Easy teochew rice soup recipe | Chefs at Home
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Easy teochew rice soup recipe | Chefs at Home

Can we get to the cooking yet? Hi everyone, I’m Pang. I try to cook every Sunday on my off-day. So the dish that I’m preparing today is Cantonese-style rice soup. Today’s ingredients, we have… So now I’m going to put in the sole fish, the dried sole fish into the toaster. So this will give it even more flavour. Very nice, toasty flavour. For adding the stock, always add a little bit more than you need. Because the rice is going to soak up a lot of stock in there. I’m adding the preserved vegetables. Followed by the hairy gourd. Next will be the rice. So now we’re going to add some of this hot stock into the minced pork so we can break them apart nicely. And followed by the prawns. You have the fish sauce here. Chinese cooking wine For the sesame oil, what I’ll do is we’ll pour directly into the bowl that we’re going to serving later. We’re going to add the toasted sole fish. Just three to four pieces. Some pepper to finish. So finally, we’re going to add in the spinach. And you can almost immediately switch off the heat. So now we’re going to dish out. So here we have the chopped spring onion, coriander, the fried shallot oil. So here it is, a very easy to prepare, very comforting, and very delicious Cantonese-style rice soup.

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