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Ernie Cooks Lumpia! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Okay, maybe I can make
something out of this. (laughing) Lucho! (bright upbeat music) – Welcome to Ernie Cooks. This is. – The chef? – The chef, Ernie. I am? – The guest! – The guest. Zach. – He is my assistant! – I think he said assistant. – You look for the recipe on like mask – Okay, oh look at that, lumpia. – My grandma growed from the Philippines she loves cooking these. – He is really good at that. (laughing) There’s so many of these to choose from. Which one are we gonna make? – I think I really wanna do this one. – You wanna do that one? Let’s open it up. – Lola’s Lumpia! First, you need the meat. Then eggs, water chestnuts,
and shrimp and some salt. That’s it. – That’s pretty much it. – Aw, I need my gloves for this. (yells) – Careful. – I’ll break my fingers. Do you have gloves
’cause wear some gloves. – I got some gloves but not
as cool as those gloves. – They aren’t? – And look, gloves match your knife. – Mostly ’cause it’s purple. – It’s pink. Alright, let’s get into Ernie. Do you want to start
by slicing these guys? – Yeah. – Cool. – I know how to cut. – You know how to cut? Alright, you wanna (yells) I’m gonna let you do your thing,
I’m gonna stand over here. – I need one at a time, so not too many. (yells) be careful. (yells and laughs) (onion tumbles) (laughs) (yelling) What’s taking so long? – I’m sorry, we just have
lots of things to cut. Here, why don’t you try to make a claw, like an eagle claw, you know that? You use that to hold down the scallions, but curl your fingers. There you go. And then slice, slice just like that. (yells) – ‘Cause he’s a grown up! He already knows how – Well, I’m trying to show ya. Do you remember how to crack an egg? Crack it on the rim. Lightly. There you go. There’s one egg.
(cracks) – Oh (laughs) okay. – There you go. – Soy sauce. – Want to put a little but of soy sauce? I think the recipe calls for a teaspoon. – Oooh, oooh. – Yeah. Alright, what else do you want to add? – More soy – More soy – I wanna until the
whole beef is soy saucy. – Okay, that might be a
little salty in the end. Is that okay? – Yeah, hold on. Don’t need to use this anymore. – Good, great. Moving on. – I wanna do this. – Yeah? All of it. All the garlic powder. (sighs) – Water chestnut. – Water chestnut. – More soy sauce. – I don’t think we need more soy sauce. – Okay, no more soy sauce. – Ernie you wanna mix it up? – Ready! (yells) (laughs) (yelling) – Okay! We have a little work to do. Make him the master chef. (laughter) – Mix it.
– Try it again? Oh, it’s gooey right? Slimy? There you go. Beat it up. Beat it up. (slimy slaps) – Moving onto the next step. What’s on the iPad? This one, yeah this is,
I don’t know how to read. – I know we’re about to wrap these up, but I brought a couple special things that we might be able
to include into that. – I wonder what it’s gonna be. – Close your eyes. We’re throwing a curve ball or three. – [Ernie] Okay fine. – [Zach] Ready? Do you want any of these in there? – Add 10,000 potato chips. – Add 10,000 potato chips, there you go. (laughter) – A couple more. Better. – A little extra crunch and crisp. So we wanna put it in just a line across. We’re gonna tuck these
sides in a little bit. Take a little bit of our egg white, right? And just brush that like that. (yells) Then you wanna roll it up. – [Ernie] Roll. – [Zach] You wanna tuck it back. – [Ernie] Roll. – [Zach] Yep. (yells) – My lumpia looks great! The jumpia. – The jumpia. (laughs) – No. (laughter) – Totally fair. To each their own. – Whoa, that was a close one.
– Careful. Is it time to fry? – Yeah. – Can I get some excitement? Is it time to fry? – It’s time to fry! – Alright, so you remember what this is? – [Ernie] Throw that in! – We’re not gonna throw,
we’re gonna gently place. – Oooh. – You know what happens when you throw it? People get hurt. You wanna try this one? – Okay. We’ll put it in here?
– Really gently? Really gently, yeah yeah yeah. So, very gently, there you go. – Oh, oh no. – It’s alright, we’re good. (laughs) There you go, gentle, gentle. Very good! So good. – Yeah. – Hey! Very good. (screams) – Oh my gosh, Ernie. Look at all these we fried! (blows) – Ready? – Yeah? Two thumbs! (laughter) – Be careful.
(crunch) – Yeah. I’m gonna agree, two thumbs. (applause) – Thumbs better, thumbs.
– Nice job. – Fingers better! – Ernie, so I know that
this is your Lola’s recipe but did you know that she’s
actually here to taste it and make sure that you cooked it right? – I already know she’s here. My Lola’s here! (laughter) – Oh my gosh, she is! – It’s not funny. – Call her in. – Come in Lola!
– Bring it in. – Can you try it? – Oh, it’s good. It’s actually really
good with potato chips. (laughs) – Yeah, I agree.
– That is cool. – No more touching anything which is hot. – No more hot things. – No more hot things.
– Okay people! Thank you for watching Ernie Cooks. – Don’t burn yourself. Be careful. – Yeah, people, only use your spatulas, don’t use your fingers. Thank you for watching! Ernie Cooks. – Bye! (high five)

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100 thoughts on “Ernie Cooks Lumpia! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

  1. For more great recipes visit Yummly! Here’s the recipe for the Filipino Lumpia Recipe:

    Filipino food REEEEEE Filipino food is de best and my Lola makes it for me when my cousins come over! THE SMALL ONES ARE SO GOOD AND CRUNCHY IT IS LIKE HEAVEN FOR UR TASTE BUDS! But my Lola doesn’t make it with water chestnuts cuz I am allergic

  3. chef zach has that classy personality whenever i watch him idk u cant help but observe how poised he is…. is he committed?…. if anybody knows do tell me 😄

  4. That was more of a Shanghai ratehr than lumpia….We mostly add bean sprout, carrots and other vegetables. Rarely meat

  5. Lumpia is Filipino’s?? I thought it’s Indonesian’s food! I’m Javanese and lumpia is one of our iconic food in our capital province of Semarang Metropolitan City. Our Indonesian’s lumpias are stuffed with young bamboo shoots with sweet flavouring. A little bit greasy also since sometimes they mix the fillings with grind meat. I never thought that this iconic food is Filipino’s 😅

  6. OKAY! when he placed that one in and burned his hand…. it is kinda bad to say but… ummmm… wellll….. IT WAS HELLA FUNNY

  7. 1:06
    Zach: *shows Ernie the knife * “ Oh look , your gloves match your knife !”
    Ernie: is it coz it’s purple ?
    Zach : * whispers.* it’s pink !


  8. I don’t have the patience for such a kid. I’d throw him away with the trash. The chef did an amazing job not losing it.

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