DEATH STRANDING [Dirilis 8 November 2019]
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DEATH STRANDING [Dirilis 8 November 2019]

Mystery of mysteries around the game’s sake Apart from the release date
getting closer there are a lot of the same mystery
absolutely no answers Efforts to introduce more
of mechanical and characters via screenshots or
trailers also did not provide a lot of
new things to be understood However ,,, at least now we’ve got an idea
about the main story Unlike what happened
motivation driving SAM the main character to carry out
his task as a “courier” So ,,, what
real is the main story of this game? Kojima has prepared her real
one another video called “BRIEFING” at Gamescom 2019 which he called will bring insights
about motivation foundation SAM trip they explain in detail The matter of the main story. Death stranding is a
game that has simple story You play as Sam were asked to walk from
East Coast to the US West Coast trying to activate a variety
of contact points along the way These contact points will broadcast
messages expectations about the matter ,, USA which at that point was split
apart and disconnected from each other. Sam tried to express
unity But do not just walk
aimlessly You will them re steps that had tried in live
by Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) daughter of President of
the United Cities of America who is also wanted to follow the
path of the same pilgrimage in the past Amelie wanted to create a line of communication
throughout the United States, where the communications center will be
voiced messages from the mother – Bridget. Bridget itself was dying at that time Bridget message?
He wants all the problems in the world not be resolved by force,
but with hope. This step was taken by Amelie
after the big city Central Knot City ended destroyed because of the terrorist attack which
happened to have a capability called “Void Oouts” the ability to come
back from the “Other Side” This makes civilization destruction of
America is destroyed, where a lot of people decide to no longer believe in government On the basis of fear of each other not a few who decided
to live in the wild Edge Knot City is a city containing separatists and
terrorists Homo Demens, the independence
of their own! This dangerous super group
also likely to catch Emilie Emlie itself will show
its self at Sam in the form of holograms in nearly
every situation, never aging and with the same clothes
when he was at the beach Emilie assured him that he is safe he can avail the facility of
Homo Demens freely, it is not arrested, it’s just he can not leave
Edge Knot City granted. Sam tried to save
Amelie that action course in obstructed by Higgs –
the ‘Man in the Golden Mask’ which is played by Troy Baker. Sam must ensure these messages ,,, spread
before further disintegration occurred. they mention that this is which will be the main story
of Death stranding itself There are some other mysteries
such as the characters and the world “Other Side” which is not much in the exploration
Kojima in the trailer “BRIEFING” which is still not off to the public. In simple terms the mission and story ,,,
principal Sam at least based on the explanation can be equated and analogy with “PHONE CABLE SETTINGS” in a land that has not been
touched by the communication technology You have to move from one point
to another point to ensure
the message is connected. What is actually on offer
Hideo Kojima in Death stranding? Overview gameplay can
you get already described through so
many pieces of video and gameplay it for
the past TGS 2019 Nevertheless ,,,
there is still so much mystery surrounding its release time title Along with visits to
several locations following the release time is getting closer, some new details also surfaced. One comes from Public session a few days ago He talked about the action gamers and
its effect on NPC That in some scenarios this game action you choose can affect
the NPC you meet He gave the example of one of the
side missions you’ll meet her later where you will be asked
to submit the drug package for sick people who live
in the basement Once the mission is completed his next step will depend
on the freedom of gamers. Players can choose to continue to
visit her on a regular basis and send medicine and keep it
alive But with his increasingly distant
your trip from location where he lived You also might forget her So stock the medicine runs out,
his health will decline and it can lead to death The concept of this connection were also
wanted in the offer Kojima. Last ,, Death stranding his own plan
will be released on 8 November 2019 for the Playstation 4 and not
a possibility The PC platform
in because the game is removed from the list of exclusive titles on PS4 How about you? How many of you are
looking forward to this game? thanks for watching ,,,
regards the info gamers ,,,, sub by : Helat

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