EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher attacks Dotty Cotton over Keegan Baker – The News
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EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher attacks Dotty Cotton over Keegan Baker – The News

 Tiffany Butcher and Dotty Cotton, even in the minds of the actresses, aren’t likely to see eye-to-eye any time soon  That couldn’t be any more obvious as Monday’s sneak peak shows.  The foes are are loggerheads and have clashed again – this time it’s because of Keegan Baker  Tiff, played by Maisie Smith, sees red at her rival (Milly Zero) after finding out she is responsible for her fiancee’s business falling apart  Keegan (Zack Morris) is picking up the pieces after the catering company was sabotaged  Tiffany launched an attack on Dotty as she lashes out after finding out the truth  Keegan put his heart and soul into the company and his girlfriend is in no mood to see his hard work go to waste  Maisie admitted recently that it’s hard to see a time when the warring women will ever be friends  She spoke to the Metro about the battles – and their characters’ plans to elope and get married as their families try to stop them from doing something drastic  “At the moment, Tiffany doesn’t trust Dotty at all, and never has,” she said. “I can’t see them becoming friends if I’m honest  “There are very few people who are in favour of this wedding but Bernie is one character who wants them both to be happy! However, Karen is the least supportive! We definitely see that in the episodes to come  “It’s absolute chaos! It was so great reading the script – it starts of Tiffany, Keegan, Keanu and Bernie just going to the wedding and when they get there, the entire crowd of the Taylor and Butcher families are just there in this chaos  “It was great to film and I can’t wait to watch it! ‘It is just so much fun. I love getting every family member into a room together to do scenes like this – it’s not challenging at all, it’s just a pleasure to work with them all at once ”   Don’t miss the big EastEnders clash between Tiffany and Dotty on Monday at 8pm on BBC One

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