Egg Curry | अंडा करी | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Egg Curry | अंडा करी | Chef Ranveer Brar

Non veg food was not cooked in my house for long period of time Grandmother never used to cook non veg So… Sunday’s used to be egg curry day because eggs were allowed.. So, for us egg curry was also special Every Sunday we used to sneak into the kitchen to see weather egg curry is been prepared or not So this is…. “What i have seen growing up as a kid what an egg curry should be like” So, lets make Egg curry In the end i will show you “Ranveer Brar” special touch Hmmmm… So first Dadi’s(grandmother) version and then RB’s version “ROLLING & ACTION”… Egg is a Fascinating subject in food history Because, for long period of time in India eating “Egg’s” was believed “BAD” Hmmm… And initially it was believed that egg’s are “Source of life” And we started eating egg’s much later The Britisher and the Parsis are the two communities That actually thought us how to eat “Fowls and Egg’s” And like how… First let’s talk about the Proportions Equal quantity of onion and tomato Use this proportion whenever you make egg curry Equal quantity of onion and tomato cut and keep together The reason i am making curry in more quantity because i will show you two methods of “Egg curry” Curry with two big onions is more than enough In hot oil add… Whole spices Ok… Cardamom, Cinnamon Clove Bayleaf And after that… Cumin Once the whole spices and cumin are fragrant Thats when It’s ready Out of curiosity, people ask me On social media platforms like YOUTUBE etc… What happens to the food that you make So, don’t worry we do not waste food that we prepare The idea is “Never to waste food” Everything that is made in the Kitchen is consumed There are lot’s of hungry people in my studio Hmmm…So all it gets Consumed No food gets “WASTED” In “RB’S Kitchen” no food gets wasted ever Until the onions are cooking… Let’s chop the tomatoes So, when the onion is almost done add ginger garlic paste If you adding ginger garlic paste, don’t put it in the beginning Add after the onions are half cooked Hmmm… Other wise the gravy will turn black in colour Paste will get “Burnt” and then you will say… Hanjiii… “Ranveer you didn’t inform us” “PERFECT” Once the paste is cooked start adding powdered spices Turmeric Red chilli And coriander Three corner stones of “Punjabi food” Turmeric, red chilli and coriander Little water We add water so that cooking masala’s get’s arrested Once you fell that the masala’s are getting cooked, add water And start sauté it slowly It’s my “Secret” It’s not in my grandmother recipe, but i put it as my secret Don’t add the water till the tomatoes have melted Cook until tomatoes become “Jammy” in consistency So, it has be Jammy it has to be Pectinny It has to be thick Mushy, Gelatinous Melted Now, add little water Just to arrest the cooking Now, add one boiled egg yolk instead of cashew to give thickness to the gravy It’s egg curry, so why to add cashew to make gravy thick Instead put egg And first class “PERFECT” Add remaining water Now the term egg curry has lot of connotations It is believed that the term “Egg curry” and also this dish was introduced to us by Britisher In India eggs where boiled and mostly used as a Garnish on Dum food and not mostly in Indian curries Britishers gave “Curry” as a generic term to Indian gravies The britishers started adding their favourite breakfast leftover ingredient “Boiled eggs” into Indian curries Because they understood that combination and that flavour and that how originally they say “egg curry” came into being I will not just by that theory unnecessarily because if the dish would have been named “Andda Masala” I would have believed that it is originated in India Because it is called as “Egg curry” in lot of places And as the “Curry” word was coined by the Britishers to our Indian gravy generically Hence the most of the credit for creating this dish goes to the britishers And it was picked on by non vegetarians Indians Because it “Tasted good” and was “Highly Nutritious” “Rich source of Protein”, which the Indians understood fast While the gravy is getting ready let’s prepare eggs First we will make normal egg curry with “Boiled eggs” And secondly we will make “Omelette egg curry” Form childhood i use to think there used to be no flavour inside the egg Just for no reason people used to say it’s “Anda curry” “Anda curry” Hence i decided, when i grow up i will make Anda curry using “Omelette” So, now i have finally Grown up… I am just grown up by “Age”… So, now it’s time to make “Omelette curry” AND… HERE WE GO… So this is just to give the eggs A nice coating And once we have the coating We just add the spices HERE WE ARE… LET’S GO… Eggs are ready Gravy is cooking On the other hand, now i will make “Omelette” egg curry which has been my childhood fantasy Here goes four eggs Salt Little turmeric, little red chilli AND… Here goes oil The omelette has potential to absorb the gravy MIX…MIX…MIX…MIX… And after that the same way we make folded omelette Fold it accordingly Now we just have to wait for it to cook from inside Let it cook from inside Then only you can enjoy it properly DONE… Gas off… For me, the most fascinating part about the eggs is “To use in sweets” Like “Ande ka halwa” Or “Ande ki lauze” Or “Ande ki sawaiyan” Egg vermicelli which is also known as “Murth Mada” Which was basically made in Kerala by “Maapla Muslims” It’s like egg strings soaked in sugar And sometimes the egg white is been steamed and served along with sweet It’s and entirely “Egg Desert” Eggs desert are Fascinating Fascinating topic for me Hopefully we will make one day soon It’s a simple formula… IF… If you love your and my grandmother so try with boil egg recipe Or if you love your grandmother, my grandmother and me then, try both the recipe THEEK HEI NA (OK)…

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  1. Wah re maderchod.. Kaise sab credit Britisher ko de deya. Humko bhi bola gaya Indians iska ka to ye matlb nahi hota na ki humko brits ne banaya ya discover keya…

  2. Meri toh jaan bachti hain egg maim😊😊😊 omlet ho yaa boil yaa bhurji i just love egg😘😘😘 but i dont like swett yaa desert egg masala egg hi pasand hain mujhe

  3. Terrific videos! Such exellent information, very good shots and angles, super lighting, and a great chef with clarity of expression and general pleasant nature!

  4. Sir, can you please show the recipe for vej jhalfyzi as there seems to be a lot of ambiguity with the same. I would love to see it from you as you give the history a particular recipe, thus giving a clear conceptual knowledge about the flavour profile. Hope to see it soon, thanks in advance. Keep up the good work. ☺️

  5. Eggs and that to curry wow thanks for sharing stay blessed may sai baba bless you and your family thank you ☺

  6. In my anda curry ( guddu pulusu in telugu) tamarind water is added to the pectinny onion & tomato gravy along with a dash of pepper and goof amount of green chillies, Boiled eggs are added and cooked on low flame for about 10 to 15 minutes.(I use thread to cut eggs into halves) Garnished with loads of coriander leaves. It's savoured with hot rice. ( I'm salvating right 🤪). That morsel of food is heaven for me especially when it's raining or cold.

  7. Are jab daadi nahi khaati toh tu kyu khaata hai this is not meant for human krishna pls save him pls watch rajiv dixit video egg is shit of chicken yukkkkkk how one can eat this pls cook shiit of chicken also Im sure that will be more tasty then egg

  8. I tried it with one grated egg… Yellow and white both parts… It comes out well… And makes gravy thicker… Yum yum…

  9. ranveer bhaiya.. i'm from bihar and we rarely consume lal mirch powder in our parts as our systems are not used to the "after-effects". can your recipes be cooked using hari mirch instead? and at which stage should i add it? with pyaaz or with masala powders?

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    Ranveer ji, could you upload some more vegetable recipes?

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    Learn from Ashish Kumar kitchen, he is very nice.

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  20. Hello Ranveer!!
    You have simplified cooking for me and I also introduced your way to my friend who shifted out of home for the first time to Germany..
    Big thank you 😀😁🤗

  21. Ranveer this is Also a bengali food..I just suggest you one thing that…When you are fry your omlet put Onion slices & green chilli ( onion makes egg more & more sweet ) that give you more fine taste. Thank you.

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