Evelyn and Mom CHEATED!!! Blindfolded Cake Challenge!
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Evelyn and Mom CHEATED!!! Blindfolded Cake Challenge!

Why is it not making any noise? Don’t they like fall or something? Is this sprinkles? I really think that you’re cheating. Hey guys, guess
what time it is? It’s time for revenge. So I’m trying to be quiet
because Emily should not know that I’m saying this right now. But, if you watch our videos, you are probably gonna know
right now that Emily cheated on one of our slime challenges, and she made my slime
look horrible. So now, I’m gonna
get some revenge, and make her cake look horrible. Because I was– I want to do cake because, well,
if it was slime, then she would probably
know already. So I’m gonna do cake,
and our Mom helped me with this, or our Mom is gonna
help me with this. So… And now, I have to go and get
a few “special” ingredients for Emily’s cake. Hi guys! It’s me, Emily! And Evelyn. From TwoSistersToyStyle, and since it’s our birthday
nex month,>>and we’re really excited.
>>Next month! And also, since people normally
have cake on their birthday,>>Yeah, it’s the best.
>>we are going to– Yeah, really. And it get super good. We are going to be doing
a cake decorating challenge. Blindfolded. Because it’s just too easy
to frost the cake, and put the decorations on, we are gonna be doing
it blindfolded! So it’s gonna be so much harder, and we have no idea how
these cakes are gonna turn out, because we can’t see. I think yours is gonna be better. Well, you actually did a lot better
job on the last cake decorating thing, when we have the twin telepathy. But you had some practice. Yeah, because I put
a smiley face on my cake. Because you know, I’m not
serious when it comes to cakes. But this, I have to actually
try to be serious because I want
my cake to look the best. So you guys have to
comment down below whose cake is gonna
turn out better, and I hope that I can
actually frost it, at least. So anyway, don’t
forget to subscribe, and hit the notification button
to be a part of our>>E-Squad!
>>E-Squad! And let’s start by
putting the blindfolds on. Because that’s the whole
point of this challenge, kind of. Or is that the cake? I don’t know. Do you like our blindfolds? I think they’re super
cute and fluffy. No cheating, Emily, right? Yeah, I’m not cheating.>>My blindfold is on.
>>Okay, uh… Let’s try to frost the cakes. Okay. Oh, I don’t know
which frosting, I think I’m gonna
pick this one. I think I’m just gonna go
with this one. Do you guys see what it is,
because I don’t. Okay, I’m gonna put
it over here, because yeah… Wait, I should have
put that one here. Yeah, whatever. I’m really bad
at like frosting so… Hope this turns out good. Yay, I think I hit some frosting. I’m just gonna, like… Me frosting a cake, because, I don’t know. I’m not even that good at it, when I’m not blindfolded, so… Let’s see how this goes. Emily, did you find your frosting? I can’t find anything. Yeah, I found my frosting, but uh…>>I think–
>>What was that? I think that I’m just gonna
stop frosting right now, because I’m gonna help
make this cake look better. Yeah, um… Ooh, these… This feels good. Whatever they are,
they’re going on my cake. Oops! One something
just [inaudible]. Evelyn, why are you here? Are you in my cake? No, I’m just trying to find things. I mean, I can’t see. I can’t see either. What’s this? What? This feels like coconut flakes. I guess I’ll put that
in my cake too. I think I just spilled something. Ooh… I think this might be the sprinkles. I’m gonna open that. Here. What’s this? Is this sprinkles? Why is it not making any noise? Don’t they like fall or something? Okay then… Let me see. I kinda have a suspicion
if you’re cheating. Well, I think that you’re cheating. No, I’m not. What? Emily, I’m still frosting,
are you taking all the good candy? I don’t know,
I can’t see what I’m picking. Oh, what’s this? I wonder what’s the
last thing that I added. [inaudible] pretzel inaudible]
but [inaudible]. Whatever that was. I’m just gonna arrange all these. Okay, um… Let’s see. [inaudible] like nothing here. [inaudible] , that stuff. What’s this? Okay. Is this sprinkles? Uh, what did I just
pour in my cake? Don’t ask me,
I can’t see. Maybe I should add
more sprinkles. Sprinkles are always the best. Add some of these. Evelyn, are you walking around? What are you doing? No, I’m not. I’m just kind of
fidgety today. Huh? [inaudible] this around. What’s with the sticky stuff? You’re cheating, Evelyn! I know you are. No, I’m not. You [inaudible] blindfold. Then, I’m gonna add something. Oh, maybe this. Evelyn, I think I’m almost done. Are you done? No, I don’t think
I’m gonna be done. [inaudible]. I think it’s gonna take
me a little bit longer. Took me forever to frost my cake. Are you eating? I really think that you’re cheating. No, I’m not. I’m almost ready, Emily! Okay, Emily,
I think I’m ready. I worked so hard on this, I really hope that it looks good. Okay, 1, 2, 3, Go!>>Mine looks so good!
>>Ew! What the– You cheated!>>I know.
>>Why is there bug– Ew! Ew. You put bugs on my cake! Nope, you did it
all by yourself. You put all those things on,
except this red gooey stuff. That was this. It’s actually sour,
you want to try? No. My cake looks like a
garbage can attacked by roaches. Cayenne pepper? Do you know how
spicy this thing is? Yes. You like spicy. Not on my cake. Evelyn, did you put
Beanboozled on my cake too? I mean, yeah. It’s kind of obvious now. Guys, this thing has legs. This worm is eating a candy. It has legs. My cake looks so beautiful! How did you manage
to make that cake? Pretty sure that you didn’t. I got a little bit of help. Mommy, you helped her? Yes. I helped you too,
with the slime. Yeah, but I didn’t get a cake. Well, you guys can
share one cake, it’s not like you’re
going to eat two. Thanks? So guys, comment
down below which cake you would rather eat. I mean, it’s kinda obvious, maybe some people
want a cricket cake. Worm, cricket, spicy… Sugary, dry oatmeal cake. Yeah. And some people might just
want the really good looking cake, that probably doesn’t
have bugs in it. But yeah, I would
obviously rather pick that one, because these bugs are just.. I don’t wanna eat those. So anyway, Thanks for watching! See you next time. Please subscribe, and>>Bye!
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