Featured Ingredient: Butter of Europe with Chef David Skinner
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Featured Ingredient: Butter of Europe with Chef David Skinner

I start with fresh juiced corn and add
to it Butter from Europe. I find that the higher butter fat content really helps
with this dish. This butter sauce is truly unctuous. It’s got a wonderful
mouthfeel. When we sous vide the shrimp we use French butter. I find that flavor itself is the best and it really brings out the sweetness
of the shrimp itself. I will plate this dish with three or four
spoonfuls of the corn butter, the little puff of fried corn silk, and then a
little tiny bouquet of micro celery right in the center. So at the restaurant
all we ever serve our guests are Butter from Europe. We enjoy some really
fabulous butters from France. The fun for us is actually finding new and
interesting butters that we can use to showcase what really good butter should
be. This is my numbers cake. It’s six, five, four, three, two, one:
six ounces of cream cheese, five cups of powdered sugar, four small eggs, three
cups of yellow cake flour, two teaspoons of vanilla, and one cup of melted French
butter. This cake is very butter forward and it’s super easy to make.
I started cooking French at a very young age and so I grew up with butter. It’s
hard to beat really good high butter fat Butter from Europe.

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