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Easy 10 Minute Tiramisu | Bigger Bolder Baking

Hi Bold Bakers! No matter how much time you have, there is
always enough to make a Big & Bold dessert. Today I am going to show you how you can make
a decadent tiramisu in just 10 minutes. The recipe for this dessert can be found on
my website, BiggerBolderBaking.com. Okay, we are going to start out in a large
bowl. Okay so our first ingredient is heavy whipping
cream. Now no matter what country you are in, use
the cream that whips up the best. Then into the cream we’re going to add in
a little bit of sugar, just to give this a little bit of sweetness. Not too much. And then of course, one of my favorite ingredients,
some vanilla extract. If you don’t have this, feel free to leave
it out. But I think it adds a nice little kick to
it. So now you can use a whisk or an electric
hand mixer. What you want to do is just whip up your cream
until soft peaks form. Some cream might’ve sprayed around the kitchen,
not just in the bowl, but that’s okay. Now into this we’re going to add in some
mascarpone and that’s what you put in a traditional tiramisu. If you don’t have mascarpone don’t worry,
you can always mix some cream cheese and sour cream together and I’m going to put that information
on the website. So in goes the mascarpone. Now the next thing I like to add but if you
don’t want to feel free to leave it out. A splash of brandy will just elevate the flavor
of this mousse and make it that much more decadent. Just a little tipple, not too much. And then we’re going to go back in with
our mixer and then just whip it up together until the mascarpone and the cream have mixed
up nicely. So now a traditional tiramisu has a mousse
that has eggs in it. But the thing about it is, that takes longer
to make so if you leave out the eggs you can make this one, which is much faster. The good thing about it is that I know a lot
of Bold Bakers out there don’t actually eat eggs so this tiramisu is probably even better
for you. Okay, it does take a few minutes but once
it reaches stiff peaks and it’s nice and thick just like this, your mousse is ready
to go. So I’m just going to set this over to the
side, bring in the rest of my tiramisu accoutrements and start to build our dessert. So here I have some coffee that I made this
morning and it’s gone cold. Now for this recipe you can’t substitute
coffee out for anything because coffee is a very important flavor in tiramisu. What we’re going to do is take out ladyfingers,
give them a quick little dunk in there, turn them over, and then lay it into your dish. Just keep on going with the rest of your ladyfingers
and what you want to do is just quick dunks, you don’t want to leave it in there too long
because they can get kind of mushy and you don’t want that. Just keep on going until you’ve covered the
base of your dish. They fit in there nice and snug. Okay so now our next layer is our mousse,
now what you want to do is take a nice, big spoonful and just scoop it on top. Now be generous with this, this is my favorite
part. So don’t be shy. Just cover over all your ladyfingers with
a nice, thick layer. Perfect. Okay now that’s our second layer, the next
thing to do is to repeat the ladyfingers over again so what we’re going to do is dip them
in the coffee, and lay them on top of this lovely cream layer. In you go, nice and neat. So now just like before, we’re going to
add another thin layer of mousse on top of this. And we’re going to spread it all around. Getting into all the corners. Now we’re not doing another layer of ladyfingers,
what I’m going to do is I’m gonna put the leftover mousse into a piping bag, and then
I’m just going to pipe lovely little dollops of it on top. Now you don’t have to do this, this is just
a nice added extra but it will just make it look so beautiful. And no one will believe that you whipped it
up in 10 minutes. Look at that. Just like out of a restaurant. So you don’t need a piping nozzle to do this,
just cut the end off your bag and just do little dots, and like I said, if you don’t
want to, you don’t have to. But it just gives it a lovely finish. Okay so now this looks really good but what’s
going to make it look even better is a nice dusting of cocoa powder and that will really
just finish it off. Do you see how something so simple like cocoa
powder just transforms a dessert? Absolutely gorgeous, and your piping skills
do not have to be spot on, which is lucky, because mine aren’t. So now what you want to do is pop this guy
into the fridge for around an hour or two, let it chill, just let it get nice and cold
and set. Tiramisu likes to hang out, relax, and let
all those flavors marry together. So I’m just going to pop him into the fridge. So our tiramisu has been in the fridge for
a few hours, it’s nice and cold, so now I’m going to serve myself a nice big scoop. This recipe will serve around six people,
but in my house it’ll serve myself and Kevin twice. So this is my kind of dessert. And I’ll tell you why. It has layers. You’ve got the creamy mascarpone mousse, you’ve
got the ladyfingers that give you a little bit of bite, and then you’ve got the sweet
cocoa powder on top. Just absolute heaven. Mm. This is perfect for a dinner party of friends
coming around. Whip it up, and they will be absolutely amazed. If you enjoyed this episode, then please share
it, and I’ll see you back here really soon, for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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100 thoughts on “Easy 10 Minute Tiramisu | Bigger Bolder Baking

  1. 1/3 cup of sugar seems like too much for 1cup of whipping cream, is this correct? And when i mix my cream and mascarpone, it turned out lumpy and watery.. What am I doing wrong? Help please Gemma!!

  2. I'm sorry, but this is a totally wrong method to make a PROPER tiramisu!! Wrong steps altogether!! You whip the whipping cream by itself! You do not add the mascarpone and keep whipping! Using cream cheese and sour cream in place of mascarpone, are you kidding me!!?? What a horrible thought!! Make it the proper way or don't make it at all!
    Check out Youtube, "Crouton Crackerjacks-How to make tiramisu" recipe and method instead! It's not exactly right, but it's pretty darn close

  3. Never actually had proper tiramisu…would an expert notice the eggs were missing ?..it didn't look like they were needed.

  4. she even said that a traditional tiramisu has REAL eggs in it. you NEED eggs for a good tiramisu. check this out for a traditional recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QeLpZnM0JI&t=13s

  5. can i put some fruits as a toppings or together with the cream to add more flavor? Im planning to do it to celebrate NewYear with my family


  7. Thank you for this. Since I moved, I can't find real tiramisu. What they call tiramisu is plain yellow cake, plain whip cream & cocoa powder. No coffee & no mascarpone. I can't even find mascarpone in the grocery stores. So your tip of cream cheese & sour cream is much appreciated. Thank you.

  8. i have not tasted tiramisu cake does it taste sour cake or sweet as it does not have enough sugar as cakes takes😱

  9. 10 minute tiramisu? What? Now this is my kind or desert. Yummy. My hubby might love me more after this. Woohoo. Thank you

  10. That is a cool recipe, I only made tiramisu once, and it was the kind with eggs, and it did not turn out, but everyone ate it. that is how much we love tiramisu. Gonna try this recipe, love not having to do the egg part.

  11. 2 questions.

    Is it ok if i dont add vanilla extract? Because the only 60ml bottle i could get costs 20 euros and that is pretty expensive.
    Is it ok if i mix the rum with the cream? Or if im using rum, then i should only mix it with the coffee?

  12. If you really want to make this recipe but incredibly you can't find the cookies, make a tiramisu cake instead.

  13. Tiramisu is my FAVORITE ever, seriously. In all of life…all the desserts…ohhhh it’s pure perfection! Thank you for showing me how to get to the most treasured dessert in 10 minutes! Your videos are wonderful!

  14. Heyyy! How long does the set tiramisu last? As in, after its fully done and set in the fridge, how long will it remain fresh?

  15. Why it looks like the heavy whipping cream used here is more than 1 cup than on list of the recipe? 🤔 I love to try this out. 🙂

  16. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing. I'm definitely going to try this as it is one of my favorite desserts but always felt overwhelming to make. Do you think it would work with decaf coffee? Asking cuz of my little kids who would definitely love this too. Thanks.

  17. Hi. As heavy whipping cream isn't available at my place, can I use whipping cream powder instead?

  18. Thanks and all the best for your book. I wanted to know if I want do it in a mug what the measurements should be.

  19. How to combine cream cheese and sour cream for mascarpone?Your recipe looks very delicious can’t wait to make and taste it.Thanks.

  20. Hey Gemma! Love your recipes. Tried a lot of them and all ends up great. My question is, most classic recipe requires for raw eggs. I know that they are unsafe but wouldn’t your tiramisu be too soft only with mostly cream and the cheese? Or should I let it chill in the refrigerator for a longer time?

  21. i made this! it was sooo good and super easy! but the real reason i'm leaving this comment is to thank you Gemma for elevating our life. we now bake all our treats and, as a result, are saving money, reducing waste (yay no more plastic containers), and eliminating chemicals and preservatives. and we've become dessert snobs lol cause now we walk through store bakeries and instead of buying we give each other a look like "nnnno. ….inferior…" so thank you for being uniquely you and for turning new bakers on, like us! every day. 😀

  22. Hi gemma! Im from india and i love ur recipes. I made this tiramsu yesterday and instead of using ladyfingers i used oreos
    It was soo damn good.

  23. Hi Gemma, is it ok to use cherry Liquor for this? as I make a mean fruit cake and always have cherry liquor in my pantry.

  24. Before watching this video I watched I another and it seemed so complicated. Thank fully I came across your video and it looked so simple. Thank you for making it so easy to try

  25. Hi Gemma I am trying to make it right now as I am typing this comment I am confused with the sugar measurement. On your website it’s written 1/3cup of sugar but on this video it looks like you only added 1tbsp of sugar. So where should I incorporate the 1/3cup of sugar? Do I add it in the espresso?

  26. hi! this looks amazing and i wanted to make this for a dinner i’m having. i’m short in time, so i was wondering if there was a substitute for the ladyfingers, because i can’t find any where i live. also, is the coffee sweetened? thank you so much! <3

  27. Thank you, Gemma! I adore your videos! In Russia they also put tiny pieces of pineapples (I suppose the canned ones) in this dessert – that's the tiramisu that I bought in local supermarkets.

  28. How do you make the substitute for mascarpone cheese with cream cheese and sour cream? I can't find it in your website

  29. @biggerbolder Loving this easy recipe, thank u, 😁 My only question is can I substitute regular sugar to Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener (keto, non-gmo)?

  30. Looks like your whipped cream broke a bit there! Don't worry, only the professionals noticed. 🙂 Probably from the alcohol you added before whipping.

  31. Hey gemma, I tried making the same way, only problem was the finger chips(egg ones) were not soft and melt in mouth in tiramisu. It was hard. What was the mistake

  32. Can I subtitude lady finger with chocolate chips cookies? I'm not fan of Lady finger, can't I use chocolate chips cookies instead of lady finger in this recipe.

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