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100 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe – The Best Vegan Chocolate Cake Ever!

  1. This is just the 3rd video I've seen of yours and I already love you! You make vegan seem like something I want to do. Love your goofiness and attitude, your style, and your kitchen, but most of all, your recipes!!! I swear, I have the same tastes as you, must be the French Canadian in me! My family immigrated through there way back when and I'm in Michigan now. So glad I found your channel! Keep it up, girl!

  2. Thank you for d recipe, tried it… I used normal milk, brown sugar, and coconut milk substituting some of the ingredients I didn't have…. Cake came out light n moist… Thanx again…

  3. I just made this cake, the batter is fucking delicious and i'm about to make the frosting and devour some of it. Thank you xxx

  4. You seem to have forgotten to mention exact amount of ingredients on your YouTube video, In your bubbly enthusiasm, you have forgotten to give proper recipe. It would be nice to try out the cake, if only I had the exact amount of ingredients.

  5. I made this with my stepdaughter the other day. IT IS AMAZING. I know I've mentioned this to you before but when she tasted it she was like, It tastes real. *rolls eyes*. Anyways, i might have overmixed a little because it was dense but i loved it that way. And after I made the frosting I was like that is NOT going to be enough. So I doubled it. That was TOO MUCH. lol. Just watched the vanilla cake video…..that one is next!

  6. Made this for family members. They were all surprised when I said it was vegan. They couldn't believe it.

  7. Yay! I've never made anything vegan, ever! Made this yesterday and it was a hit!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING <3

  8. Just tried this with a vegan peanut butter frosting… heaven in a mouthful. Thanks for sharing your culinary knowledge with us. Xox

  9. I put some in the oven. But 40 minutes was way to long to wait!! So I put some batter in a mug and microwaved it for a under 2 minutes and best decision ever! It's soooo damn good! I even put some chocolate chips!!!! Thank you!!!

    And may I add, I used coconut milk instead and used just under 2 cups of sugar.

  10. I tried this recipe with some minor substitutions because I ran out of sugar and I just had cacao and it came out more as a fudge cake. Is it because I used cacao powder, one cup of sugar and 1/4 of agave?

  11. Made this recently with the kids I babysit and they and their parents loved it! They were super impressed! ❀️

  12. I made this and I must say I'm impressed. The cake isn't dense. It also isn't dry. Never tried a vegan cake that wasnt dense or dry. Amazing.

  13. I'm not vegan and I made this cake and absolutely loved it. But I didn't make the frosting though. I don't know what is vegetable shortening…

  14. You deserve a larger following. I've made three of your recipes now (including this one) that I stumbled upon on Pinterest and all three of them are some of my all time favorites now. It was totally coincidence that all three of them came from you. I just click on whatever looks good and the internet just keeps leading me back to you over and over again XD haha. I made this cake for my mothers birthday and it was hit! Thanks for the video! Subbed

  15. It's alway a struggle to find a good recipe for my boyfriend.. unfortunately he is allergic to eggs.. sigh.. I already made your vanilla cake, it turned out absolutely delicious, with sliced caramelized apples and cinnamon! I'll give this chocolate one a try for his birthday πŸ˜€ sincerely, thank you from Italy!

  16. Was looking for a cake to bake for my girlfriend's birthday tomorow. Now I now what I'll bake, looks SOOOOOOOO delicious!!!

  17. Dear sam, I have a very picky toddler who absolutely refuses to eat meat/veggies but only a few selection of fruits. Do you have a blackbean chocolate cake recipe or similar ones where I can hide veggies or beans? She likes strawberries/bananas/apples/pbj. She doesn't like smoothies or yogurt. She doesn't have any food allergies, just extremely picky. Hope you can help this mama out, thank you so much!β™₯

  18. I made this recipe a few times, my friends and family totally loved it. They couldn't believe it was vegan because the texture was like normal cake with miilk and eggs πŸ™‚ Thank you very much xx

  19. I made the cake! I cute all ingredients in half tho cause I just want to try it out and I used lime instead of vinegar as the acid to react with the baking soda and it came out PERFECT πŸ–€

  20. I made this recipe for my family this Christmas and everyone LOVED it!!!! I really enjoyed the cake as it was moist and not too sweet. It is the perfect combination of everything!!!!

  21. When you say fuss-free you really mean it!!! I have been wanting to make an egg-free cake for so long, but have never been successful. This was perfect on my first try and you can't tell it's vegan. I made it and then made it again an hour later just because I wanted to share it with more people! Finally the perfect chocolate cake!

  22. Hands down, best chocolate cake recipe amongst all the vegan and non vegan ones. It was a huge hit at our holiday dinner and no one could believe it was vegan!

  23. This is how people did baking during the Depression.
    Eggs and dairy products were scarce and they came up with substitutions like the vinegar and vegetable shortening.

  24. hey, can i use this recipe? il put a link to this and to your blog in the comments? i do a cooking channel in the UK with my 3 year old son as the main cook. His name is Cody. I get requests off parents to provide help to their kids when they have eating issues etc. There's a boy who cant eat eggs so i found this and wanted to cook it for him so his mom can copy it and cook it for him at home. xx

  25. love this!! help im making it tomorrow for my hubby bday. is Crisco the vegetable shortening u used?? thank u!also is it vegan?!

  26. why didn't you give any measurements? what good is it to post a baking video if you don't even give us the measurements????

  27. The way you have your hair in front, you will get hair in your food. I know you want to be stylish but you got to keep it professional and keep your hair out of the food.

  28. WOW I just made this cake and it is absolutely DELICIOUS! Even without the frosting this cake is amazing on its own!! BIG thumbs up from me! You never fail to impress

  29. Made this for my moms birthday, everyone loved it! They are all not vegan too! This is the best cake I've ever had hands down, its not extremely rich and its super moist!

  30. I'm not vegan, but I made a video on my youtube channel, about making a vegan chocolate cake, and it honestly tasted so good. It was a funny experience πŸ™‚ I'm not vegan, but I made a video on my youtube channel, about making a vegan chocolate cake, and it honestly tasted so good. It was a funny experience πŸ™‚

  31. I really enjoy your videos. I can tell that you enjoy life. You are so silly. I love it, and you're pretty too. Thank you for making all these videos that you do. You brighten up my day. My day is always brighter after I watch your videos. Thank you.

  32. I'll definitely be making this! My sister has a new allergy to dairy, but LOOOVES chocolate cake, so this is the perfect!!! Great video!!

  33. I absolutely looooooooove this recipe. I made an anniversary cake over the weekend and it worked a treat. Taste so delicious and so moist! Thank you for this perfection β™₯️

  34. Sam…. Why go vegan if your just going to clog your arteries with veg shortening…. Might as well eat the butter 😲😲

  35. I've been loving your recipes Sam! I would love a holiday chocolate rum cake recipe!!! One of my fav holiday treats at Christmas! Keep up the good work!!! <3

  36. I made this cake recipe for my dads birthday and it was AMAZING!! Im making it again for my own birthday and cant wait to have it a second time! I used a vegan cream cheese frosting as well as a buttercream and they both taste great with it!

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