Easy Cooking Hacks – Hack It: EP109
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Easy Cooking Hacks – Hack It: EP109

In this episode, easy cooking hacks! So with this hack I’m gonna teach you how to peel a garlic with ease. Okay I wish
I’d learned this earlier because I had to cook with a lot of garlic not that long ago but anyway, cut the bottom of the garlic. Then you want to put it on a
plate, face down so now I’m gonna put the garlic in the microwave for one minute. Okay so all you have to do now is grab your garlic and squeeze the clove out
of the skin. Hot hot hot! It all comes out so easy. Oh my god I can’t believe how easy this is, this is ridiculous! Look at that! Now you don’t have to spend
so long trying to peel all the skin off the garlic you can just do that guys. Putting your garlic in the microwave for about a minute it’s gonna cook your
garlic a little bit so if you don’t want it so cooked put it in there for less,
maybe 25 seconds can work for you? Depending on your microwave, I’m not sure
but give it a shot it is a really simple way to peel your garlic. A really quick and easy way to steam your vegetables is to put it in a microwavable ziploc bag
like this. Oops not like that but never mind. Next I’m gonna put butter in there this is optional you don’t have to put butter in there, I want to do it because it gives it more flavour. Sseal the bag but do not seal all the way
you need to leave a little bit of a gap and what this gap does it allows the
steam to escape because you do not want this exploding inside your microwave. So now I’ve got my vegetables ready to go into the microwave. Now all you have to do is put it in there for about 3 to 5 minutes. Alright so all I have to do now is pour it in the bowl. You can see my vegetables are nicely steamed. I’m going to show you how soft it is, see, my fork went right through it, it’s really
really soft. Mmm it’s like perfectly cooked too, it’s not too soft, and it’s not too hard. So when you overcook vegetables it
usually loses its nutrition. But this is perfect. A great easy way to steam your vegetables, wah lah! Actually it’s viola, I don’t know why I said wah lah! Wah lah wah lah bing bang! Now if you don’t have a pair of tongs at home, I’m going to teach you how to make your
own tongs. As you can see I’ve got my binder clip and spoons. All you need to do is thread your spoon into the hole of the binder clip like that. So in the
binder clip you will see a little edgy thing right here. Hook the end of the
spoon under the binder clip edge right here. I’m gonna do the same on the other
side. And that is all there is to it. Now I’ve got myself a pair of tongs. Quite clever right? Kiap it! Now here’s a simple way to poach your
eggs. All you have to do is get a cup and fill it with hot water then you want to
get some white vinegar and then you just want to put a sprinkle of salt in there. So now to add the egg. You have to cover it. Put it in the microwave for about 50
seconds. Alright egg is done let’s get that out! So now to test how runny the
yolk is look at that, it is nice and runny just how a poached egg should be! Beautiful and that’s how you cook a poached egg in 50 seconds! So say you’ve got some food that you want to save for another day. A great way to keep it fresh
is to keep it vacuum sealed so I’m going to teach you a way to kind of semi
vacuum seal your fruits or your food so I just want to seal it. Get a straw and
poke the straw through the end that I didn’t seal and then suck the air out of
the straw. Once you’ve got all the air out, take the straw and quickly seal the rest of the bag up. So as you can see it’s not like really really tight but that’s why I said semi vacuum seal
your food. And that should keep your food fresher for longer. So previously before I showed you how to cut open a bell pepper easily. So I recently learned how
to do it another way so I’m gonna teach you how to do it now. Turn it upside down,
just simply cut down like that now obviously you don’t want to get the seeds
because seeds are just not nice. Okay so, same thing again and I’m gonna cut. One more here. So there you go I’ve successfully removed all the seeds from
my bell pepper And now I’ve got these lovely pieces right here. There you go, another way to cut a bell pepper. So with this next hack I’m gonna teach you how
to prevent your potatoes from oxidizing too fast. Now if you’re not ready to cook
a potato straight away, it’s okay you can cut it up and prepare.. and prepare it and it’ll be totally fine later on. All you need to do is get some
cold water. Put your cut potatoes into the cold water and this will prevent it
from oxidizing later. So when you’re ready to cook your potatoes, just drain
the water and you’re good to go! Easy peasy. A really cute way to make your pancakes is to actually make them in lovely
little shapes. I’ve got my pancake mix right here, I’ve got my cookie cutters
and my pan ready to go. So gonna put my butter in the pan. Whilst we wait for
the butter to melt I’m gonna teach you another trick. Now if your pan has this
hole here, you can put your ladle in there like that! Very handy so I’m gonna place my cookie cutters inside the tray like this and
then pour my pancake mixture into the cookie cutters. Usually pancake mixtures
have self raising flour in it so it’s going to raise so you don’t want to fill
this up to the brim. So you can see my pancakes are bubbling right? So that
means it’s pretty much ready to flip over. It’s bloody hot! Okay ready set and… Yes! Beautiful! There you go! Some lovely shaped pancakes for you to enjoy or your kids to enjoy. Pretty
cute right and you can put like little decorations on there if you want if you
want to get really creative and if you’ve got the time why not go cray-cray?
Okay so this is what your pancakes will look like if you use cookie cutters. Pretty cool right? Yas and it makes it nice and fun to eat. Mmm… Good. We’ve come to the end of
yet another episode now go check out my merch that I designed at tandemmerch.com, hopefully you’ll find something that you like. You can follow me on
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YouTube. Thanks for watching guys, muacks!

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55 thoughts on “Easy Cooking Hacks – Hack It: EP109

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  2. 4:09 ya know there is an easier method then this,
    Put your fruit/meat/food in a ziplock bag and then
    submerge the whole bag in water get the air out and then close it 🙂

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  7. Don't use ziploc bags to steam veggies! Think about the environment! Put it in a microwave safe bowl with a lid only part way on! I use the pepper trick a lot for bell peppers but when it's a smaller pepper it can be hard to do so for those I just cut them in half and rinse with water to get all of the seeds out. For the pancakes, just get an ovenproof silicone baking tray with the designs you want and bake them off. If you want the extra crispness, fry them gently in butter once they're fully cooked.

  8. I can over hear my friend sayin microwaving your food in a ziplock isn't safe and will give you cancer . She would get unto me for that lol

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  13. Instead of sucking the air out with a straw you can just submerge the bag into water and it forces the air up and out then seal it without letting the water go in the bag obviously

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