Easter Cake Surprise Inside How To Cook That Ann Reardon 2019
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Easter Cake Surprise Inside How To Cook That Ann Reardon 2019

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon … Happy Easter for Sunday 🥚 Today I’m making an Easter cake 🐰I’ve got lots
of videos on how to make chocolate Easter eggs in all different shapes and
sizes with all different fillings and decorations and I’ll put a link to all
those below but heaps of people have been asking for an Easter cake. So let’s
start with the cake recipe … put flour sugar baking powder and gelatin into a
bowl and whisk them together and make a hole in the middle then add the oil egg
yolks and water and set that aside. Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites
and whip them up mix the first bowl of ingredients and then add the two bowls
together and fold in those egg whites. Pour that mixture into two 8-inch cake
tins … now for all those recipe quantities head on over to howtocookthat.net and
there’s a link to their recipe below. Then make another batch of that cake
mixture and colour half of it blue or whatever colour your what and leave the
other half plain and bake those in 8 inch round cake tins too. Once your cakes
are baked and cooled cut off the top and the underneath to get rid of any golden
brown bits and then put something round on top, you could use a plate here and
just cut around it taking off the very edge of the cake. Now with the blue layer
cut a round circle about the size of a large coffee cup out of one side and
then out of this moon shaped bit cut yourself three little circles just using
a circle cookie cutter. Use the same shaped cutter to cut a hole in the
centre of each of your plain cakes. Now place the first layer of cake onto a
turntable and add one of those blue circles into the middle. pipe a little
bit of blue buttercream onto the blue and put another blue circle on top. then
spread some plain coloured buttercream around the edge. now the recipe for the
buttercream is on the how to cook that website as well and you can flavour it
however you like… lemon is nice. This time I’ve used musk flavoring apparently
Sweden has put Australian musk sticks in its disgusting food museum along with
Vegemite and witchetty grubs! Now I wouldn’t put Vegemite or witchetty grubs
in a cake but musk sticks I really like and using musk flavoring makes this
buttercream taste just like them. Add the next layer of cake on top put a bit more
blue buttercream in the middle and in the next blue circle and in place the
medium circle that you used to cut the blue circle out over the top and cut
around that using a knife so that you can see where the circle shape is and
then use your knife to cut down about halfway into that plain layer there and
remove some of that cake so you have an indent. Add some buttercream around that
indent … trim off the blue cake so that it level and then just pipe a little bit of
blue in the centre there and now place your medium blue circle of cake on top
in the middle. Add more buttercream spreading it everywhere except for the
very center and then put the final layer of cake on top. Add a little bit more
blue buttercream into the middle and your last circle into the little hole.
Cover the whole thing in buttercream I like to pile heaps on top and then
spread it out and then down around the sides. Once it’s roughly covered grab a
scraper and holding it on an angle close to the cake smooth out the sides. Add
more buttercream anywhere that you have gaps and smooth it out again and then
flatten out the top. Refrigerate your cake for at least an hour and then take
an icing comb push it into the frosting and turn the cake so that you end up
with lines out of the frosting. Clean the icing comb in hot water as you go and
continue all the way around your cake. Put the rest of your buttercream into
four bowls and keep a little bit of plain cream aside and
colour the rest the frosting using gel food colouring in whatever four colours
you like. Now place each of those into a piping bag or if you don’t have a piping
bag you can just use a ziploc bag with a little corner cut off. Pipe the coloured
frosting into the lines on the cake continuing in the same color order all
the way down to the bottom of the cake Now some spots look good like this and
other ones you can see there’s a little bit of cream colored frosting missing
this is what I said to keep the extra cream color frosting for and just pipe a
little bit into any gaps that you have Then you want to take your scraper and
gently drag it around the cake. This plastic scraper is not ideal for this
it’s leaving it quite rough and dragging some of the color out of the line so
let’s just swap to a warmed metal one and give that a try … that’s much better
look at that that’s much smoother than before I show you use that one straight
away it’s not going to be quite perfect but that doesn’t matter it doesn’t have
to be perfect as long as it tastes good 😁 put the leftover purple into a piping
bag and pipe up and down as you turn the cake to make a frill around the bottom.
Now if you don’t have a piping tip like this you can take a ziploc bag and put
two layers of sticky tape on it and cut off a tiny sliver off the corner and use
that to pipe instead. Add a smaller frill of orange over the top in the same way
just going all the way around and then put all your leftover frosting in
stripes onto some plastic wrap and roll it up so it makes like a frosting
sausage. Twist both ends and then cut one off nice and close to the sausage and
put it into a piping bag. Pipe swirls on top of your cake and again if you don’t
have a star-shaped tip like this it’s okay you can make that out of a bag too –
I’ve got a whole video called piping bag hacks if you search ‘piping bag hacks
Reardon’ REARDON you’ll find that video
and that shows you how to do that. Melt some white chocolate and put that into a
bag and pipe small amounts around the edge allowing it to drip down. The more
chocolate you add the bigger your drips will be so just let it drip and then add
more on top if you want it to be bigger. Add sprinkles onto those drips before
they set just adding a little one there and then put some more sprinkles down
the bottom and now we need to make a mist to put on top. Take some foil and
scrunch it up loosely into the size of the nest you want … don’t make this really
compact we just want it loose so that we can compact it later to get it out. Put a
piece of marble or corian in the freezer and then when it’s really cold drizzle
chocolate over it and this will shock freeze the chocolate. If you don’t have
something that’s really cold like this then I have another video showing you a
different way to make chocolate nests and I’ll link you to that one below as
well lots of links today 😃 Lift up the chocolate let it soften a little bit and
then bend it around the foil and continue to make pieces of crisscross
chocolate and add it over the top of the nest. You realize just how many little
bits go into a nest and how busy birds must be if they’ve got to go get one
little stick at a time to make this it’s pretty incredible. Drizzle a bit of
chocolate over the top to help hold all those bits together and then leave that
to set. Once it’s set to flip it over and squeeze the foil to compact it and make
it smaller so that you can lift it out of the centre of the nest. Pick that up
and add that into the centre of the cake and then just get any little leftover
bits of chocolate and add them on like loose twigs on top and then you can put
some candy eggs into the nest. Now you might need some spare of these to refill
them if people eat them before you cut the cake like they like to do in my
house and then when you cut your cake there’s a cross on the inside.
If you’re not sure why I’ve put a cross in the middle of my cake for Easter then
I encourage you to go to an Easter Church service this Sunday and join in
the celebrations to find out about that or watch one of these videos explaining
what Easter is all about. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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100 thoughts on “Easter Cake Surprise Inside How To Cook That Ann Reardon 2019

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family Anne 🐣 it’s my Birthday tomorrow so it falls on Easter Saturday this year. I love this easter cake it’s gorgeous just as are all your other creations. Have a wonderful day with your family ❀️

  2. As a Christian I’m still so confused by the cross. Easter is about his resurrection but you don’t see imagery of the tomb he rose from, or gethsemane where he actually paid for the sins and felt all the pains of world. You see a cross. A place where a small part of the atonement happened. A very small part. And I don’t, and never will get it.

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  4. Might want to watch this before you let your kids celebrate Easter

  5. beautifully done & I love the surprise Ann. You continue to be true to yourself on a platform where so many people are afraid to be real for fear of retributation. Well done πŸ™‚

  6. I was so confused about the blue circles in the middle of the cake until you cut into it. Personally I’m not religious so I celebrate Easter for my own reasons, but it was still pretty clever. Nice job as always, Ann!

  7. This is the first channel which I love for the content and hate because of youtuber's voice. I don't know really why but your voice is so annoying for me. That's sad, because I can't really enjoy your videos :c

    Ps: I tried to watch you only with subtitles, but it is not that fun :/
    PPs: sorry for my english, that is my second language.


  8. Happy Easter!! ✨

    Would you consider making a β€œKingdom Hearts” cake? (or Shazam! Cake) πŸ™‚ I realllllly love the game and it would be so cool if you could !

  9. ohmyy!! i was wondering what the blue cake pieces were for, turns out to be a cross!! THAT IS SO GENIUS!! this is late but i hope you and your family had a great easter, Ann!

  10. Easter is originally a pagan holiday though 🀣 eggs, hares/rabbits, the new life etc etc 😜😜

  11. Oh I see.. the cross was very creative however one less step in this cake making processes I will have to do cause I just don’t believe in it..I would soon believe in the Easter bunny before I believed in that nonsense.. still loved the cake though

  12. I usually love your cake designs, but this one looks kind of tacky. The cross in the center is very nice, but it's a bit too busy and the colors are much. Maybe if they were toned down it would work?
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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  17. Hey Ann! I remember that you made macarons with white chocolate as a cheaper substitute for almond meal. I recently found a video by pufflova, an Indonesian baking channel where she made macarons with grinded oatmeal as substitute. If you don't mind, could you perhaps try it? I am really curious on how it differs from the original macaron. Thank you!

    P.s: and happy easter to you and your family!πŸ‡πŸŽ‰

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  24. Wow. You must spend a lot of time with trial and error! Or are you just perfect and make a great cake every time? I wouldn’t be very surprised..

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  27. I have to say, this was probably the most unattractive cake I've ever seen on your channel. It was cute up until the rainbow vomit blobs on the top. The cross was also a little odd, combined with very Pagan-themed eggs, but by this point both faiths have already been mangled together in each holiday, so I suppose that was to be expected.

  28. I wonder what I could use instead of butter cream. No one in my family or among my friends likes it, but I'm not sure what could be of the same consistency as butter cream.

  29. Great! Inserted a cross too, love it! Also everybody giving away a free poem book for anyone with a Kindle sub. Comedy/ Romance consider a review plz, greatly appreciate Thx! Superpayaseria https://www.amazon.com/Kuztom-Chicazos-Superpayaseria-Klown/dp/1096468336/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1559087902&sr=8-1 here's my patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2014437

  30. 2:22 I think I've heard of that place my class did a thing where we each chose one disgusting food and wrote about it (most people in my class did bulls private ) coz that was one of them even worse we had to draw a picture we all took it as a joke tho

  31. Oof. I understand the cross but I feel like you should have said that that’s what you were making because not everyone who celebrates Easter is religious. While that may be the point of Easter, it should have been said that that’s what you were making. Of corse, anyone who decides to make this cake would probably watch through the while video, but… honestly, some people don’t. I know that sounds far-fetched but it’s true.

    Also, I would like to say that I respect Christianity and I’m in to way saying anything to disrespect it at all. I’m just saying there should have been some clearance as to what was going on there.

  32. I love that you shared those resources at the end. Reality is that not everyone knows why we celebrate Easter or who Jesus is.
    I am loving you more with every video ❀

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