Fried Rice | फ्राइड राइस | Chef Ranveer
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Fried Rice | फ्राइड राइस | Chef Ranveer

When it comes to food, we sometimes complicate our lives For example there are some dishes, we feel they cannot be made at home It would have to brought from take out Or relished at a restaurant Or ordered through delivery. This cannot be made at home! For example, someone has leftover rice at home So what they did was, take the rice and fry it! Tempered it. Right? Now, it’s easy to make tempered rice but difficult to make fried rice. Why is it difficult? Fried rice is tempered rice only! I’ll simplify Fried Rice for you right now It’s not difficult! So as you see left over rice
which was
in the fridge When the rice is
left in fridge,
it dries up and soaks
all the moisture Never make fried rice with fresh rice! Never! For the tempering, oil is most important. Have you seen tempering without oil? Tell me? No, right? Garlic Ginger Ratio of ginger will
be more than garlic Add some chilli
Indian taste It’s optional, if you’re making it for kids then no need to put. So add green peas, carrots and corn Baby corn Since the vegetables are little raw, so we’ll leave it for a bit Like I said, chinese food is about texture You should feel in your mouth Now is the time for Rice. Now it is important to roast the rice So don’t fill the pan or it will difficult to stir and roast Leave the pan atleast half Tossing on the hot flame is very important Cause till its not slightly roasted, it won’t have caramelised taste, nutty taste Fried rice won’t be fried rice So give it time to toss And use the thinnest pan/wok while making fried rice Or else fried rice will become Pulav And you’ll say Ranveer didn’t tell. For seasoning, salt, sugar, white pepper powder, little vinegar and soy sauce! ok? Sugar
for the caramelisation Soya Sauce White pepper
powder Little vinegar Very little salt,
soya sauce
has been added Again lot of people garnish with coriander and spring onion I prefer
spring onion. Here you go! Lets taste? It passed! If you have to make chicken and egg fried rice Then add chicken before vegetables and saute for a bit Then add the vegetables and the egg, forming a bhurji And then add the rice If you want to just do this fried rice I love just plain veg fried rice with two fried eggs on top! Add little more spring onion It’s done! Simple, easy, non-complicated fried rice. And next time, please don’t order that Rs. 200 Fried rice! It’s very simple, keep some soy sauce and some white pepper at home It will be made on its own! The fire has to do the cooking, you don’t have to do anything Just watch the recipe carefully!

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100 thoughts on “Fried Rice | फ्राइड राइस | Chef Ranveer

  1. Big fan ranverr
    Just an advice
    your voice and way of talking is really humble.
    Turn dow the volume of background
    music so that we can listen more properly

  2. Agree with you chef …fried rice is most easy rice dish…beriyani me time ,measurement …jaruri hay but is dish me nhi….leftover rice ko parosneki sabse accha tarika eahiii hay… apne meri dil ki bate boli chef….

  3. sir hum do roommate bhi asia hi karte hain….jab jo man kya ghaar pe fata fat bana latein hai….khaana bana ne main aur khanne main dono main sokhein hain……

  4. Now after going through his Wikipedia
    I'm speechless…. All my feelings now about him just admiration…. Admire you sir…. You're great. What a career you've!

  5. Bassss…aap to Yaar Rajat Kapoor Dikhai dete ho….bass aur thoda style laaye…I can help…you if you like my comment

  6. Hum fried rice bahut khaatey hai kyuki subha aashan hota hai, raat k rice be use ho jaata hai. Chef aapne ek achi recepie bata diye jo almost daily kaam aayega. Aur iss recepie se ekdum Chinese wala restaurant flavour aata hai, best fried rice ever for me

  7. A good cook tastes his food very often to meet the desired quality that's what exactly RB is doing in every show you are an amazing cook keep up your good work of sharing recipes and God bless you

  8. Wow. U have simplified it so much Ranveer. I used to make fried rice but no one told me the tip that never to use fresh rice. No wonder my rice used to get sticky. Also frying the rice was a tip which I used to never do. Thank u for all the details.

  9. Sir fist time apki ye video dekhi hai ne aur isse phle nhi dekhi thi apki koi video aur me apko janta bhi nhi hun ab jana hai apki video dekhne k baad ap bhut acche se btaye ho sab kuch thanku sir aur ap bolte bhut accha ho

  10. Hota h kya…Ni na hota h..🤣🤣 n that blushing smile so cutely😂😂 too good chef 😄 and than again… Or fir ap kahenge Ranbeer…apne bataya ni🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Aapne do bate bahut achhi batayi…
    1.Kabhi bhi taje chawal ka fried rice na banaye &
    2.Kadhayi me kabhi bhi bhunane ke liye jyada chawal na dale.
    Ye wo do bate hai jo mai pahale observe karta tha…
    Thanks for this vedio Ranveer Bhai G…

  12. Aapka ek video subah subah dekhnese dil khush ho jata hai. 😊🌈 Bas ek request hai ki pls sare ingredients ka naam lete hue recipe bataiye pls..

  13. Thanks Ranveer! You make all recipes sound so easy 😊 love your videos. A small request though- could you please reduce the background volume? Thanks again and…keep cooking !!!

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