Do You Need a $45 Pizza Box Oven? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show
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Do You Need a $45 Pizza Box Oven? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Ladies and Gentlemen,
welcome to Kitchen Gadgets. I am Esther Choi, and today I did not order pizza to eat for myself. This is actually the Pizza Box. So, $45 on Amazon. This claims that it makes
pizza in 15 to 20 minutes with raw dough. That’s shorter time
than you ordering pizza and getting it delivered to you, which probably, for me,
takes about an hour. It looks like your pizza delivery box, and I think that that’s kind of cute. There are these little dials here. You can kind of control what
sort of pizza you’re making. You can make frozen pizza, fresh pizza. And this little function
that says keep warm, which, maybe you make pizza
and like an hour later, this is still hot. When you open this thing, it looks like there’s a
heating element on the top, just on half of it, and then the bottom is
another heating element just on half of this round diameter. So, that means that
it’s only touching heat on half of the element, and
it’ll spin while it cooks. Will it cook evenly, will it brown evenly? And this looks like it’s not flat, which kinda concerns me, because I feel like some
areas will be indented, and the browning element. Alright, so let’s see
how nifty this thing is. Let’s make some pizza. This says, do not preheat, so I’m not gonna plug this in until I’m ready to put the
actual pan in here and cook. Today I’m just using
very plain ingredients. Pizza dough from your local
pizzeria or your supermarket. We’ll bench flour my board. So, I am a little skeptical, just because if it’s shitty
pizza, I’m not gonna eat it. Dough in pan. Now sauce, cheese, and
of course pepperoni, because for me, it’s
really important to see how the pepperoni crisps up. There you go. So let’s do this. Plugging in the pizza machine. My beautiful pizza, and close. So, 15 minutes for fresh. And then you have your green and red, and right now it’s on red,
because it is cooking. And right now I’m
getting a little nervous, because I just turned it
on, and I see it’s smoking, and it’s been less than a minute, but I’m not gonna touch it. It’s scaring me a little bit. What do you normally do
when you wait for pizza? I normally drink a lot of beer, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Okay, so heat light went off. There’s no music or anything, and I’m gonna take a peek, because I smell, oh… ooh.. I think I’m gonna pull it at this point. This looks pretty ready to me. So I’m just gonna taste it. I see bubbling. It’s nice and brown. The cheese, I feel like is a little bit browner than I want it to be, but for me the most important
part of a good pizza is the crust. It sounds okay, but it’s
really the bottom, right? (spatula scrapes) Comes right off, then the bottom,
crispy, definitely crispy. Yeah, so I pulled this at 15 minutes. Maybe it needs a little less time. So, I would recommend checking your pizza at like 12 minutes, 13 minutes, 14 minutes just so you know the
progress of your pizza and maybe sometimes you want your pizza a little bit less browned. The thickness is a little thick, but I think it’s fine because
it’s still cooked through. (slurps cheese) That’s really decent. It’s not gonna be like the pizzeria guy that’s been doing it for 30 years. Homemade pizza, it’s not the best, but it’s very decent and it
will satisfy your cravings. This would be good for a
student who lives in a dorm that doesn’t have any access to an oven and maybe wants to make pizza in their dorm room for the friends. It’s damn good pizza. Forty-five dollars, you’ll definitely be the coolest guy in your dorm or on your camping trip, wherever. I was skeptical going into it, just because I just didn’t feel like the half heating element was the ideal situation, but honestly, exceeded my expectation, and I would buy that for $45. Would you? For more ways to be a dorm
room king or queen, click here.

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100 thoughts on “Do You Need a $45 Pizza Box Oven? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

  1. I guess the outside of that pizza box thing gets pretty hot. Maybe kind of dangerous, someone might come along and not really know what it is and grab it (yes people do silly things). I think the Pizza probably turns out adequately if you check the cooking process periodically. On the other hand, making it in a conventional oven is just as good. My perception is this is a novelty appliance, and people should stick to the basic kitchen equipment.

  2. My niece loves her pizza stone I got her but she can't do it alone, she LOVES pizza, and trying new recipes so this looks like a fun simple and safer way for us to do that. (Our oven is up high, so she has to use a step and balance and lean into the oven to remove the pizzas.. not exactly safe.)

  3. Lets see, she made two mistakes, she complained about the crust being too thick, which that was all her, and it was slightly over cooked. She knew the problems but didnt do it a second time to fix her problems and didnt let the viewers see what it would be like if she actually tried her very best.

  4. Own one..eBay 35 delivered…cooks my frozen digorno pizza in 30 min then cuts off…what a great item….perfect item for older folk ,kids, or students

  5. Get pizza stone and oven on full whack. Other gadgets actually had some relatively unique use or feature but the oven does exactly the same things as this. I mean it works well, but oven works better. If I had to point out one pro for the gadget it would be the rotation, but you can do same by turning the pizza.
    It's not any easier or better than oven so it really doesn't have any function.

  6. the girl in the video opened a korean kitchen and bar in NYC, see video

  7. Tests a countertop pizza gadget………judges the thickness. LMFAO as if that's the cookers fault, she is the one who rolled out the dough. WTF does the cooker have anything to do with the thickness of the pizza?

  8. Better just to perfect how to make dough then spend 45 on some dumb novelty item. Takes me 15 minutes just to bake a homemade pizza in the oven. Nah I wouldnt waste my money on that. Spend 45 on pizza ingredients and a pan, and make it at home.

  9. It looks cheap and it sounds cheap. Therefore crap. It seem to black at the bottom. PS!! Rating the thickness when you are the one who rolled the dough is a no no 😉

  10. Would be pretty interesting in a do it yourself restaurant setting but pretty useless at home. Not in western countries tho, I don't anyone would go somewhere to make a pizza themselves.

  11. She obviously does not know how to make pizza at home. I have to check another review because it just not seem reliable

  12. im assuming the tray is teflon coated? why arent you taking care of the stuff? you just ram a metal spatula in there and yank it around so it scratches the whole thing up and makes it useles after the 6th or 7th pizza? come on..

  13. I have one of these and the biggest mistake is baking a fresh pizza for 15 minutes. The crust will burn and hardly be appetizing. Back the heat down 1/4 turn and set the timer closer to 8 minutes. If it's not done, start it again but only ONE minute at a time! The crust thickness I use is about the same as Tombstone thin. This oven also works very well reheating takeout pizza from the night before.

  14. @Eater Could you possibly redo this video, but properly :)?
    see the comments for good suggestions on how to do that.

    Also, didnt she say in one of the videos that she owns a restaurant?
    Also, is it commonplace in the US, to not make food yourself, but e.g. go buy pizza dough?
    Do restaurants do this too then ?

  15. To me, unless it does MORE than what an oven can do, it's not worth it. The main issue with conventional ovens for pizza is heat. I like Neapolitan pizza and you need a 700-900F oven to do that well.

  16. You are being way too kind here. I would go nuts and throw a fit by seeing the burnt crust. It's supposed to bake and not burn it.

  17. Seems like more tests would have been better to show. Maybe a few more fresh pizzas at different times or a frozen pizza test. Results look OK, but only from one actual test.

  18. this show would have better credibility if they tested it before hand so that they would have learned to use the item before the test.

  19. I laughed out loud at the dorm room idea. Sure, you could possibly pull that off. We hid toasters, etc (George Foreman grills were popular contraband), but I'm trying to imagine a couple of dorm guys stocking dough, sauce, cheese and toppings in their mini-fridge. And what about prep? "I'm gonna do the mise en place on top of my dresser, can you roll out the dough on your desk, please? Wait, throw some flour down first."

  20. Judging from the comments on here she should definitely have read the manual (the initial burn off that you have to do with most grills and ovens) and run the recipe again. The pizza looked burned underneath and overcooked on top. That suggests a shorter cooking time. If you've a potential audience in excess of 1.3M subscribers then you should be putting a bit more effort into the testing demos.

  21. I think it was perfect.. Just have to adjust the amount of ingredients and/or timing.. I also like the way you would drink a couple of beers.. + points, no preheating, browned to the max, very efficient, dirt cheap, easy cleaning, Why not get 2 and have a pizza party??

  22. It has the most value in from all os your tested gadgets… but now i check it cost now $95+ $97 shipping, whitch is just $50 less than a bosch normal kitchen oven

  23. Maybe this is really old or something, but I just looked on Amazon and the price is $89 now! I was interested at $45 but not $89.

  24. The smoke was probably the original oil in the machine as it was shipped. Need to wash it first and then run it without a pizza for a couple of minutes and then do an actual cooking test.

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