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Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today due to popular demand we’re going to be debunking a few more
fake baking videos. If you’re new to this series then it is a bit like the fake
news of the baking world … making up recipes that don’t work or can’t work
just to make a viral video 💰 We’re also going to be looking at
something today which is perhaps a lot more important which is what if kids
follow these hacks or baking recipes and something goes wrong and they get hurt,
who’s responsible for that? One of my subscribers sent me a shocking story
about a teenager, she’s 14 years old with her 12 year old friend who were
following a baking hack. They were real fans of Ms Yeah’s Channel, they tried
to replicate one of her videos where she makes popcorn and it all went horribly
wrong. The fourteen-year-old received burns to 96% of her body and died two
weeks later in hospital which is just awful and the 12 year old girl is still
requiring treatment for her burns. Well Ms Yeah responded in a public statement
on her Weibo page saying that these are the darkest days of her life. She has
been publicly labeled a murderer and she has seriously asked herself ‘am I a
murderer did I cause her death’? She goes on to say that if they followed her
video and did it exactly as she did there would have been no danger and she
points out there are lots of other videos online that show a similar method.
So let’s just stop there and look at what actually happened in this situation.
Ms Yeah in her video uses a soda can and a tea stand with an alcohol lamp
underneath it to make popcorn. I’m sure you’ve seen similar videos to this
before. The police photo shows that the girls didn’t use an alcohol lamp they in
fact used two cans and there are hundreds of videos showing how to use
two cans to make popcorn. The main difference is those ones all use a candle
underneath. In this situation the girls decided to use alcohol for the heat
source and you can see in a lot of Ms Yeah’s other videos she uses alcohol
for the heat source as well so they could have got the idea from there or
they could have got the idea from somewhere else there are other videos
showing making your own alcohol burner for popping popcorn or for any other use.
So it’s impossible to say with certainty where these girls got the idea of using
the alcohol burner in the can it could have been from ms yeah’s video it could
have been from one of hundreds of other videos online. The danger came in where
the flame wasn’t big enough so they added more alcohol to the already lit
burner and the alcohol that you’re pouring in the flame can just follow
that back up to the bottle which is what happened and then caused the bottle of
alcohol to explode which then puts flaming alcohol and soaks everything in
sight. Now i remember when i did the bombe alaska video I gave that exact warning …
don’t pour alcohol from the bottle or the flame can follow it up and cause the
bottle to explode. The reason I warned of that is this has happened before … it’s
happened when chefs have poured stuff at the table and then the bottles have
exploded causing burns to all the people at the table. So it is dangerous and just
heed that warning. Ms Yeah went on to say in her statement that her videos are
just meant to be entertainment for adults they are not meant to be
instructional videos for children and although she believes that the accident
was not based on the imitation of her video this tragic accident does make her
deeply reflect on her own goals. She says the Internet is not an adult
internet a large number of children consume it as an important information
source and she says I did not provide a good example I’m sorry I let everyone
down. She plans to add more safety warnings in the future and will pay for
the family’s medical bells as neither of the girls families can afford
those medical bills but obviously that’s not going to bring the
fourteen-year-old child back or repair what’s happened to the twelve-year-old. I
do think that in this particular case that she is being unfairly burdened with
blame and responsibility on this. If the girls did follow exactly what she did in
her video there wouldn’t have been this tragic accident, however I think she’s
made some good points there of kids are watching this content even if it’s been
made for adult entertainment and not with kids in mind, kids are still
watching and they’re absorbing like sponges and taking this into their brain
as this is the way things work and things work this way … I can replicate
that and do that at home. So that brings me to the question: what if they did
it exactly like it’s in the video and got harmed whose responsibility would
that be? So in the example like of the bleached strawberries that we showed in
the previous video is that the responsibility of the content creator
who put that up if a kid eats a blecch strawberry and gets sick or is it the
responsibility of YouTube? I know several of my subscribers have raised this
particular video as an issue and the response every time has been: “It doesn’t
violate any of our policies if you don’t like it don’t watch it” is basically
the response they were given. I also have asked about that particular video with
my contacts at YouTube and got the same response … it doesn’t violate any of our
policies at all it can stay monetized and it can stay on the platform … which I
was quite surprised about because I think that it could cause harm. So is the
platform at fault if someone gets hurt? I’ve got another couple of examples for
you today you guys have been just sending this one video to me again and
again wanting to know 1.) is it possible? and 2.) is it dangerous? That’s the two
questions I keep getting on this one video. So let’s dive in and check
and see how it goes. First is it even possible? So if I put a werther’s caramel
on a fry pan on high heat after about 20 seconds it starts to melt and then it
starts to burn and give off a putrid smoke 🤢That’s gonna take a while to clean
the pan. Attempt number two at medium heat after waiting one minute it looks like
this and at two minutes it’s still not completely melted but again it’s
starting to burn and we’ve got to clean the pan again. Attempt number three I’ve
got this over very low heat and after a long wait ten minutes to be exact to
melt one candy it was looking like it might start to burn so I quickly plunged
the pan into cold water to cool it and once it was cold I couldn’t get it off
the pan. Now to be fair I wasn’t using a nonstick pan and it looks like they were
so that might solve that problem but even so that is not the way to make
candy tuiles, it is a very ineffective time-wasting way and you’re likely to
burn the candy. If you want to make candy tuiles just super quickly put them into a
food processor and blitz them up or if you don’t have a food processor put them
into a bag and bash it with a rolling pin – until you’ve got a powder. Then just put
a small spoonful of that onto some baking paper and bake it in the oven
just keep an eye on it we’re gonna take a couple of minutes for that to melt
because you’ve got quite a fine layer there. Pull it out leave them to cool
completely and then you can just peel them off the non-stick baking paper and
you’ve got these cute little candy tuiles you can make them finer or thicker
depending how much of that powder you put on to your baking paper. Next thing
they do in the video is they pour melted Werther’s over a single beater that is
spinning! The question I keep getting from everyone is is that safe or is that
going to burn you and splatter caramel on you. I think that’s a very good
question yes I think it’s gonna splatter caramel whether it’s gonna burn or not I
actually wasn’t sure because that’s like will the caramel have cooled down enough
by the time it’s been dripped down and flicked out to not burn you or is it
still gonna be hot? So we’re gonna have to do some experiments to figure out
whether this one’s actually dangerous or just messy. To test it out I’ve put my beaters
inside a box and then I’ve cut a hole in the top so that I can put the melted
caramel in the top just like they did and then all along the front here I have
plastic food wrap so that we can see if the caramel burns through it or not.
Plastic food wrap is surprisingly heat resistant … if I take some over a bowl and
pour on boiling water which as you know would burn your skin the plastic food
wrap doesn’t melt, it’s made to be heat-resistant. Good quality plastic wrap
has a melting point of between 120 and 140 C or 250 to 290 F. So well into the
zone where you’re going to burn your skin before you start to melt the
plastic wrap. Now in comparison crack hard candy is 148 C or 300 degrees F so
much hotter than the plastic wrap but as I said my question is is it going to be
cooled down by the time it’s flung through the air so is it really gonna
still be that hot? Obviously it’s that hot in the pan but what about once it’s
flung off the beaches? I’m filming this in slow motion so you can see what’s
happening with the caramel WOW! that’s a big splatter of hot caramel that would
have gone all over you if the plastic wasn’t there. I don’t know if you can see
from this angle but it’s made a hole in the plastic wrap the whole way down and
this caramel fused and melted into that plastic so I guess that answers the
question of yes that caramel is still hot 🔥 Let me film that a second time for
you, again this is in 180 frames a second so it’s much slower
than in real life and that went right through. Imagine that hot caramel stuck
to your skin we’re talking some serious burns here! Anyone who’s been burnt by
hot caramel will know why I say it’s lava hot it’s hotter than hot water
every time we’re using it. So I want to know there’s a poll on this video let me know … I
want to know your thoughts is YouTube the platform or Facebook the platform
responsible for allowing these videos to be on their platform if someone gets
hurt doing this? Or is it the content creators fault or is it purely in the
viewers or the parents if they’re children responsibility to actually do
their own research before they follow these recipes. Most people I know since
I’ve been making these say ‘why would anyone make fake baking videos?’ just this
whole confusion this whole concept that anyone would do that but it’s all about
getting views it’s all about virality it’s all about getting paid it’s all
about money 🤑 and that’s why people are doing it they’re making fake stuff
because that’s more shareable it’s more interesting than real stuff because
we’ve all seen how to make apple pie 100 different ways and there’s not
much more new to do with that so they’ve turned to faking it to get more clicks
and more views. It’s an interesting world that we live in. If you do get burnt by
hot caramel 5-minute crafts comes into play with this video telling us
what to do… apparently you just put some toothpaste
on it and that will soothe the hot burn! Colgate has actually put a whole page on
their website dedicated to why you should not put toothpaste on burns!
They say the ingredients in toothpaste are not soothing, it contains abrasives
and detergents which work well for cleaning your teeth but not for easing
the pain of a burn. The American Academy of Dermatology which is skin doctors
basically also advises not to put toothpaste on burns because it can lead
to infections. In case you don’t actually know what you should do if you have a
burn or a friend has a burn if it’s a minor burn run it under cool running
water it doesn’t need to be ice or see cold water that can do more damage
to the skin just cool water running from the tap just over it and keep it there
for quite a few minutes up to 20 minutes is recommended. Now obviously if you have
a larger area or a deeper burn run the cooler water and then immediately call
an ambulance and follow their instructions they’ll tell you what to do
over the phone. So that’s been quite a serious video, apologies for that today
but it is a serious topic and I think that it would be interesting to know
what you think about responsibility and blame where that should land. I’m
fascinated to wait and see the results of that poll and see what you think. To
watch more of my debunking videos click here. To watch some recipes that actually
work click here. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and
desserts, if you want more debunking videos let me know and tweet me the
videos you want me to review. With thanks to my patrons who sponsor me every week
and make video is still possible on this channel 💝. Make it a great week and I’ll
see you on Friday.

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100 thoughts on “Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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  2. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own actions.
    If you decide to try it? – that was your choice. no one made you do it. you are responsible for the outcome.

  3. I'd say both the creators and the platforms. Most creators just use the "it's for entertainment purposes" excuse because they know it's dangerous but don't care, they care more about money and views. And the platforms should pay more attention to what they allow instead of just blindly accepting anything. I'd say the parents are responsible too if it's younger children, maybe under 8, watching cuz they should be paying more attention, but if they're over 8, the parents can't protect or control them as much, especially teens. They can just go to the park and do it unsupervised, or do it at a friends house, or just do it while the parent is at work or asleep. If a kid wants to do it, they'll find a way, and parents can't watch the kid 24/7 unfortunately.

  4. 11:43 Maybe if you don't live in America that is a viable option, but here it will cost you thousands for just an ambulance ride.

  5. Both. I feel like it’s mostly on the content creator. but if the platform has been notified and still keep the video up then it is also on them.

  6. i'm always for personal responsibility first and foremost. children do not have the brain development or life experience to know what's safe and smart in every situation. thus the responsibility is on the parents in these situations. however, these videos as far as i know have zero disclaimers about 1. safety 2. effectiveness 3. honesty (for example, they could maybe claim its parody or fake on purpose but they don't) and lastly 4. age restriction. it's obvious they only care about views like you said. so i'd say the content creators are the most at fault and also youtube since they have been made aware of the situation and still choose to do nothing

  7. 5 minutes craft is a scam. They are growing their channels in different languages and have million views. They are just on youtube for making money in organizing way.

  8. Its all common sense. Hot candy and fast beaters equals burns. Parents need to monitor their children and what they are watching. Yes, content creators need to add a warning or disclaimer to videos like the bleach strawberries and the platform should reinforce this

  9. YouTube is responsible if someone is harmed by videos available on their platform if they’ve been made aware that the video contains harmful material that could lead to injury or death. If you can give proof that YouTube was made aware of the videos harmful content and that their inaction led to the injury or death of somebody then you could have a major lawsuit on your hands and finally get them to wake up to this crap

  10. You know you can actually integrate polls into the video and have them pop up showing real time info about them. Ant's Canada (Mikey Busto I think) does a really great job integrating polls if you are looking for an example. He is actually in the Philippines so it might be cool to see a colab between you two where you bake a cake for one of his ant colony's and send it to him to give to them. I think you could create a wonderful cake that is covered in candy ants! It would be a great cross over and I bet you both have very few viewers in common but a decent video could change that.

  11. This video is great honestly love watching these debunk vids and to be honest it’s pathetic that YT and FB don’t take responsibility for the videos uploaded yes the content creator should be held responsible to some degree however FB and YT should ultimately be responsible as its their platform that is bring used to upload however she is right it’s all about the money and it’s pathetic

  12. This is not the youtuber's fault at all. It's the dumb ass kid who wanted to try it. She should not be ashamed at all.

  13. I always feel sceptical about that Chinese youtube star who makes food by using that kinda weird stuffs (truly sorry, didn't mean to be racist or such) and also 5min craft. It's like something that hard to get with a simple and logical mind

  14. I think fake DIY videos should be demonitized, as the titles are "false advertising" in that they are not actually DIY videos. I have no idea how YT would test every single video out there to see if it is fake or not, though. That's huge.

  15. It's beyond unfair to blame a single person for these things. The content creator should be mindful of potential dangers should their tutorial be done wrong or under different circumstances. The platform should better monitor what's going on on their site. Personally, I think the most blame lies with the consumer, assuming they're an adult, or their parents. No one person is at fault, and no one person is innoccent.

  16. All those people who said don't call an ambulance it depends on the severity of the injury. If you're badly burned an ambulance treats you right away and you get into the emergency room right away. I know this from personal experience with a third degree burn from moving a pan off an electric burner with loose clothing on.
    Kathy B.

  17. Honestly, ma'am? I have to say yes to all of the above. Yes, Youtube, Facebook, whatever media platform shares their own piece of responsibility by allowing something "obviously" dangerous to be left around, yesm the content creators are at fault for doing it in the first place, and yes [albeit, this one has some leeway give or take. We want to keep our kids safe and sound but we also can't watch them 24/7. They can very easily pick up on stuff like 5-minute crafts from school or from friends] parents should indeed do at least some research on stuff like this before their kids go in on trying them. At the very least, they should be there to supervise and make sure nothing goes wrong.

    That's just my two cents on the subject.

  18. not that it makes it any safer but their caramel was probably cooled down a while before pouring it over the mixer. Still i would not want to try it out to see if i'm right.

  19. It is not the content creators issue it is a parent issue. Parents should always be aware of what their children are doing and make sure they are not doing anything dangerous.

  20. I say that if the person had correct and safe instructions, I don't think it's ENTIRELY their fault.
    Of course though, depending on the danger and legality of it, they should have a warning for viewers to be cautious when doing this, and or have a parental advisory warning.

    Also, if you're dumb enough to not know whether you should have a "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" warning on a video, you probably shouldn't be making those videos in the first place, just saying.

  21. I dont know if you can stop uneducated people of any age from killing/hurting themselves. Is it really fair to blame one person or a company for anyone who is copying something else thats not smart? Interesting question. I mean technically youtube is for 13 and up. =/ still a very young impressionable age, but maybe there should be stricter controls on who can use yt. Kids seem to just be a problem topic in general on here.

  22. The responsibility doesn't lie with the creator or the platform really. It's the parent's. They need to actually you know, supervise their kids and make sure they can't get ahold of things they shouldn't have. If it's an adult then it's on them.

  23. It is not Mrs. Yeah’s fault, it’s young girls who played with fire, who’s parents didn’t monitor them like they should have if the girl were playing with FIRE. The fault lies with their parents who don’t supervise them when the girls are using dangerous things.

  24. It's the video that puts the idea into the heads of kids but they don't investigate or read for further understanding. Therefore, the kids are too immature to stay alone. It reads right on the alcohol bottle to keep away from heat and open flames. No crap. Then watch more videos on alcohol and heat and see things go boom, …or pop that popcorn anyway you see fit and end up with burns. I blame the parents and the kids both for irisponsibility.

  25. mrs. yeah def isnt responsible for the misunderstand of kids. unfortunate set of events. i can understand her feeling of responsibility of it but she def shouldnt feel like a murderer

  26. I think it's definitely the viewers responsibility to their own actions… also the parents responsibility. It seems like common sense to me that all of these activities are botched… i don't think it's fair to hold creators or you tube responsible just because some kid one the Darwin award.

  27. also after the mrs yeah part the rest of this video is just about an overworried mother than wants someone to be accountable for their dumb ass kids making dumb ass descisions.

  28. Thank you for making this video. I believe everyone shares in the responsibility. Parents should be aware and teach their kids to question everything the see on the internet. Do not take anything on the internet at face value. Kids need to be taught to go to trusted adults to ask if a particular item on the internet is real and the parent should help them learn the truth from the fiction. The people posting on the internet also have a responsibility to their audience to state up front when a video is meant as entertainment or instructional. If the entertainment video should not be attempted by minors then it should be banned from minors ability to view it. Platforms who show videos for entertainment as well as instructional should also be up front about differentiating between the two.
    Yes I went off on a tangent but it seems simple to me. We as adults need to think about the consequences of our actions in how it may affect our children.

  29. Personally I see it as the viewers/viewer's parents' fault if someone gets harmed trying to replicate something they say on YouTube/Facebook

  30. Why weren’t the parents supervising those girls? Or if they were, why did they let them do that? Letting kids around burning alcohol doesn’t seem smart at all

  31. I feel rlly bad for ms yeah. everyone’s kinda shitting on her rn and calling her a murderer and shit but it’s really unfair to blame her so heavily for all of this. sure it was her video, but it wasn’t necessarily her fault

  32. I remember the internet being talked about as a place to share knowledge; whole libraries of data and research, art and history. I never thought I would see it used to spread more stupidity than knowledge. Let me rephrase that. I never thought that stupidity would be more viewed than knowledge and accepted as knowledge.

  33. I am curious, would the beater experiment gone any differently if you had put the beaters in the freezer for a while beforehand?

  34. The first one is tragic but I do think the girls are at fault, not necessarily the video.
    1. No parental supervision.
    2. Not following the video instructions
    3. experimenting with alcohol
    4. Tried a DIY alcohol lamp (which I suppose should work but anything with alcohol and fire shouldn’t be done without supervision)
    And I’m sure there’s more.

    I know it is tragic don’t get me wrong but I don’t think that crafts lady deserves the hate, guilt, and accusations since (from what it looks like) the “hack” can work, these girls just made some grave mistakes messing with the video instructions

  35. Your just jealous that you want to be a good cooker your food are dangerous and yucky stop comparing to others

  36. You didn't replicate the experiment and still criticized it. Don't get me wrong, I also think the caramel candy thing in the pan is pure bullshit, but by not replicating the experiment 100% of the way through you discredit your results. We have literally no way to know if the non-stick pan version would have worked because you didn't use it, all we have is your word on it and an alternate oven take that only sounds more plausible to people who already have cooked with sugar and are in the know. Useless to ignorants. End of the argument.
    Second experiment is top notch though. You DO know how to science properly. Do it all the time with the same amount of scrupules. The critic must be perfect, otherwise the opposition will rightfully discard the argument. Noam Chomsky's wise aphorism.
    Much love, you're a force of good, sorry for the curmudgeoning.

  37. Your melted caramel experiment was just as misleading as the videos you condemn. You poured a thick stream of caramel onto the mixer blades instead of using a strainer spoon to thin the drizzles. Of course it wont dry and cool down like that you dummy.

  38. with all due respect, it's basically natural selection. it has to work somehow. years ago it worked through dangerous animals, disease, famine, etc, now it works through cooking channels.

  39. YouTube is not meant for children and it is the parents job to make sure your child doesn't do dumb stuff. Like not trying to be mean, but at 14 and 12 they should know better. Point blank. Plus the bottle of alcohol gives your warning labels on it.

  40. I think it's the content creators fault cuz they are lying, they are showing fake results but as you said, it all translates to money…

  41. I believe when youtube doesn’t delete those videos it is totally normal and okay, if censor begins it never stops. Of course i am not talking about abusive and super dangerous contents i am talking about this kind of contents. It is our responsibility to keep our children away from this dangers and teach them the difference between internet world and reality.

  42. Unpopular opinion but I think the parents are at fault the most here.
    Please comment if you disagree I'm interested in other opinions about this
    Don't leave your child unsupervised on the internet. There are so many disturbing and far more dangerous things to be found on YouTube alone. Just imagine they stumble from baking videos to chemistry videos, maybe via "food scientist" or "edible Chem". Caramel burns are harmless in comparison to the things that could happen.
    You can find instructions to make bombs, drugs, how to fight and use weapons..
    Parents really need to supervise what their children are watching and doing.
    Sure, if the channel is geared towards children, a huge part of the blame goes to the creator and YouTube. But in my opinion it's equally divided between the parents, the platform and the producer.
    If the channel caters to grown ups and children follow the instructions wrong or something like that, I don't think the creator is at fault at all, provided the instructions were correct. Then it's just on the parents.

  43. So you went from Medium heat to very low heat, kind of a jump there, then you let the candy cool totally before trying to remove it from the pan, might be the problem along with the non stick pan. I don't see any reason that particular method of making Tweels should be a problem, it doesn't look dangerous.

  44. The creator of the video must give all the corresponding warnings; the parents must supervise what their children watch and do and make a sensible decision of how appropriate it is for their children's ages; and the viewer who attempts to replicate the video must follow all instructions to the detail but still be on the watch for what could represent a danger, I mean, at 12 and 14 you should be aware that the manipulation of fire mustn't be taken lighly and that alcohol is highly flammable! 😐

  45. I think you don't have to pour the caramel at it's hottest, i'd say if you let it cool just a bit, not solid but not 'melting point' hot, and do it over a deep sink or something it might work out allright. I don't like that you are just pushing the 'youtube platform algorithm' being at fault in many of your vids. That seems targeted and has nothing to do with baking. You're no different, your looking to create content and I am not so sure your motives are absolutely pure, considering you are also looking for monetary compensation via links in the description.

  46. To the strawberry-bleach-thing: who on earth would EAT something you can't touch with bare hands?
    And since video editing, why would anyone believe, that every video of this "lifehack" thing is real?

    oh and for this caramel over mixer-thing: i did this in my confectioner education. successful, without burnings and putting everything under caramel. this is a thing of practice and a bit of the recipe. and you did it in another way, who will definitely splash the caramel around.

  47. Everyone is responsible
    The creator should put disclaimers and warning
    The platform should enforce that
    And the parents should really keep an eye on their children playing with fire

  48. Well, to be honest I think that neither YouTube or content creator is responsible for the child's death. I think that in almost all situations, including this particular one, only parents are responsible for the children's safety. No one of the adults were looking after those children, and no one kept those dangerous things like alcohol lamp, alcohol and lighter in places that children couldn't reach. Even though on the packaging clearly written KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. I think that parents of those poor children just don't want to take responsibility on themselves and find another culpable person. Keep in mind that YouTube is not a platform for children in any way. And so content creators don't have to think twice before uploading videos if this content could cause bad influence on children.

  49. I got a small drop of hot caramel on my arm while adding it to a batter. It hurt so bad for a tiny drop and left a huge blister in its way, with a scar as leftover. Tasty tho.

  50. maybe an unpopular opinion, but i think the responsibility is on the parents and kids. the parents are supposed to be the ones raising them after all, and even if they can't watch their kid 24/7 you can teach your kid to be more aware of dangerous things.

    i mean yeah put some warnings in the video, but it's unfair to everyone to expect them to cater to someone's kid. it'd be like telling everyone not to eat peanut butter just because one kid can't eat it.

    i just like having a censor free internet ya know?

  51. I’m so happy I found your channel because some of the Thats so yummy videos and 5-minute crafts videos I was actually gonna try and I could’ve really hurt myself.

  52. Hinestly I personally think the creator has the main blame to take as they introduce the idea to potentially suseptible people who might not be aware of the dangers. But youtube os to blame aswell if they do not take down a video after it has been reported to them as dangerous content.

  53. Facebook and Youtube are both 100% responsible for allowing extremely dangerous content on their platform like this someone can and will die from one of those videos and it will be both youtube and the content creators fault.

  54. Or.. And hear me out here… You could save up for a popcorn machine. A cheaper alternative would be microwaveable popcorn. Both cost a bit of money but are a bargin compared to hospital bills or a funeral's cost. Get your culinary on, just be safe about it. Hard to learn more about cooking when youve blinded yourself with molten sugar.

  55. I've been watching your videos for about 5-6 years. The millions of views were well deserved for your creativity, hard work, originality and yummy looking cakes. It was sad that these video factories were ruining channels like yours. The fact that you are, again, getting millions of views by exposing them and proving them wrong in a truthfull and honest way is karma at its finest. You're an amazing, amazing content creator! ♥️

  56. I saw a blossom video on kitchen hacks / storage solutions 😱 I know it’s not cooking but I’d love to see more videos like that! (Are they real ? Do they work??)

  57. Thank u so much for putting out these videos. Just today I saw that kalen reacts who was promoted by the ellen show had a joint video with so yummy. It's only going to give them more credidentials to do this kind of things.

  58. They all hold some blame in my mind. If a child's injured or killed due to following a dangerous video, they've been failed at least three times: by the creator, the platform, and their caregivers. For older teens, some of that blame also has to fall on them, but not that much. If they're not being taught properly, they will learn the hard way, and sometimes that can be fatal. It's such a preventable tragedy that makes my heart ache all the more. Parents need to educate themselves as well. Older parents who didn't grow up with the internet need to realize just how much it's part of their kids' lives, even in the way they process information. Keep an eye on your kids, but also give them the tools they need to navigate those choppy waters when you're not around.

  59. I don't think the people that make these videos should be punished for any individual case of someone getting hurt. We shouldn't have to wait for that to happen. They should face repercussions for spreading dangerous misinformation.

  60. Found you through YouTube suggestions. You are incredible at captivating an audience and your content is arguably some of the most important on YouTube right now.

    I can’t believe YouTube isn’t shutting down these channels, and worse than that I can’t believe the people behind these channels are fine with spreading blatant, DANGEROUS misinformation for a quick buck. They could be making good content with the same outcome. How horrid. Thank you for debunking them.

  61. I think YouTube should monitor more, but also parents should be more aware of what their kids are watching and tell them with videos like that, that they can try it together, but not on their own. People are so quick to blame the internet but who is responsible for the kids in the end?

  62. Have not burnt myself on caramel but I work in a food van making fairy floss. I was cleaning it one day and instinctively went to catch something that was falling off my cloth. Unfortunately it was melted sugar. Hand went straight under the water but it had already blistered. Man it hurt

  63. I believe that the responsibility cannot be carried by a single party. Both the platform and the content creator should both bear it, with the later being more important. But when platforms are creating guidelines to 'protect' viewers from.such things as nudity, there should be a much stronger ban on such dangerous content. And if minors are involved, of course parents and guardians should bear some of the responsibility as well, as that is our job!

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