Garlic Naan | Tandoori Naan | Easy Garlic Flatbread | 2020 | Cooking Tips and Tricks |
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Garlic Naan | Tandoori Naan | Easy Garlic Flatbread | 2020 | Cooking Tips and Tricks |

Hello viewers! Welcome to KarabiR Ranaghor My name is Karabi Today’s recipe is Tandoori Naan Tandoori Naan can be made for Eid or any special event You don’t need to go buy it from a shop, it is very quick and easy to make at home I hope you will like it If you are new to my channel, I post lots of simple and delicious recipes here so please subscribe To make Tandoori Naan I will be using 2 cups of flour and half a cup of yogurt The yogurt will make it very soft and tasty Add as much salt as you like Then add half a teaspoon of sugar Add half a teaspoon of baking soda Then 1 teaspoon of cooking oil Mix up well Don’t add any water right away Because we already add in yogurt, we will see how much the yogurt will cover Now you can add water Make sure the water is a little warm Now I will add a little bit of water until the dough become right After 10 minutes of mixing my dough is ready Lather some cooking oil onto your hands and rub the dough Cover the surface of the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave it for 30 minutes If you want, you can leave it for 2-3 hours After 30 minutes my dough is soft and I am ready to make Tandoori Naan You can make any size of naan I’ll be making two types of tandoori naan, I have some fresh garlic and coriander I will be making garlic naan with these two mixed together I am spreading some flour to make the tandoori naan Roll the dough in the flour I’ll be taking a small amount of dough for my naan Making sure you have everything you need I have a bowl with water and a brush To make naan you need this brush and water I am making my first naan I am using my hand to flatten it out a bit I will continue to flatten it out with a rolling pan I will not my naan too thick similar to a paratha After rolling the naan I will be applying some water using this brush To make Tandoori naan you will need an iron pan Because you can’t do it with a nonstick pan The side of the naan with water will be laid on the pan first Keep it medium heat When you see bumps like these that means the bottom part it ready Now gentle flip the pan on the fire like this You need to cook this side too Be careful that the naan doesn’t burn Now the naan is ready you can take it out I will be adding a little bit of butter If you want you can eat it as it is Look how nice the bottom part looks Now I will be making a garlic Tandoori naan with fresh garlic and coriander My naan is ready No oven, no yeast Look how easy it was to make at home I hope you will make it and let me know how it turns out Please share this recipe with your friends and families Support me by like, share and subscribe I will see you again with another video In the meantime, I hope everyone takes care of themselves Thank you for watching

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  1. অনেক মজার নান বানিয়েছেন। আর তাওয়াতেই যে এতো মজার নান বানানো যায় শিখে নিলাম।

  2. Hi #KarabirRannaGhor ! Its look like delicious and must taste delicious too. Thank you for Sharing healthy food without Yeast.

  3. দেখতে অসাধারন হয়েছে তান্দুরি নানের রেসিপি।

  4. তানন্দুরি নানা রেসেপি অনেক ভালো লাগলো আপু

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    আমায় যে, দেখালে বাটার নান
    আর যদি আমি শিখেই ফেলি
    তোমাকেও শেখাবো আমার গান।

  6. Assalaikum priyo ammu kemon aso tumar nan khub valo hoyce lk o full dekhe nilam amar jonnow kicu send koro ❤❤🌹🌹💓💚🤘✌

  7. অনেক সুন্দর ভাবে সিখে নিলাম , কিন্তু আমার তো লোহার তাওয়া নাই, এখন কি হবে😭

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