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Today we are showing you how to make this
mind blowing stonkingly gorgeous is that enough descriptive words? I think so, coffee cake. Hey folks how is it going, alright mrs b I
am fine, welcome to my virgin kitchen oh that tastes so good, this coffee cake is so good,
it is so delicious and so simple to make right, it is like eating a starbucks, or other coffee
brands are available, so if you guys want to have a go at making this cake, head over
to my virgin kitchen website, and there you will find a list of all the ingredients you
need and the full method, plus thousands of others all the ones rolling back the years
I think I have done a coffee cake before but this one has turned it up a notch, this one
I did, mrs barry is getting very good at baking indeed, it has an optional walnut topping
on there, you do not have to use them but you are going to love it so lets tell you
how we did it so you can have a go too, start the steps mrs b I am going to have some cake,
ok you eat your cake I will have mine later, first thing we did was get a big bowl and
cream together the butter and sugar we are using an electric hand whisk today so we whisk
that so that it is light and fluffy you alright there, sorry was in the zone, just get it
light and fluffy baby, like a little chick. Next we add the eggs one at a time, beating
together in between until nice and fluffy, that is all four eggs yeah all four, I know
it was four because we had three in the fridge and had to go and get another one, it was
worth it right, it was definitely worth adding the extra egg. Next up is your sieve stage, you sieve in
the self raising flour and baking powder it is going to give it a nice rise, you eating
the cake too now, I am delicious, with that in there you just want to keep folding until
fully merged, make sure you get right down to the bowl folding with a spatula, fold all
that flour in, we are still doing it like that, as we are talking retrospectively, I
remember like it was yesterday, in fact it was yesterday. Ok so to infuse our cake with coffee flavour
love that word infuse, in a small ramekin we had some espresso powder and mixed that
with some boiling water until it formed and poured that into the mixture and again folded
it in, yeah definitely I thought it looked like mud when first mixing it through but
it is more like chocolate after a while, it is a good look, but do not be tempted to try
that espresso as it is off camera I did not catch this but she was like urgh do not do
that. Divide that mixture evenly into two lined
sandwich tins and bake in the oven for mrs b about 25 minutes oh yes the temperature
should be on the screen right now once they have done that leave on a wire rack to fully
cool down, meanwhile you can make your coffee infused buttercream which is delicious, very
good, it is your turn now. My turn, oh ok, get your room temperature
butter in a bowl and beat together with a spoon and then you add in your icing sugar,
I did it 3 or 4 tablespoons at a time, just to stop that big splash, we have learnt that
the hard way and you guys have helped with that, yeah an icing sugar explosion add in
the tablespoons of icing sugar mix it together and then keep going until it is all used up
and well combined with the butter, to drive some coffee flavour into the buttercream we
dissolved some espresso with water and chucked that in too mixing it through too until you
had a light infused buttercream, I just want to spread everywhere, yeah the colour looked
amazing, like a face pack, with the cakes cooled from the wire rack add on the buttercream
icing, get the base sponge, layer that buttercream icing all over, smooth it all around nice
and even and then plonk another on top, right mrs b yes and then you want to plonk a bit
more buttercream gently though spread it all evenly on the top of the cake, then we added
some lovely delicious chopped hazelnuts no we added bashed walnuts but that is fine other
nuts are available we did not use hazelnuts they were walnuts, oh yeah, does not matter
hazelnuts would be fine like a Nutella vibe, may have to try that, in fact try that do
it for mrs b but I hope you agree we take a slice out of it, we have nearly finished
the cake, during this video, absolutely gorgeous, it is go perfect with a cup of coffee, or
cup of tea, I was wondering what you were going to say then, like go perfect, would
you eat coffee cake with a cup of tea? Hmmm dilemma do you, so that is it then folks
hope you give this recipe a go, mrs b smashed another cake again remember there is a baking
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and exclusives of videos coming up soon, and send us pictures of your recipes too, bye!

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100 thoughts on “EASY COFFEE CAKE RECIPE

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  2. My mum asked me to make a coffee cake today. This recipe looks like it produces good results so i'm bookmarking it! i will probably add toasted walnuts (or maybe hazlenuts =P). Thanks guys!

  3. You should try the classic coffee cake recipe that most people are familiar with in the U.S. It's like a cake and a crumble had a giant baby. It is delicious and a slice is perfect for breakfast or brunch with a cup of tea or of course coffee.


    A mini version would be a fun one to do too~

  4. Could you possibly make a carrot cake with cream cheese icing because i love carrot cake but have never found a good recipe for one, thanks!

  5. Love love love the little pugs, you guys are awesome too, must make this cake some time did I mention your pugs are adorable lol 😁

  6. y'all need to try making the three ingredient easy ice cream. it's as good as ben & jerry''s if not better.
    1 short can of (sweet) condensed milk
    250g of unsweetened whipping cream
    flavoring to taste (vanilla extract, cocoa, ect)
    mix it up until even.
    freeze overnight in covered freezer safe container

  7. In canada coffee cake is just a nice cake that is eaten with coffee (or meant to be). i've never actually had a coffee flavoured coffee cake! confusing i know haha. it's the same as saying "tea cakes" though!

  8. That does look real good,I've just recently subscribed to your channel after watching a load of the giant food vids that giant rolo though !!!

  9. Hi, Mr. Barry (or anyone who has tried my question, for that matter).
    Is it possible to sieve normal sugar (probably caster sugar) to use instead of icing sugar in the icing mixture? I understand that it might not end up the same if it does work, but there are reasons why I'm looking at alternatives, so if anyone has some ideas…


  10. Barry I know that you love this cake like anything because you love coffee. Oh wait i mean TEA!!! Just Kidding!!! YOU HATE TEA!!! LOL!!!

  11. that looks bloody delicious.
    i love coffee and hot chocolate but coffee takes my first priorty and hot chocolate takes my second priorty..
    i love coffee so much that there is no way iam not trying this..

  12. Accompany it with home made banana smoothie or milk shake, also you won't be able to eat all the cake in one go lol., heaven!

  13. I made this tonight and it was delicious. I topped it with a white chocolate ganache and crushed hazelnuts coated in caramel and dark chocolate. We ate half of it and I think I know what we're having for breakfast 🙂

  14. So I'm kinda on a time crunch does anyone think, I could use a boxed cake mix and add coffee in it and that would be fairly good? Any suggestions would be super great. thank you so much

  15. do we really have to use baking powder just asking it looks easy also do we make normal coffee or do we do the coffee thing anyway we want

  16. Hi i just wanna ask, is it really 225g of selfraising flour? I tried ur exact measuremenr and method, twice now, but i never achieved it that way on both instance 🙁 pls help!

  17. Oh god I've just tried it, amazed that I got it right. Best cake ever. I will not have a third slice. Now I can't sleep as I've had way too much caffeine.

  18. Guys, I made it, it was a huge hit. I topped it with a thin layer of melted chocolate, people went crazy. And this is coming from your clumsiest once-in-a-while cook. I never knew making buttercream frosting could be this easy, you transformed my life. God bless you !

  19. YOU are so stingy ! ! ! !
    no icing on th side and just a tiny smear in the middle……..
    If I want to diet i just won't eat sweets

  20. Does anyone else get confused by “1 1/1 tsp” of baking powder? It’s been a while since I went to school but last time I checked 1/1 = 1? Did you mean 1/2 which is 0.5 (for the avoidance of doubt) 😂

  21. how do you prevent giant cake humps? The cakes I make are always so domed that once they're leveled, it's like half the original height

  22. I like how you dressed the cake, nothing fancy but delicious frosting and chopped walnuts. You also mixed everything by a wooden spoon only and still gave good result.

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