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3 thoughts on “EWTN Live – 2019-06-06 – 06/05/19 Bishop Robert J. Baker, S.t.d.

  1. A marriage proposal before the Blessed Sacrament!…. BEAUTIFUL.
    Looking forward to watching the Eucharistic Congress on EWTN.
    Thank you Bishop Baker and Fr Mitch.

  2. 'What aren't we doing ..?' Well, your grace, like most of your fellow bishops and priests you aren't doing what the Fathers at the Second Vatican Council actually called for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GiMNzdZPxE You aren't living in the Timeless truths of the abiding faith, with hope, and best of all in charity. You present and represent Rupture not Unity, and you dare to call this messy divorce merely a meeting of new challenges in new ways for new times in a New Order. There is no New Jesus Christ, no new Bride with Whom He is One, there is no new faith, no new gospel, no new challenge .. only the same Way, Truth and Life with the struggle to take up the cross and follow the Pioneer of our faith; even if you and your brethren were angels the Faithful and unfaithful alike are required to tell you: Get thee behind me, Satan; away with all your blandishments and temptations, confusions and deceits.

    Latin (Greek and Aramaic) is still the official language of the Church. Moreover, you – and all your parish priests – are still duty bound to ensure that Catholics are able to recognise, understand, and join in public forms suitable to local use (e.g. where an imperial language, English etc, is not the sole or most common tongue). So, if your colleagues cannot be trusted in doing such simple little things .. required by the Second Vatican Council .. how can they be trusted in the greater? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGmuv1TByaI

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