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Eggnog Bundt Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends so about three weeks ago
sometime in September eggnog showed up at the grocery store
and I thought eggnog it’s still September but you know I thought I
should I thought I should start making some recipes with it now we have deep on
our Channel some really good eggnog recipes both cooked and uncooked
alcoholic and non-alcoholic and I will link to those below but for this bundt
cake I’m just gonna use the stuff that you can get at the grocery store so
we’re going to start off by creaming this butter the butter is nice and soft
so in goes the sugar and we just continue creaming until it’s nice light
and fluffy okay and now I crack the eggs in one at a time by putting them in one at a time they
just seem to mix in better well the eggs are mixing in I’m just
going to put the soda into the flour and give that a bit of a stir okay so now
I’m going to measure out the eggnog I need to put a cup and a quarter and even
though this eggnog comes from the grocery store and has rum in it I’m
going to add some rum anyway so I’m just going to use kind of a medium body Cuban
rum and I need about three tablespoons you could use any rum you like or you
could just leave the rum out completely if you don’t want it you could put in
rum flavoring if you don’t want to have alcohol in your cake completely up to
you I like rum with eggnog those two flavors go together in my mind so I’m
gonna put the rum into the eggnog just to make the next mixing procedure just a
little bit easier I’m also going to put in some vanilla and of course some of
this also depends on what flavors are already in the eggnog that you’re buying
if you’re making your own eggnog or if you’re buying one from the grocery store
what the flavors are like in there the recipe can change a little bit based on
your flavor profile make it your own do your own thing really use this as a
starting point and do your own thing okay the butter sugar and eggs are
creamed together beautifully so now I’m going to alternate between putting in
some of the flour and then some of the liquid and we’ll do this back and forth
in two three or maybe even four additions this is a bundt pan that I have buttered
and floured just so the cake releases nicely it’s also nonstick so sticking
shouldn’t be a problem but a little bit of extra added security is nice so in
goes the batter that’s all the batter is in just kind of smooth the top couple of
taps and into the oven oh hey friends hey Glenn what’s on my
where am I going here there we go eggnog really economic bunch cake
so is that not eggnog that’s eggnog sauce so that’s just that’s just icing
sugar that I mixed up with some eggnog a little bit of melted butter so it’s got
all the flavor yeah uh-hum seems very early to be festive but I don’t know
Christmas stuff is already out in the snow it’s a good-looking cake okay
Christmas stuff is already out and you know this before school went back
Christmas stuff went up before school went back before even Halloween went up
this year it’s a little bit so it’s a really nice color it is a very I mean it
should be it’s a yellowy yeah eggnog II um the cakes got really nice crumb it’s
a tight crumb but it’s nice yeah so it’s it’s got a really strong butter flavor
because it is a butter bundt cake okay I think for myself I’d maybe up the amount
of eggnog a little bit and the rum isn’t sort of the rum isn’t coming through I
would have put more rum in but it’s a very delicate flavored cake isn’t it
like it’s not no one part of the cake is overpowering to me for some reason I
want to put lemon on it I don’t know why yeah
that’s not very custom Julie no I think that’s the butter cake base to me I’m I
personally get the bit of rum mm-hmm but I’m not really getting an eggnog
maybe it’s needed more I mean I could put more sauce and when I get a bit with
the sauce on it it is full on eggnog I can’t believe I ate the whole thing
though having said that I’ve got one bite luck yeah so there’s a couple
things I would do to improve this but I would make it this way first and see
whether you really want that extra eggnog flavor it’s always yeah yeah it
can stand for maybe another quarter cup of eggnog in the mix and probably
another two or three tablespoons of rum for the cake gets too runny so okay that
sounds like a lot of liquid everybody everybody tells you that this is a
formula it has to be exact has to be exact there is quite a bit of play in
the recipe that you can add more so you could you could add more liquid but if
you wanted more flavor or just put more sauce on the top I mean that that is
pure eggnog so for I know it’s only October but Happy Holidays stopping by
so you consume you

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80 thoughts on “Eggnog Bundt Cake Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

  1. I personally don’t care for the color of the exterior, is there any way to prevent that? Lower temp longer time?

  2. Will you be making some Holiday Drinks this year? Like Christmas style drinks!? Maybe like a Frappuccino! haha

  3. Great poundcake cheat! Your upgrades are right on! Yes, this will take a few tries to get itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰! Thanks Glen!πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Wowwwww! My bad! Happy Thanksgiving, Glen and Julie! Watched the video early-ish here in the West and it slipped my mind! Enjoy the festivities!

  4. Oooh, nice! Baking powder of soda? You said soda and recipe says powder. I'm assuming it's powder. Love egg nog and would love to try making this in addition to my egg nog bread pudding and egg nog panettone French toast. It's never too early for nog in my opinion!

  5. Thanks Chef Glen πŸ‘ that’s the spiritπŸ’•πŸ‘ŒHappy holidays πŸ’πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  6. Lovely looking cake. I suggest leaving rum out of the batter; flaming the rum to reduce alcohol and then drizzling or brushing rum over the baked cake. Using eggnog from one of YOUR recipes might provide better eggnog flavor in the cake. Make the cake for the evening when you are making eggnog to enjoy in the afternoon!

  7. Instead of 2 or 3 tablespoons of additional rum in batter, I'd drizzle 2 or 3 tablespoons of rum on each slice…

  8. Milk of Chicken? lol I love the french… I am one but Ill be damned if I understand french even after years of trying. Cool video.

  9. We always brought Egg nog in to the store for Thanksgiving and then didn't bring any in til November for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada) everyone.

  10. I love eggnog. Never too early in our house. It was nice to see it in the stores as I can start my baking early and enjoy baking and squirrel it away in the freezer for the busy holiday season. Thank-you Glen.

  11. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Glen and Jules, I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

    I'm not normally a fan of eggnog, but this looks delicious!

  12. you could try to make egg liqueur (think advocaat) – thats what we have instead of egg nog and it also makes a great bundt cake. My brother makes a great version of the liqueur with caramelized condensed milk and lots of spices.

  13. I thought the same thing about the eggnog showing up. Like, Halloween isn’t even over yet, Christmas is still 3 months off.

    I’m not complaining, eggnog is delicious anytime of the year, but it’s still more of a Christmas thing.

  14. What you could do, to make the cake taste more rummy and eggnog-y
    Do not alter the batter recipe you made but to simply prick the cake with holes then pour the sauce (with added rum if you like) slowly over the cake so that the cake is absorbed with it.
    That way you eliminate the batter becoming too runny.
    For me I would do that and once the cake is cooled completely add more sauce all around then top with really good quality maraschino cherries. But I love Brandy Alexanders.
    Interesting note the Brandy Alexander is a prohibition Era cocktail. Here's a link showing a bartender making three drinks by changing only 1 ingredient. The Brandy Alexander Grasshopper and Pink Squirrel.

  15. Until recently, I worked in a grocery store. We would get Christmas fruitcakes in August. We did not put them on the shelves in August, but they were already in the warehouse.They will get Valentine's Day stuff right after Christmas.

  16. When I would show up late and hungover for Sunday brunch and needed a special, I would just add a couple extra yolks to the carton nog and use it as a French toast custard.

  17. I've been watching your videos for a while now. I just want to say that I love what you are doing with your channel and I learn a lot from watching experiment and explore food. Thank you for the marvelous content.

  18. Early holiday ideas are the best! Example: I once watched the infamous Martha on a morning talk show tell us how to decorate for Easter by growing grass for a centerpieceβ€”on Good Friday.Great ideaβ€”β€”if you can grow greasy in two days!

  19. I like seeing holiday recipes early. I can try out the recipe before deciding which recipes to serve during the holidays πŸ‘

  20. 1:25 Camera cuts away at around 3 tsp of rum, but looking at the rate at which Glen is pouring, I bet there was closer to 4. And still not enough. πŸ˜€

  21. For a more eggnoggy (eggnoggy isn't a word?) taste, why not add a pinch of the spices that go in eggnog into the batter or the glaze. More rum flavor, maybe use the rum extract you mentioned or could a spiced rum be the answer?

  22. Love the cake, but is always been Merry Christmas for me, not this political correct happy holidays, great video Glen and Julie πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¦˜πŸ¦˜πŸ¦˜πŸ¦˜

  23. That looks great. But I'd put rum in the sauce too. As long it's just adults eating. Or if you want the kids to sleep early. πŸ˜‰

  24. In Canada, people seem to want eggnog with any big family meal, so they bring it out for Thanksgiving. They even bring it out in March/April for Easter. I work in a grocery store and you should hear people who can't get it for Easter.

  25. I have Pennsylvania Dutch eggnog that rum, Brandy, and blended whiskey, do you think it would be ok to use in this cake?

  26. Bundt cake! Reminds me of the scene from my Big Fat Greek Wedding. The Bundt cake scene. This looks oh so coma delicious!

  27. It was a very simple recipe and delicious I am sure. I never saw store bought eggnog in the United States containing rum.

    When I was a kid I remember my grandmother would always put some rum in her homemade eggnog. So I went out and I bought a small bottle of rum. I decided to drink the rum instead of putting it in the cake batter. I got drunk and passed out! Oh well, I'll give it another whirl tomorrow after I buy some more rum. Hopefully I won't drink it this time, but I make no promises😁

  28. I love eggnog and when I saw it in the store like 2 weeks ago I bought a carton and drank the whole thing in a day. I'd seriously devour this cake.
    Secondly, I love that you used a Bundt pan. My family makes meatloaf in a Bundt pan, I feel it results in a better meatloaf than a standard loaf pan. I feel it has a moister texture, not as dried out.

  29. I suggest, to get more of both the egg nog and rum flavors, make something more akin to a tres leches cake, adding those flavors into the soak mix. Would that be

    Cuatro Leches de Navidad?

  30. What about stirring the extra rum into the sauce, then poking holes in the cake after baking and pouring the sauce over it to create a sort of soak situation. Using the rum that way would ensure that the alcohol doesn't cook out while also making the sauce thin enough to use as a soaking syrup. I think that's how rum cakes are usually done

  31. Yeah, same here in the UK, xmas nonsense starts to peer above the parapet in the supermarkets and shops at the end of September. 😠
    Seems to go on forever.

  32. Seeing the amount of sugar, which goes in this dessert – π™π™ƒπ˜Όπ™'π™Ž 𝘼 π™‡π™Šπ™ π™Šπ™ π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™ˆπ˜Όπ™‚π™€
    Looks tasty tho'

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