EASY DONUT RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Donut Recipe
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EASY DONUT RECIPE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Donut Recipe

Welcome to How To Cook That And today we are making some yummy donuts. And what you’ll need is some plain or all
purpose flour, salt, sugar, yeast this is instant dried yeast that I am using.
All the recipe quantities are on this weeks blog post, there’s a link in the description
below. 2 eggs, milk, vanilla and some butter or margarine. Melt your butter or margarine and then warm
your milk, now it should feel the same temperature as your finger, it shouldn’t feel hot it shouldn’t
feel cold it should feel the same temperature. In the bowl of your mixer with the dough hook
attached add all of your wet ingredients, followed by all of the dry ingredients. You
do not need to pre-activate your yeast when you’re using instant yeast you can just add
it straight into the mixture which makes it easy. Turn it on low speed to mix and it will form
a sticky looking dough. You want to leave the mixer running for about
5 minutes so it can just knead the dough through and develop the gluten. While it is kneading turn your oven on to
very very low so it is barely even on. If you have an oven thermometer then you can
use that here. We want to make somewhere warm for our donuts to rise nicely but we only
want it to be 31-35 degrees c or that is 88-95F this is where the yeast works the fastest
so it will make the donuts rise the quickest. Just so you know anything under 4C the yeast
is dormant, nothing is happening. Under 22C the growth is really slow so it will take
a long time for the donuts to rise. 23-30 is OK
And as I said the fastest yeast growth you’ll get is between 31-35C
Anything above that it will be slowing down and over 55 all your yeast is dead you’ve
killed it so your donuts won’t rise at all. Take some of the dough out of the mixer and
stretch it out thin enough so you are trying to make a window that you can see the light
through. While you are doing that if it is breaking like this it is not ready, put it
back in the mixer and knead it for longer. 4 minutes later try again and you can see
how much more easily that is stretching out now. So you should be able to stretch it thin
like this so we can see light through it and it is not breaking. That’s perfect it’s ready. Grease a bowl and place the dough in it and
cover it with a double layer of plastic wrap. And place it somewhere warm to rise. If you
live somewhere it is warm and your room is that temperature then you don’t need to use
your oven. But today it is raining and cold outside so we are using the oven to make it
the right temperature. While it is rising lets make the glaze. Melt
the butter and mix in the icing or powdered sugar and the cocoa powder.
If you want it to be shiny you can also mix in a little corn syrup or glucose syrup. Then add a little hot water to thin it down.
While it is warm it should be this thick consistency. It is going to go thicker once it cools but
we’ll just warm it up again in the microwave when we need it just before we dip our donuts. For the vanilla glaze place some icing sugar
in a bowl then add the water and the secret ingredient the white marshmallows.
Place that whole thing in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt those marshmallows. Stir
it around and again if you want it shiny add some glucose syrup. Just about a teaspoon
will be plenty. If you want cinnamon donuts mix together sugar
and cinnamon in a bowl. Now lets check our dough, that has doubled
in size and risen nicely. Punch it down. Then sprinkle some flour onto your work surface
and tip out the dough. Give it a very gently knead, you do not want to over work it at
this stage. Roll it out to be about as thick as your thumb. Then take a donut cutter and dust it in flour
then use it to cut out shapes. If you don’t have a donut cutter you can use two circle
cutters, or you can just cut circles and forget about the hole shape in the middle you don’t
have to have it. Take the shapes and place them onto a sheet
of baking paper, I have greased my baking paper with a little oil just to make sure
they don’t stick here at all. Now put them back into a warm place to rise.
Now to cook our donuts we just need to fry them in some oil, and we want to heat the
oil up to 375F or 190C. When you have oil heating on the stovetop don’t walk away and
leave it because it will keep getting hotter and hotter. If you over heat your oil it will
first get to smoking point and there will be like this thick noxious smoke and then
it will get to flash point which is where it bursts into flames all on its own.
If that does ever happen do not tip water on it. To show you what would happen if you
ddid we have a fireman at our house today. We will use just a little cup of water, it
is just plain tap water nothing else. And try to put out the fire by tipping on
the water onto it. I felt that heat from behind the camera. Oh
my goodness If that was inside the house your kitchen
would now be on fire. And if you were standing right nest to the
saucepan I would hate to think you would have horrific burns. Do not ever pour water on an oil fire,
and do not try this at home. To put out an oil fire what you should do
is put on an oven glove and put the lid on to starve it of oxygen. Then leave the lid
on until it has cooled right down otherwise it will just ignite agin when you open it
up. So to cook our donuts we want the oil to be
375F or 190C Check your donuts have risen and place them
in the oil (this is fresh oil obviously we haven’t used the one that has been on fire
because it has a horrible taste to it.). Once one side is cooked flip them over and you
can see there they are just puffing up and they are light and fluffy.
Place them on some baking paper to drain. Then while they are still warm dip in your
cinnamon and sugar or dip one side into your glaze just on the one
side If you want sprinkles add them on right away
before they grey sets. I’m adding grated white chocolate to some of mine you can get creative.
Do the same with the vanilla glaze. Then serve them up and they are light and
fluffy inside. Our fireman today takes 6 months leave without
pay each year to go over to Indonesia with his family and help people living in poverty.
They are setting up surf retreats over there to create an ongoing income for community
development projects that they are running. There is a very high child mortality rate
and people are living on less than $1 a day. You can help them out by either holidaying
at mercy huts or by donating And I’ll put a link to their website below. Ad I’d love
it if you could help them out. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes
chocolates and desserts, click here for last weeks video and here to go to the website
for the donut recipe. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[musci the boat song by SetSailTv used with permission]

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