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49 thoughts on “Every way to COOK A STEAK! (25 Methods) | GugaFoods

  1. Wife: “Honeyyy, did you get dinner on your way to work”

    Husband: “Yea I got steak”

    Wife: “Oh cool, where’d you get it”

    Husband: “I went to the market”

    Wife: “Wait, it’s already cooked… how’d you…”

    Husband: “haha that’s the funny part”

  2. You have problem with your test? Take you flamethrower you have a problem with your family? Take your flamethrower

    Guga: "it's still edible"

  3. Thumbs up.. wait i mean THUMBS UP!!!! i did not waste a second watching how i should cook my steak.. you guys forgot the hood steak.. 110 degree outside, throw your steak on your car hood lol..

  4. Hey Guga! I've noticed how great your knives are in all of your videos, I would like to buy some for myself, do you know where I could purchase some? Thanks! Amanda ps: the whole family loves your channel! Thanks for all the great videos!

  5. Catch a fever and slow cook the steak under your armpit for 20 minutes, then reverse sear it on your forehead for 6-8 minutes on both side. If it doesn't work, add some butter and use the blowtorch.

  6. I started to watch this but I have already watched most of it, and I clicked on it but I forgot I already watched most of it, so it showed one method and Guga said “There you have it, every way to cook a steak.”

  7. Does putting a char on your steaks with that fancy blowtorch not make it taste like gas? I assume is doesnt if you like it. Just curious.

  8. you forgot one way bud… the nuclear blast cooking! take sunglasses and a good steak put it on a rock in front of a detonating nuke and you should have a great crunchy steak with flavors of unstable elements! and the best of this way is that you steak will vape green!

  9. Hello Guga. Can you please try again the wine experiment ? But please use good quality dry white wine instead of red wine ? I have myself some good experience using slow cock and white dry wine for meat hidratation.

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