Diwali with Dhruv Baker | Recipe | Sainsbury’s
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Diwali with Dhruv Baker | Recipe | Sainsbury’s

I’m Dhruv Baker and I’m going to be cooking you a Diwali dish with ingredients readily available from Sainsbury’s. I’m doing a mid-week, super simple but utterly delicious, chicken curry. The first stage is really to heat our vegetable oil and what we’re going to do is infuse that with those wonderful flavours you get from our whole spices. I can now smell all of those wonderful flavours so it’s time to add our onions. Give those a stir to just coat them in that beautifully fragrant oil. Now we’re not looking at any colour on these, what we want to do is soften those onions, bring out that natural sweetness. Next step, add in our ginger and garlic. Now this is where we start to add the real intense flavours and that’s our ground spices. There is a tendency for ground spices to stick to the pan, so if that does happen, just add a little splash of water. Now we just pour in our tomatoes, stir those through. Now the paste Is ready to add in our raw chicken. What we want to do is coat each of those individual pieces of chicken in that wonderful spice paste. We can now stir in our stock and one of the last stages is stir through our double cream. And now to season it, salt and pepper. Finally, serve with fresh coriander and steamed rice.

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