DIY Project – How to Install Wall OVEN | GE Monogram | Kenmore ELITE
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DIY Project – How to Install Wall OVEN | GE Monogram | Kenmore ELITE

hello everyone please welcome and join me in Easy Steps today I’m going to share with you how to remove and install your oven I have a GE Monogram oven it’s a beautiful oven it was working fine we had the power outage in our area due to somebody drove into transformer pole once the transformer fix the electricity was back in the line that our panel the display nothing else seems working after troubleshooting we found that the controller board of oven gone bad at this moment I’m going to replace with the new oven and I’m going to share with you how I’m doing it this oven is the secure by one two three and one screw on the bottom four screws on this side and four screws on this side all together eight screws it’s very important when you are working with electrical from the front panel which is a located at the front of the house always turn off the switch once you turn off the power then you work on it this is . the condor so the oven has a red black white and ground wire and white is the neutral the black goes on the black the red goes on this black with the tape that will goes here so you take out the plug and you unhook it so once we’re going to install it back we’re going to use these heavy-duty electrical plug and we’re going to put these wires on and once it’s completed then we’re going to push the on back that’s how it’s easy so I’ll be replacing my oven with the Kenmore elight which is a combo unit so since I haven’t taken out the oven I’m going to take the microwave off as well the enclosure needs a DIY work it will help you out in your DIY project if you are planning to replace it so as you can see then closer we took the one out and that is a microwave up there going to be removal of the wood in the middle and so that it will fit plugged in the wires turned on the main switch back on anytime you are installing the new oven or microwave you always plug in first before you do the final wrap up because if we plug in this one and if it happens to be bad unit then we got a problem or during transportation it become bad I’m going to test it to see if it’s working I’m going to check date and I’m going to start and it’s working so once we tested that it’s a fully operational I’ll finish up installing it so then so the installation of my combo oven and microwave has been completed what I have done as you seen it on my previous video this was the cabinet was the right here and the microwave was on the top and the oven was at the bottom this side all the way up here as you see the mark right up here I cut one inch on this side and the same thing I cut it one inch on this side I able to fit my combo and make sure that it’s all leveled aligned and it was a little bit going down this side so I added some couple of shims at the bottom and then I put the screws on the side so running perfectly fun is such a beautiful oven and as soon as close the oven it starts automatically so this is a perfect and now I’m going to enjoy my cooking with you guys and I will share all the videos so this is a microwave so I hope it will help you as a DIY project how you can change a combo oven so any questions you have a please don’t hesitate to write below I’m going to see you soon with another DIY project thank you very much bye bye

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15 thoughts on “DIY Project – How to Install Wall OVEN | GE Monogram | Kenmore ELITE

  1. Great video. I just bought a Kitchen Aid convection oven and convection microwave and had to take them back because it would have cost me 4-5K to convert 110 to 220. I decided to go with the combo unit and your video encourage me to do it my self.

  2. What's containing any possible sparks from your wiring? Looks like a fire hazard. The proper way is to install an outlet over the box and attach a proper plug on the end of the conduit.

  3. The exposed wiring job in this video is not legal in anywhere in the US or Canada.  All connections must be done using connectors, plugs or cover plates to prevent fires.  Consult a local electrician.

  4. At 1:08 you say white is the neutral. That is wrong! Typically black in neutral, red is active, and green is earth. In your case it appears white is earth – but it certainly is not neutral. At 1:59 you appear to wire it correctly with red to active, black to neutral and white and green to earth.

  5. Lmfao this guy was riding a bike 2 yrs ago in India, now he's blinging his house out with a double oven which he has no clue how to wire it. In India they steal electricity anyway they can 😆 welcome to America hope u get rich

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