Eatbook VS Ya Kun Kaya Toast | Eatbook Cooks | EP 8
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Eatbook VS Ya Kun Kaya Toast | Eatbook Cooks | EP 8

Kopi is just coffee and condensed milk only right? And sugar! You want to bet $5? Does kopi contain sugar? Yes! No, no, as in condensed milk but no sugar right? Have, have, have! Teh right, is also just condensed milk Same as kopi, it’s just condensed milk. Do you add sugar into kopi? Condensed milk, no sugar… $5 guys..! $5 Welcome to another episode of Eatbook versus! So, today’s episode is going to be Eatbook versus Ya Kun. You must be thinking how hard can that be right? Just go NTUC buy coffee, buy kaya… But no! We are going to make everything from scratch, from the coffee to the kaya to the egg! Since young, I have always seen my grandmother make kaya from scratch. But, it’s something that I have never wanted to learn, until today! Let me find out about my secret family recipe. I am going to call my grandmother now. Hello po po! Wanted to ask you how to make kaya. I am a Kopitiam auntie. Ah boy, what do you want to drink? The first dish we are going to prepare is the kaya toast. And we are going to prepare the kaya from scratch. These are the ingredients we need: Pandan leaves, water, eggs, coconut cream, sugar and salt. So first up, you have to chop up some pandan leaves, and then blend it along with some water to get your pandan extract. Your pandan extract is actually your colouring and also your flavouring. Sorry, it’s going to be noisy! So this is how your blended pandan leaves look like. They smell like grass. You have to squeeze it through a sieve. It might look very little but the flavour is actually very strong. So actually, you only need 10g of this. So for the kaya, you will need 2 egg whites and 3 egg yolks. So, if you don’t want to waste the egg whites, you can fry them later on. After you crack the eggs, you need to beat the eggs, and then sieve the eggs so that you don’t get lumps in your kaya after that. The amount of coconut cream and sugar we are going to use is based on the weight of the eggs. So, today we have 120g of eggs, so we are going to use 120g of coconut cream and also 90g of sugar. After putting in all those, you want to put 10g of extract There is no actual proportion, so if you want more pandan taste, or you want your kaya to be greener right, you can just put more. Last but not least. let me add a pinch of salt. Just to… Why? Why do we need to add salt? Because my grandmother said so. After you are done with the mixture, fill a third of your pot with water and then boil it. Once your water starts boiling, put the mixture over the steam and keep stirring so after 10 minutes of stirring and cooking, you will start to see your mixture thicken. So that’s when you have to remove it from the steam and continue stirring it, until you achieve a paste like texture. So if it’s too liquidy, that means it’s undercooked. And when it starts to form curds, that means it’s overcooked. BAM! Here’s your kaya. So the portion we prepared is actually half a jar and this is because it’s fresh kaya. You cannot keep it over a long period of time. Just eat! TRY! I made this. Not bad, nice. Thanks, thanks for letting me try. I am restocking my team’s pantry. So let’s move on to making the toast. Once the oven is pre-heated, pop your bread in for 5 minutes and then you are toasted! If you don’t have an oven, use a toaster, if you don’t have a toaster, use a frying pan. It works! Maverick, you didn’t clean the toaster after you toasted your bread! Come here now! So I believe that you guys are familiar with this bread It’s not the typical white bread from supermarkets. This bread is actually from a very traditional shop. So, let’s just pop this into the oven. So once your bread is toasted, you want to slice it into half and then we get a thinner slice. Once you cut your toast into half, grab your kaya and butter. You want a cold slice of butter so take it out of the fridge only after you are done preparing your toast and your kaya. We analysed Ya Kun’s bread and Ya Kun only spreads one side, but at home you can spread both sides. Voila, your perfect toast. I am going to take a bite. For the eggs, you will only need water and eggs. Should be easy, right? But the thing is, I have never made soft-boiled eggs before because I don’t eat soft-boiled eggs. Fun fact, when I go Ya Kun I order hard boiled eggs. But, when I am feeling it, I will order soft-boiled eggs to dip my bread into the soft-boiled eggs. Thanks to my producers, I actually didn’t know that you cannot boil your egg in your hot water You have to boil your water first, and then remove it from the heat and then pop your eggs into the water and then leave it in for around 6 to 7 minutes. OH! That’s quite cool! Man, I want to record this. Do you know that when you boil eggs, it happens like that? AH AHH AHHH AHHHH Very very very hot! We are done! You have your half-boiled eggs. Just need to put some dark soya sauce and white pepper! Lucky it’s a blind taste test, They don’t need to see how ugly this is. I am really a kopitiam auntie. Look! It’s a sock! It is not the sock, but this is also called a sock. I actually got this from the same place where I got my coffee powder and it only costs $1.50 and it’s reusable. For our kopi we have 4 ingredients, Coffee powder, sugar, condensed milk, and hot water. So you first have to rinse the sock with hot water then put 3 tablespoons of coffee powder along with 200ml of hot boiling water. So you have to pull it like the kopitiam auntie That’s what they do. For those who make coffee at home, please do not scold me because this is the first time I am making coffee. I mean there are many methods of making coffee. Filter, the coffee presser, Nespresso machine, or if you want an easier alternative, go for 3-in-1. So how they do it is by adding their condensed milk and their sugar and then they will stir it with their hot coffee. This is really the kopitiam (style), they stir it very fast. So now that we are done with Eatbook’s set A, we are going to bring it into the studio and see if our colleagues can taste the difference. Mine’s better. No mucus this time. One cup of kopi! Coming! Coming! Can I open my eyes? No you can’t open your eyes, it’s a blind taste test! So today is Eatbook versus Ya Kun. Wow Ya Kun Big shoes to fill up Their kaya toast is the best, and also like their eggs, damn nice! So for the toast right, we actually made the kaya from scratch. Oh wow! Wow serious? Make kaya from scratch?? The butter? You all grind the beans yourself also? Okay, I frequent Ya Kun often enough to kind of recognise how their toast tastes like. This toast that I have in front of me is a tad bit different. I feel like it’s homemade because the pasting like not the same. It does not taste like Ya Kun’s kaya. Because Ya Kun’s kaya, if I remember correctly, is a little bit grainy. The kaya doesn’t really have the very strong coconut-y, pandan taste. The kaya here is actually very thin There is not much pandan taste or sweetness. The pandan taste is quite strong. Like in the olden days at the mamak shop. they will have those tubs of kaya outside, this tastes like those. When you eat Ya Kun, there is always a slab of butter, that’s super thick. It’s missing I like the balance between the kaya and the butter. The aroma for this is much stronger. Wow the bread smells different. To be honest, the kaya tastes the same. Even the smell is also same. Come on man, this is Ya Kun, I am pretty confident. There’s this very familiar kaya taste. Here, the kaya is more pronounced which I think is what I am more familiar with at toast stores. The kaya for this tastes a little bit artificial But the smell is definitely stronger for this one This one has a more familiar taste This one I can taste the saltiness of the butter and the kaya is not so sweet The kaya in this is much smoother as well The other one is a bit sticky and has a thick texture I really think Ya Kun has the best soft-boiled eggs, Once I see the very watery ones, I’m instantly turned off How do you want me to test the eggs? How different can an egg be? Wow, this one has a bit too much soy sauce Wow I have to say the amount of pepper and soya sauce is just right An egg. It’s not too watery, it has just the right texture Egg A is not as liquid as I remember how half-boiled eggs are supposed to be as compared to egg B, which is like very watery, very nice, very easy to scoop and eat This is not Ya Kun’s one This is more consistent to what I am more familiar with I think this is Ya Kun’s one because you can feel the different chunks of egg, it’s like tau huey Wow that consistency, it’s perfect. The eggs are better done in set A because in set B, the yolk is a bit overcooked but then the white part is very runny. When I go to Ya Kun, I will order Milo Wow, there’s even a plate! The smell is there but it is not very strong You know when you smell perfume then you use the coffee beans to refresh what do you use to refresh your nose if you’re smelling coffee? Eh? This one tastes like the packet coffee that you have It’s a little bit too sweet This is a little bit more watered down This one is also not very nice After tasting this, I do actually think that this tastes better This tastes very flat as well as a bit burnt. Kopi A is much thicker as compared to B. Can feel like there’s more effort put into this cup of coffee In both, there is this tinge of 3-in-1 coffee smell This one’s bread is nicer, then this one’s coffee is nicer How to choose? For a Singaporean breakfast experience, I would choose this set I would go for set B, the kaya was not as sweet I would choose set A because it tastes and feels more familiar to me I really prefer set B mainly because both kayas are equally good, the coffee is the defining factor because I prefer mine to be not so thick. I actually prefer the kaya toast that set B has as compared to set A I really like the coffee for this one But, in terms of eggs, that’s the most important part So I’d prefer set A I like the kaya toast in B more but I like the coffee and the egg in A more. OOOOO I’m so amazed by you guys Oh, it’s Ya Kun? Oh! I thought this was Ya Kun No way! This one is Ya Kun? I am super impressed! The kaya to me tastes very similar This one looks sharper, look at the toast man! It’s like the right angle is mad! Oh my God, I can’t believe your toast won them! Who did it? Suphon or you guys? Us! I actually prefer this one to this one! This one’s a little bit more salty I think the coffee is… The colour is different From scratch itself, I think coffee is damn hard to replicate Your toast with Yakun’s egg is the best combo Maybe yall can set up a side business I would buy it every day. Congrats Eatbook! You have won my like Even though I thought it was Ya Kun! If weekends, maybe yeah Weekdays, maybe I’ll buy from Eatbook I would still go for Ya Kun kaya toast, because in terms of convenience and taste, it’s also nice It’s a good start to my day Of course, toast is not cheap With one toast set, you can buy one chicken rice Actually I didn’t know that kaya was so easy to make, normally, people just buy from the jar, I wouldn’t go out of the way to make it on my own. I thought we needed a big production, but I think the good thing is that by making it yourself, you can control the amount of ingredients you put inside? It’s a tie! But after letting our colleagues try, we realised that our eggs and coffee are… BUT, we actually aced the star of the show, kaya Let’s give us a round of applause So I think that’s quite an achievement, and I really made my grandmother proud. actually after this whole experience, I realised how easy it is to make kaya from scratch It took less than 30 minutes and what’s great about it is that you can tweak it to your own palate But, I must say that Ya Kun is all around Singapore so it is easily accessible but if you have time to spare, go and try our kaya recipe and tell us whether it works! Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook versus, if you like this video, comment down below what other brands you want us to challenge and remember to watch more over there. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! BYE!

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  1. 2:25 In general, adding salt to a 'sweet' mixture tends to make it taste sweeter,need%20of%20adding%20extra%20sugar.

  2. When blending, you can add a bit of water to get more pandan juice, more homogenized extraction, then after you will temper, during the temper phase your panda juice will evaporate the excess water Liao.

  3. Yall should try ite central koufu set C
    Traditional kaya butter toast, eggs and a drink. Fucking bombz. Yakun is a scam so ex and like meh

  4. Salt is often added to desserts/sweet stuff because it helps bring out the flavour of the other ingredients, rather than making the flavour salty

  5. Not quite sure how good takeaway Yakun is…butter might have melted and toast would have gotten soggy from the spreads

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