Découvrez le Bunny Chow avec le Chef Vicky
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Découvrez le Bunny Chow avec le Chef Vicky

Hello, I am Chef Vicky from Enso We will take you on a trip to Durban, South Africa to present you a typical dish called ‘Bunny Chow’ It’s bread stuffed with chicken curry. The bread is important and you need to prepare it well. We make the bread here, it’s home-made. It’s a tricky recipe and has to be prepared in advance. We will start making the curry We will cook a simple mauritian style chicken curry. You can see here all our ingredients. We will start by frying the onions… We cook the onions first to remove the water it contains… The Bunny Chow was created by Indians in Durban. The orignal Bunny Chow is made with a square loaf of bread but we’ve made it our own using a tin can. It’s a simple tin can which we’ve made into a mold. The onions have caramelised a bit as you can see. We then add garlic. We are careful not to fry the garlic cook too much so that it doesn’t lose flavor…it becomes bitter when overcooked. We then add ginger. We stir continuously so prevent the onions from burning. It won’t be nice if it’s too caramelised. We add saffron (curcuma), Some powdered cumin. We must not let them cook too much… otherwise the saffron and cumin become bitter. As you can see, we have a beautiful coloration. We take our chicken which we’ve already marinated in garlic, ginger, salt, pepper and lemon juice. and a little bit of saffron. We let it marinate for an hour. We let our chicken cook a little bit, not too much, because of the spices. We will deglaze with some chicken stock… We let our curry simmer and move on to preparing the bread. We remove the bread from the mold. You can see it’s golden on top, but white on the sides. So we have to put it in the oven to grill it a little. If the bread is too soft, it will quickly soak the curry sauce. And we proceed as such… It is important to know how to empty the bread. When emptying it, as it is very soft, be careful not to break the bread. We have to leave 1.5 cm thickness all around like this. Once the bread is emptied, we will bake it again. We put it in the oven for 7 minutes. We’re going back to our curry which is almost ready. It has a nice color, the chicken, the sauce is very thick as it should. And even when we smell, there’s the scent of saffron and chicken rising. From there, we continue with the cooking and now we’re adding some diced tomatoes, and then a tomato puree. Why do we put the tomato completely at the end? Because tomato is a tangy ingredient, and if we put it on earlier, it prevents the ingredients from cooking. So we put it on when the chicken is three-quarters cooked. So the tomatoes will cook, as will the chicken. We’re going to finish in five minutes. You can see that the color has changed, there are more “vibrations”, it’s more attractive, it’s really “Yummy!” While it’s still cooking we add chopped fresh coriander. It’s to give more flavor, more fragrance. There, as you can see, it’s more attractive, there is color, “vibrations” in it. We check the seasoning. But here we do not add salt or pepper, as the chicken was already seasoned. At the last , we finish the recipe with coconut milk. It changes completely as soon as you add the coconut milk. A good chicken curry that we prepared completely mauritian style. As you can see, our bread is ready. It was white at first, and now it is well browned after cooking for 7 minutes. It’s golden, pretty, and crunchy too. We now move on to the presentation. As an accompaniment, we prepared a salad of cabbage, carrot, cucumber, with a chilli dressing. We put chilli peppers. In the end, as the curry is really spicy in terms of flavor, not spicy to taste, we add a little raïta to soften the flavors. The dish is ready ! ”Hmmm, mari bon !”

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