Field Trip To Bob Baker Marionette Theater
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Field Trip To Bob Baker Marionette Theater

I am Sam Patterson and welcome to My Paperless Classroom and our field trip. Hello Hello Hello and Welcome to the Bob Baker Marionette theatre. Are you guys ready for a puppet show? “YES!” You guys can be WAY louder than that, are you ready for a puppet show? YES (way louder) Bob Baker Theater is a historic marionette theater in Los Angeles and they have been restoring and producing some of the old shows. The level of audience interaction was amazing and made this a magical visit for our kids. Check out this dancing. *music, Waltz * The choreography, the artistry, the timing, the construction of the puppets and the interaction with the kids really made this an experience that had a big impact. There was a lot energy I was able to carry back into our class. Afterwards, there is a social time where they give the kids ice cream and there is even more interaction with the puppets. This was really amazing because the kids chose time and again to interact with the puppets and be mystified and amazed We got a full backstage tour. We got to see the set list essentially. Which is all the puppets in the order they come out. And this is how we ended our visit. *cheering* fast forward “blablalbalbabla” fast forward We are going to fast forward to the end of the show. You guys have put on an hour long Bob Baker Spectacular You guys are so excited, everyone is cheering for you *cheering* *chhering* Countdown with me from three, because this is the most exciting part. People see this part, they know what is coming. It means you just put on the best show ever and everyone is about to have ice cream. Countdown with me guys. Three, Two, One, Jazz Hands *cheering* *Clapping* let’s give them a round of applause. Thank you Bob Baker for creating a magical visit for our kids and a great jumping off point for some lessons.

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