Diwali Cook-Off: Best Friends Cook For Each Other | Ok Tested
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Diwali Cook-Off: Best Friends Cook For Each Other | Ok Tested

Today’s video is a cook off, but Diwali edition. Today it’s not about who makes the best, but about what you make for your bestie. So. Basically, we are going to make a dish for our bestie which will be a surprise for them. They’ll have no idea. We’ll have to change our teams in order to keep it a surprise. So, let’s change our teams. Let’s switch. There will be no loser in today’s video. Okay. Let’s go. Diwali spirit. Hey people. Hi guys! Today we will be making ‘Apni Izzat Ka Falooda’. Wow. You’re so excited, Arushi. At Least one of us should have cooked Bihari food. Litti Chokha? Ya. I can’t cook it. I don’t think so. But we have to cook what our bestie would like. Ya. So, I’m cooking for Antil. She’s cooking for Arushi. I’ve cooked for Saty earlier, but he has never. So, this will be his first time. I’m happy to cook for Aakansha. Let’s cook something. What are you making, Arushi? I just know how to cook one thing. And that’s a sandwich. I thought she’ll say idiot. What are you making? Even the audience knows what Antil and Arushi like to eat. True. Arushi loves Pasta. Antil loves Chole Bhature. It’s very evident. Very evident. I’m making bacon and prawns Alfredo Pasta.
Bonus. Diwali is all about homecoming. So, I want Saty to feel at home. There’s a famous dish from Kolkata and Orissa called Aloo Chop. I’ll make that. I’m not in the mood to make tea, but I know Saty expects me to make it for him. So, I’ll make it for him. This will be the first time I’ll be making Chole Bhature. I’ll help you. Yeah,please help me. I’m a little nervous. I also want to try another dish. I hope this is the correct pronunciation of ‘Pokharo’. It’s a dish from Orissa. I’ve researched about it since I wanted Saty to feel at home. I’ll try to make that as well. Diwali is known for card parties.
And there are bite sized snacks at the card parties. Hence, I’ll be making bite sized sandwiches. Very nice. And Coffee because you’ve to stay awake. No one is going to lose, but you can get loose motions. Oh yeah. If something goes wrong. There’s Hing for that. See, I’ve got it. Thanks. Give me some since Arushi cannot cook. Okay. Let’s start. Today, I’ll be cooking for her instead of her eating my brain. How much oil do you need? The amount required for nuggets. Wow. You’re quite prepared. Let me tell you all that I’m a really bad cook. I’m not even a bad cook. I’m non cook. Should I make Chole or Bature first? – Start from the Chole.
– Ya, I should make Chole. Give me some water to boil the pasta. Bit of salt in here. Oil as well. Just a little so that they don’t stick together. This is just something that Krishanu taught me and Pushp liked it. So yeah, it’s idiot proof. What is Aakansha cooking for you? Something elaborate to make me feel bad. Chole requires a lot of oil. Right? I’m sure that Antil will make tea for me. If he doesn’t make tea. Arushi knows that I love chicken and mutton curry, but she’ll like to put her own twist on it. I know that Aakansha likes chicken curry a lot. Don’t you want to make chicken curry for her? I don’t want her to die. The water is boiling. I’ve added the tomatoes. The whole world knows my favourite dish. That’s Chole Bhature. But it’s really hard to make that so if Satyam has made it then I’ll have to ask my dad to add his name to the will. I don’t want to overcook the Pasta. The Masala is almost ready. The Moshala is almost ready. What is Moshala? You’ve studied for this. You know the terms and sh*t. Honestly. Shut up, nerd. I really wanted Saty to feel at home. Because it’s a big deal. When you’re staying away from family, you miss the home cooked food. When I’m home, I’m always thinking of what’s happening at my home, what my mum will be cooking etc. Diwali is the one festival where I really want to be home or else I get homesickness. Missing home is the worst and best thing about Diwali. What do you like to eat at Diwali?
So, at my house. We had a rule of being very rebellious. Everyone in our colony used to eat Vegetarian, but we were the only family that ate Biryani. So, it became a tradition for all the neighbours to come to our house for Biryani. Wow. So, everyone used to come to my place for Biryani. It’s become a tradition now. Diwali means Biryani. When I got my first job and I was earning really less. Ya. Sometimes I would not have enough money to book a ticket to go home and I didn’t like to ask my mother for money. So, I would just tell her that I didn’t get a holiday. Aww. I think, I’ve mixed too much Rice flour with Besan. Do you not know anything?
I’m going to put the bacon. I’m making the most complex dish. I’m getting the feel. I used to burst crackers as a kid. Shame. Dad used to get firecrackers and then divide it amongst the siblings. At least you were able to burst crackers since you didn’t have cable either. At least you had firecrackers. I love you, Dad. Yes. Now, I don’t burst crackers and I request you the same. We all need to understand and save the environment. Right? Absolutely. Instead of bursting crackers and watching TV, download our app ‘OK TESTED’ on playstore. You’ll get all the videos there first. It tastes so good but smells disgusting. I’ll cook the prawns in the same oil. It’s going to smell more. I’m so sorry. It’s not my fault. Arushi likes to eat such smelly stuff. Oh. It’s getting Uptan. Saty, I’m doing this for you.
I’ve to use my hands because it’s breaking. So. Please take care of my family members if I burn my hand. Fine Antil. I’m not going to miss you. Give me a plate. Aakansha, taste it. It’s good? He’s cooked such good Chole. Okay. Give me a cup. This looks so pretty. Although it stinks. Can I try this? Wow. Satyam, you better like it. This is amazing. Your sandwich has been grilled? It looks pretty. I can’t believe I’ve made so much Chole. Beginners luck. No, it’s hard work. I’ll see Aakansha cooking her pasta. When will you make the Bhature? Right now. Ah. This is fun, right? This is so much fun. Ya. I did not think it’ll be so much fun. Will you eat what you’ve made? Probably, if it’s about life and death. I would love to eat what I’m cooking. I’m worried that I’ve cooked less. I’ve added too much Onions. But it’s okay. We’ll add spinach to this. One healthy item out of all the bacon and fat things. Give me another plate. Please give me a clean plate. Oh my god. What have you made? You want to try the dip? My hands are really dirty. You made the dip or bought it? Just made it in front of you with Yogurt. Give me a plate. I’ll make Bhatures out of all the flour that is available. I’ll make some for the crew as well. I’ll add cream to this. I’m worried about the temperature. I’m working so hard for Antil, all my family members and others will curse me for not doing the same for them. Who is this other person? It’s okay. You’ve experimented on Antil so now you can cook good stuff for others. That’s true. I’ve started making tea along with Pokharo. Wait. Let me add some water. You are so professional. Giving instructions too. Now, I’ll add the yogurt. See. Smell it. It’s so good. Good coffee. This is nice man. I think, there is enough salt in here. The first Bhatura is ready to fry in the oil. Go kiddo.
Stay safe. It’s getting bigger.
C’mon.(x2) There are two extremely different types of cuisines on two ends of this table. Ya. Italian and Indian.(Both) And two Biharis are cooking it. Wow. This is done. I just have to finish the tea and add oil to the dish. Some curry leaves. It’s sticky. What the f**k just happened? It looks like Maggi. I think, it’ll loosen up with steam. Ya, exactly. I would have added some salt and chilli to this. Oh with packed with flavour and masala. Masala and Garam masala etc. I’m one of those people who like to eat Chin-jabi.
Here. Go for it, Aakansha. Dude, that’s so good.
The Bhatura is so crunchy. Really?
I’ll also taste it. You should open a Chole Bhature shop. I’ll quickly make the garlic bread. Okay. I’ll work on the 2nd Bhatura since we’ve already had the first one. Can I eat it? Oh sorry. I’m eating it. Give me a strainer. Yum. Ya. I was going to ask you how to design the plate since you’re a designer. But I’ve already done it. Mine is so basic. The taste of your dish is so good that you don’t need anything else to win. This is the bonus. Finally, the finishing touch. So, cooking is not done yet.
We have to clean this as well. Ya, the table is in a mess.
Let’s clean it. Just for their sake. Ya. Let’s do it. The tea is red. So, Saty and I are going to try what we’ve cooked and so will Arushi and Aakansha. But only if Arushi leaves my dish. It’s really tasty. I hope we all like what we’ve cooked. Satty. Okay. I closed my eyes, but I already got a peek. You obviously know what this is. Aloo Chop. Ya. I was a little confused earlier, but now it’s clear. Antil did his research properly. What have you cooked? Guess. I heard you saying that Satyam won’t cook it. Don’t say Chole Bhature. Can I? You made Pasta for me. Are those the sandwiches? These look better than the ones you made the other day. Ya, because you liked them. That was Krishanu. Shut up. He taught me and I made filtered coffee because you like it. Wait. Let me call my dad and ask him to add your name to the will. This is so nice. I’m very excited to try that. This looks so good. I can’t wait. Here. I’ve not had Aloo chop and tea since 3 years. Together. Chicken. Oh f**k. I’m not kidding. I did not expect this from Arushi. I thought, I’ll have to pretend to like something. I’m so proud of you. I’ve not had Chole Bhature in a year and I’ve been craving them a lot. Today, I’ll cheat on my diet for Saty. Cheers. Oh my god. I don’t know if this is a compliment or not, but you can start a Chole Bhatura shop. Even Aakansha said that. I’ve eaten a lot in these Ok tested videos. But this is the best. If I have to eat this for the rest of my life, I’ll eat it happily. We can do Sunday Pot lucks. Don’t push it. My name is Push-p. There is one more thing for you. I’ve never tasted it, but I learnt how to cook it for you. I hope you like it because you must have had it at home. Please. This is Pokhara. Oh. – I’m eating it.
– I hope you like it. Because I don’t know how it should taste. This is amazing. Did you know that these both together are the best combinations? Today, Bihar and Orissa have come together. Wow. Happy Diwali. Happy Diwali. How do you rate something like this? If you’ve to pay for this sandwich, you happily will. I would rate this 11/10. I’m not kidding. 11/10. This is really good. Should I hit him? I told them that you will not rate this and say no to rating it. But he has put an amount for my love. 11/10. Increasing towards infinity. Tell Krishanu that this is much better than his sandwiches. And I’m not just saying that for the camera. Krishanu,in case you’re wondering that. These are actually better than his sandwiches. Winning. Win.(x2) He taught this to me yesterday. Antil and Satyam come. Just like we said it in the beginning of this video that no one will lose. We all have won. This cook off got us closer together. Just like this. Either that or we are really hungry. We all got really good food and you all got our app. Congratulations. That was so subtle. *Singing* If you’ve still not downloaded it then go to google play store and download the OK TESTED app to get all the videos a day before. And share it with your friends and family because the exclusive content is only available on the app. Hi guys. If you like this video as much as I love this pasta then. Please LIKE this video. COMMENT and tell us what you want to eat out of all these dishes. And SHARE it with your friends. Also SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED. Quickly go to the play store, download the app and share it with your friends for exclusive content. Happy Diwali.(All)

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