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100 thoughts on “Flamethrower Cooking!!

  1. Hi like your show but you have done a house tour and a office tour you should do one about your backyard I like the fake grass. It always looks good and it look real where did you get it from does it feel good under food ( Barefoot) thanks your the best hope you can help I want to stop weeding seeding and mowing

  2. Watching this is a little bit like watching NASCAR racing it's like we're just waiting for something to go wrong LoL 😂

  3. Nife:I thought where besties justine
    Justine: but…
    Fire gun:she’s mine now muahahahhahaha
    Justine:il just put a vid
    Nife:it’s okay..

  4. Fabulous video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we love to notice this amazing contents. We make Travel & Food movies as well, throughout the world, and so we are always hoping to find inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

  5. I’m so sorry iJustine I couldn’t watch cause I’m traumatized by fire I wish I could watch but I love your channel your amazing 😊

  6. Iphonedo beyciğim Türkçe olmayan her yerde gormeye basladik sizi iyice 😂 şaka şaka 😂 daha cok milyonluk sayfalarda gormek dilegiyle heleki o milyonluk sayfanin ismi iphonedo ise😎 seviliyorsun 😎 TURKEEEYYYYYY😍😍

  7. 0:02 iJustine:how are you?
    iPhonedo:I'm well how are you?
    iJustine: so we both did unboxing videos on our flame throwers on our channels

  8. Honestly, It should be called flame sprayer.. It is not throwing any flames its spraying flames 😂😂😂

  9. 8:21 Ever worry about your Not a Flamethrower catching your Not a House on Not a Fire? Try the Boring Company Not a Fire Hydrant. Only $14.99 + Not Shipping and Not Handling. Place your Not an Order now and get a second Not a Firehydrant free!

  10. aw, i expected real cooking. like something you both would actually eat (that grilled cheese actually looked fine aside from the edges)

  11. Came here from LinusTechTips been watching a few videos and not disappointed. The content is great quality and funny

    “Time to open my chicken”
    “Have you ever put out a fire with eggs?”
    “I didn’t know they fake grass and fire don’t mix”
    “I guess that is ok, it’s not like we’re gonna eat it”
    “Bye, Happy burning”


  13. A blonde girl named after an Apple product using a flamethrower to cook a hotdog is america in one picture.

  14. Them hotdogs were edible because you can get propane BBQ’s and the flame thrower ran of propane
    I have one of them flamethrowers 😂

  15. hey justine I wish I could meet you because your so cool and awesome but I can't because I have to go to school and summer is over.by the way this video is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. actually it is a flamethrower, and in California this is a misdemeanor. but hey weapons are hip as long as elon musk is involved, right? can't wait to see what happens when a disgruntled teen gets ahold of one of these not flamethrowers.

  17. İphonedo abi şuna bir Türk Mangal yapsaydında yeseydi ya kız hiç yememiştir ayrıca o sosis hiç pişmedi çiğ yenir mi o öyle , koycan mangala çıtır çıtır için seni yakar dışı beni yakar pişecek :))

  18. Person who lives next to justine:Uhm, yes? Hello, 911? Um there is 2 people with flame throwers next door.

    911:yeah, that's just Justine. We get calls reporting her often

    Person:oh- uh…. ok

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