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100 thoughts on “DIY Macarons, Corinne VS Cooking #14

  1. Nooooooooooo that is not a stiff peak. I’m sorry but I’m (11) and can make macarons like a pro

  2. To fold in whatever into your batter, you visuley divide the bowl in half and add about a spoonful to it and take your scraper and flop the dough over carfully and mix. Hard to do withount a visual, but you can find one somewhere online

  3. 👏👏👏👏 thank you… I really want to try to make some macarons now… you should try makeing Mint Marang cookies, they are soooo good and I think you would enjoy them. They also have a lot less wait time

  4. A lot of people think the fortune cookies come from China, however, they are made in America.🖤💜💚

  5. You forgot to tap the cookie sheet to take the air bubbles out so that there aren't any air bubbles on top
    i think

  6. Am I the only one that thinks of Popee the performer when she wore the bunny outfit and shot the cookies with the gun?

  7. Did she ever pound them on the counter once she was done piping them?
    You HAVE to smack them against the table to make sure all air bubbles come out!
    Love you but try one more time and try to get feet on them!

  8. I feel your pain girl. I had Culinary class at my school and we did a week of Mac and it turned out SO BADLY. It was so stressful to make them and the group hated it. The cookies were way to yellow and the frosting didn't taste anything like pineapple. I'm glad your recipe turned out so good.

  9. I got into baking this summer and this was my first thing to make and I actually got them on the 3rd try it just takes time and making your own adjustments to the recipe to fit your kitchen and what supplies you have to make them

  10. You don't have to wait two days you can eat them that day of you want to. It tastes better that way anyways.

  11. I was dying hahaha, this is how basically all my crafting or cooking experiences go lol. My 5 yr old was cheering you on haha!

  12. use the rosina pansino recipe (i spelt that wrong) but i use hers in her book all the time and it’s awesome!! also beat the eggs to soft peaks and sift the dry ingredients before you put them in!!

  13. did anyone catch when she said macaroons, instead of macarons 9:46 . It ok she was probably tired from waking up to make macarons

  14. Most recipes work better with room temperature eggs. Also the size of eggs is regular or small. With baking you need to be precise .With cooking you are free to experiment.

  15. Who else was so annoyed on her first batch, she made SEVEN MACARONS?!! how are you going to make four macarons with SEVEN MACARON HALVES?!!

  16. If anyone in 2019 is bored re-watching old Threadbanger videos. If you attempt to make macarons (they are really hard) I learned the hard way you want your eggs to be fresh otherwise you wont get the stiff speaks on your meringue. So the pre-separated egg whites were probably older then the actual eggs. So make sure you don’t use the eggs that have been in your fridge for two weeks.

  17. After seeing this, I will NEVER be making macarons !! I prefer to keep what little sanity I have left. 😂

  18. I love making macroons, but I find each time I make them they get better. I think it's really a learning experience. I also don't have a sil-pat, nor do I measure my ingredients on a scale, and mine tend to do fine.

  19. Tbh, if you ever desire to cook anything, just go and watch the channel “Tasty” they got plenty of delicious looking recipes

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