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78 thoughts on “Flounder, XO Pippies & Caviar Waffles: Chef’s Night Out with Andrew McConnell

  1. When chefs have other chefs to their restaurants and give them these extensive special menus and drinks, is it on the house or do the diners always pay?

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. That's how older Chef's rock. Doesn't remember where is jacket is from the night before, yet remembered that the name of a alcoholic beverage he liked is his pocket.

  3. Either have more Action Bronson (fuck that's Delicious) or I'm going to unsubscribe. it's been too long, like some sort of sick jokem

  4. I spotted that bottle of Chairman's Reserve at the Cumulus Up Bar!  Great Choice of rum!  The Caribbean's finest from Saint Lucia!

  5. These Chef Night episodes are neat. I'm sure these chefs appreciate getting some time off and catching up with their mates while eating and drinking. At the same time showing the world their favorite spots around town.

  6. You know how many times I went into my restaurant kitchen , drunk as a skunk and with friends and cooked up whatever we wanted. What a joy..

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