for trying though.” “No, thank you for trying them.” (laughter) Find people that wanna to try your product. Shannon brought a lot of her baking to work they were all non-vegans and very anti-vegan. And if they liked that… then we knew it was good enough to put on the market. I have an accounting background. So that was helpful too. But, a lot of it, they don’t teach you in class. You kinda have to learn as you go. I like the baking. (laughter) It is very soothing. Uh, I also like the managerial aspect of it. I work from home most of the time now. I’m only in the store about one day a week when I don’t pop in and see how things are. I like the customer service. I like talking to people. I like hearing what they think about product. I like getting feedback. I like seeing people’s expressions on faces when they come in and say like “OMG! So many flavors!” That’s really cool.

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  1. I LOVE FOOD 💛💜💚💙❤💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💛❤💛💙💜❤💛💙💚💛💜💚❤💙💛💜💛❤💛❤💛❤

  2. Your story is very similar to mine, cool! I'm 22 right now and I opened up a vegan cafe in May, through which I discovered I'm very passionate about making coffee and baking. My cafe is focused more on food right now, but I want to change it over or open up a second location that's just a bakery. My background is also accounting!

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