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Gamers Reactions to the Jack Baker Breaking the Wall (Jumpscare) | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

What- how am I gonna-? J E S U S FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK?! OH…JESUS… he can walk through walls. He’s also the Juggernaut. Can I– Can I…duck this? Ha! Idiot! Look at those moves! I don’t think he realizes that I…went down here. (He was wrong.) It’s a nice little plot twi– OOOH! Too fast! OH! SWEET…TITTIES! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHAT THE FUCK?! HAHOHAHAH Oh…GOD. Ahhh, you serious?! Fuckin’ run… Time to s… Time to amscray! DAH, FUCKIN’ JESUS CHRIST! YOU SONOUVA FUCK! Lemmegolemmegolemmegolemmego! *manly battle cry* I don’t knooOOOOH MY GOD! OHOHO… You gotta be fucking joking! I KNOW YOU ARE! Where am I going?! Shit…! Really? Why can’t I run FASTER?! *Manly scream* *Literally having a stroke* Wooooah, SHIT! NO I’M NOT, NO I’M NOT! Please leave me alone! Listen, we can W O R K it out! *Swings mating call* AH! How did you see me?! *Moan* *Stroke* *Another Stroke* *S T R O K E* Not the way I wanted to start my video- *has seizure* Are you- Just go, JUST GO, J U S T G O AHHHH! JESUS! Dude! Dude, what the H E L L?! AHH! I CAN’T GET AROUND HIM! I can’t get around him – okay, he actually just helped me right there, T H A N K S B R O He cannot hear you- OHHHHHH! (That sounded wrong.) What the F U C K?! Well what the fuck do you want me to do you scary little pedophile?! He’s getting pissed off, he’s getting pissed off, he’s getting – Oh, fucking! Oh fucking shit.. F U C K I N G Now I’m not.. I’m running.. 🙂 That’s not wasting time right now.. In fact, that is the opposite.. O O F.. WHAT?! You fucking kidding me? God damn, he’s fucking ruthless.. Attacks have been so far – Are you fucking serious?! He’s fucking like.. T E R M I N A T O R motherfuckers.. Jesus Christ.. AH! FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING P H U C K What the fuck.. I don’t want to wastle my time.. *When you feel a bulge in her skirt* God fuckin- aye.. Only thing I can say – AHHHHHHHHHUHDUHE! WHY IS THAT HAPPENING?! (Just pull down your pants..) Get the fuck.. Run.. RUN! *Omar is secretly a clown, don’t tell him I told you* Oh my god.. What the fuck, man..? Oh my god, no I’m not.. Hm.. :thinking: What do I have now.. I got a – W O A H! Oh.. Hey Dad! Hi! Hey Dad! I was.. I was just gonna go over my inventory to like, think about S T R A T E G Y and shit.. But I mean, you wanna be a dick, that’s fine.. I can hear like.. HUEAHHH.. OH MY GOD OH MY F R E A K I N G GOD NOOOO! Huoo… no I’m not, no I’m not, no I’m not, N O I ‘ M N O T! Where’s the grub? He shot himself.. IN THE HEAD. In the mouth.. (giggity) I have to fight him.. right? Like I don’t have a choice? *has seizure* AHHHH HUAH AHH WHAT THE FUCK? Wow.. Noo! That’s awesome.. Noo! Holy shit.. That’s not right.. That was unexpected! That’s some Resident Evil Nemesis shit right there.. Do they expect you to go back to the safe room? I don’t know.. I don’t K N O W.. Is he running.. AHHHHH SHIT ON MY D I C C STOP! I wanna.. I wanna leave.. Ouch.. ouch.. fuck you. Fuck you dude.. Okay..

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