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49 thoughts on “Forged in Fire: Top 5 Axes | The Strongest Blades in History

  1. Why didn’t you review the Axe body spray used by Vikings? We now know they were dandies who bathed often and constantly combed their hair; why neglect their most important “Axe” (the one they used to get girls)?

  2. I really wish they had a few warrior judges. These men weak and frail. They would all fall on the battlefield. Even, Keel boy.

  3. I remember there being episode where one of the gel dummies you use the kill tests on was wearing a horned helmet. I had a Middle Ages history professor tell us she would fail us if we said anything regarding Vikings wearing helmets with horns on them. A false idea in the romanticization of the Vikings, they never wore helmets like that.

  4. My daily fuel is forged in fire. I like tabar & tabar shishpar. Proud to be an Indian. Love & support from India👍

  5. Man he just skipped over everything important about viking axes and talked about the vikings instead.
    The Dane Axe revolutionised all melee combat and gave birth to polearms, the absolute strongest and latest melee weapon.
    And why it was so powerful was because it was wary light, sharp and strong, and could hook shields with the lower part of the axe head, and stab like a spear with the upper part.
    The blade of the axe was damascus with the rest being rod iron.
    Because it was so light you could use the axe as a knuckle, and a staff when in wary close combat, or fighting multiple enemies.
    The reason vikings had such an extreme impact on europe was mainly because of the revolutionising and perfected ships and axes alone.

    There was a viking that managed to cut a horse's head clean off in battle with the axe, and here it could barely cut into rips or wood.
    You would think someone as this guy knew all about the last evolutions of melee weapon types, but everyone just thinks vikings was random brutes.. when they even revolutionised equality in europe under Cnut the great, and the strongest armies in the world was scandinavians, varangians and normans, and they were all made up of viking mercenaries using dane axes.
    What he showed looked more like an axe from the scandinavian battle axe culture 3000 BC..

  6. Hey!
    I’m from Bangladesh..
    And I always watch your videos..
    I always expect better from “Forged in fire”🔥

  7. Tabar and sheesh bar were Afghan made weapons, later adopted by empror in india and middle east. as it is know from their names, Tabar and Sheensh Bar, literally means Axe and Six edges one.

  8. Don't fear the Vikings …. Fear these crazy men hacking away , in this video . They look like killers to me 🤔🤔🤔😁😁👍

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