DIY Mac and Cheese Doughnut, Corinne VS Cooking #15
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DIY Mac and Cheese Doughnut, Corinne VS Cooking #15

How’s it going? Did you have a nice holiday? (Corninne Says Annoyed) Santa bring you everything you asked for? NO!? Well, maybe you should’ve been a little bit nicer. What up internet, Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne VS Cookin’. New year’s resolutions edition Actually, no New Year’s resolutions are stupid If you need an arbitrary holiday to make goals for yourself like that, it’s probably not gonna work out. My new year’s resolution is let go a little bit, not be so controlling over everything. Life’s about balance Which brings me to todays cooking project The other day I was interneting and I came across this video of a donut being broken apart and it containing macaroni and cheese! yeah… you heard me right it was all cheesy and gooey and melty and delicious looking and I thought what better food item could there be I said f*** you to all those bulls*** new year’s resolutions so let’s start this year off with a macaroni and cheese donut. Uhhh so let’s get started, shall we? Alright This is not a very difficult process. I’ve decided that I’m gonna forego any information or videos there may be already existing out there on the world wide web, and try to come up with the solutions on how to make this thing all on my own I’m a god d***.. DIY… person I should be able to figure this out But to be honest I wasn’t really sure if my idea on how to make these things was gonna work out So I didn’t want to put a bunch of effort and energy into creating my mac and cheese because mac and cheese can be a process If you want that s*** to be good Then you need to f***in’ be gratin cheeses and all kinds of stuff and you know what? I just don’t feel like doing that right now My New Year’s resolution is to work less… So the mac and cheese that we’re using for our doughnuts is gonna be from the box like this. Uh huh, doin’ it. And unfortunately, there’s no organic ones that had /elbow macaroni/ and as you can see here, in this video, they have elbow macaroni. Yeah, so this one actually looks the most reputable? I guess? I don’t know, Cracker Barrel cheese There’s 500 types of macaroni and cheese and not one thing of breadcrumbs. I cannot find f***in’ breadcrumbs right now Where the f*** are the breadcrumbs? I walked down every single one of these aisles looking for breadcrumbs at least 5 times… still couldn’t find the breadcrumbs but actually I think using stuffing mix is a pretty DANG good idea. This could be a whole new thing: Stuffing breading f***in’ macaroni and cheese DONUTS This is too good. It’s just too good!! All right, I’m thinkin’ a ranch dressing glaze. Chipotle Ranch sounds preettyyy deeliiciouuus Why are there so many oil choices as well? Good god, I don’t know what to get..! Canola? Here we go. This is gonna be the best oil just get one more, just in case. Alright, now we’re ready to go. Ugh, work out a little because gotta prepare my heart about to take in a lot of cheese. Wooo! Resolutions! Feel good. So, it’s pretty simple. The first thing you gotta do is follow the instructions on the box and prepare your macaroni and cheese. The problem that I had is that Rob, and myself, were a little hungry so we ate a good amount of the macaroni and cheese. Good job cracker barrel. *inhale* *whisper* delicious. Yeah, so I let it cool down a good amount and then mix a bunch of mozzarella cheese in there now the problem I was foreseeing is that this stuff doesn’t really like mold together, so I decided to add a little bit of water and flour to thicken it up a little. I like ’em /thick/ y’know I’m saying? *whisper* yeahh *slap* alright that really hurt.. *awkward chuckles* Alright, so what I thinkin’ is that there is no f***ing way this will stay together in the shape of a donut to be breaded and fried just not going to happen, so I put them in the freezer yes genius idea and the way I came up with that idea is from mozzarella sticks if you know me in real life you will know that I have an affinity for mozzarella sticks and love them so f***ing much but I digress mozzarella sticks gave me the idea to freeze the donut shape before I breaded it because mozzarella sticks are frozen when they go in the fryer that’s pretty much it so I left my donut in the freezer for a little while until they froze pretty much solid then I cracked eggs and dump some of my stuffing mix here into a bowl I know that I probably should put the stuffing mix into a food processor to really get it nice and small like flower but I just don’t feel like f***ing doing that right now so I’m going to see if this works and it doesn’t really work that great the pieces are too big and it’s like hard to get them on there but I’m gonna f***ing make it work okay and learning from past mistakes where I didn’t double bread the thing which I’m pretty sure was the mozzarella shot glasses and making sure to double bread the macaroni and cheese doughnuts and I got and I got to be honest here I think this looks pretty f***ing good, I am doing it all right now I just have to heat my oil to about 375 degrees that’s a lot of degrees you want to be extremely careful dealing with hot oil Rob yeah and once the oil reach temperature it’s f***ing go time I’m ready to f***ing party it’s f***ing fryday y’all (actually is it Friday) if you’re watching this on Friday comment Friday down below Friday party Friday party. All righty then, here we go i’ts going in it’s pretty glorious I must admit I love watching things fry it also gives me time to contemplate how terrible this is for me no one should eat things like this it’s actually really bad for you. But it’s sooo delicious I think I definitely kept in their way to way too f***ing long because it was about 15 minutes later when I decided to take it out and it feels a little dry on the inside a little to bready yeah this one was not a complete failure but not exactly what we are going for so attempt number two let’s do this this time I stop being such a lazy ass and decided to food process the stuffing mixture and I think this is gonna work a lot better and the only reason i decided to stop being lazy has nothing to do with my desire to want to work harder and everything to do with the fact that i want a delicious macaroni and cheese donut alright and yeah this works a lot f***ing better it definitely does getting into all the crevices that it needs to seems to be going real well real f***ing well boom that goes into the fryer too this time I’m only gonna fry it for about five minutes and then pop it into the oven for about 10 minutes that’s right changing it up and holy f***ing s*** balls this looks amazing yes such a good idea the only problem that I’m having with this one is that A) I feel like it’s a little too big and I didn’t make my doughnut hole large enough so it kind of melted together so it’s more like mac and cheese patty so we’re going to give it one more go I could be contributing something better to society but I feel like y’all need macaroni and cheese doughnuts that’s right the third attempt is a goddamn success this thing’s amazing I am super happy with this idea in this plan that we just executed here good job team Oh none of you asked for me to make a macaroni and cheese donut I don’t care 2017 the year of zero f***s given yeah that’s right coming out the gate battle in or not battling now just like 0 f***s oh you think i should re-die my hair you think my voice is annoying you miss the old Thread banger whatever that f***ing means just kidding I care can take this s*** too seriously gonna laugh a little loosen up release the tension around your ass situation its dounut eatin’ time. Do-nut try to stop me whaat? *laughs* this is what happiness looks like *nom nom nom nom* wait a minute almost forgot the most pivotal part the chipotle ranch dressing glaze bring it to the next f***ing level ohh mmmmhh *dances like no ones watching* mmm well I think that’s about it for this video of course we always want to know what videos you want to see us make here on this channel so leave your suggestions in the comments down below or don’t I probably won’t be seeing you again until the new year so I do want to wish all of you a very happy new year I hope all of your dreams come true it can only get better right? what the f*** 2016 deuces yeah here’s to an amazing 2017 as always if you’re not subscribed hit that subscribe button make sure you got your notifications turned on so you know when we come out with a new video and until next time *snip**snip**snip* *song*

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100 thoughts on “DIY Mac and Cheese Doughnut, Corinne VS Cooking #15

  1. Life hack: take a dry bread, put it in the oven, and dry it even more; after that, put it in the food procesor, and u done, "homemade" breadcrumbs

  2. I know this is very old but you can make your own bread crumbs.Just put how much bread you want in the oven and let them in there for as long as you want then just put them in the food processor.I learned it from my grandmother 😂

  3. Corrine, your the best 😘
    You had me rolling 🤣 when you SLAPPED yourself on the buttocks 🤣😂ouch!
    That shit looks FKN delicious 😋

  4. When you can’t eat dairy or bread/bread products anymore….well I’m gonna keep living vicariously through these videos. 😫

  5. When you can’t eat dairy or bread/bread products anymore….well I’m gonna keep living vicariously through these videos. 😫

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