Gay Couple Denied Wedding Cake By Denver Baker Jack Phillips
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Gay Couple Denied Wedding Cake By Denver Baker Jack Phillips

adtech phillips is a baker that is based
in had denver colorado and sheet was approached by a gay couple that’s
getting married in massachusetts but they’re having a reception in colorado i
have a couple is david mullins and charlie cracked and cast the speaker to
bake them a cake to celebrate the working well jack phillips refuse to do
so uh… because he doesn’t like days at let’s watch the video primer first
comment was we’re getting married and then he came to separate their
immediately not selling a cake to a gay couple was wrong but more than
a cake to jack phillips the order of the store phillips says he takes every kid person
and what make you cake for an event he doesn’t believe should even exit forty
came to that point group was founded uniform compromiser believes maybe when it comes to that recorded your cake to review the real uh… captain by complex uh… late okay no is so i’m conflicted about this one look uh… of course you should discriminate
against hello also believe that right of might be a similar d_n_a_ denial of
the american writer now they’re not technically getting married in colorado
is having a party in colorado i disagree with the their shopping
obviously but at the same time his appointment and says one dollar and albicans is a huge percentage of the country that
the groups with them in over seventy percent of republicans
agree with him it at nearly thirty percent of democrats
agree with a fourteen percent of democrats strongly agree with that
because so far we listen to all those people know you’ve got a blue live by
our rules because those people are erin shank those people are honestly and not and you can end up on what it needs to be day and these are the
people who think that you make a decision at some point in your life that
you want to be day which is ridiculous right there was a point in this country where
we thought it desegregation was ok the majority of americans were in favor of
it right but we want has that because we realize it was wrong and we have to move past discriminating
against gay people and by the way just to give you some insight on the laws in
colorado they have an anti-discrimination law
which basically states that place is a public accommodation cannot discriminate
on an individual based on their sexual orientation alert on so on your second point it’s
nearly indisputable so i’m i’m losing cyrus argument beaches that you know they in huge percentage of the he said
in favor of segregation and it’s a woman’s right small
businesses and i have the right to run anywhere like within a very because that that all the sudden blacks take on any
restaurants in the south and that’s the problem we have that’s the problem we
had to get beyond right but not on the strawberries the side of
it real i feel like they’re is some argument for
liberty that allows you to be wrong that allows you to say hey you know what
let that guy run his business in a way that that is going to hurt his
business because you know you won’t have this but would have a check for labor into
the lab dropping this is the center and he says is one of them with the
consequences gets less business us to shut it down to shut it down okay and you know we’re so positive that there they go and
i am i’m equally as positive as you are but then there are people in positive
that was a girl was an odd lot internal god’s law and they feel so bad for us to
go to product out that it cats scientific research as opposed to god’s
law i think that’s more important and i also
know that also on twenty limited democracy and i
want to respect their work the pain the problem is they’re not respecting
the rights of american citizens so the question is how do you resolve
that in my mind and so lords national chain you know whatever cutoff you want to do over fifty
employees and cetera that i think there’s no question that you’ve got the
serve everybody uh… et cetera now and in this case by the leases i will serve
gay people this is like i’ll make them any other country as i will make it for
wedding cake ezell blvd marriage and and i might be wrong about it you
guys go and beat me up on it but there’s some part of me that thinks let the guy
the wrong let me just jump in really quick uh… there’s a difference between in having the ability and the
entitlement to state your opinion and then actually putting those opinions
into action and in this case is putting those opinions uh… which basically
lead to discrimination into action so and that’s unacceptable he can do that
amin in my personal pain can’t do that and legally he can’t do that but isn’t
title to his opinion and he can you please if he wants to anne chick fil a
serves uh… yeah gay customers i mean not now because i’m sure didn’t really
go in that restaurant anymore uh… but they can’t date obviously support
anti-gay organizations they have an opinion when it comes to the gay
community but they still served uh… day customers you see what i’m
saying so there was a difference there let’s let your feelings cherry if this son you know small business
owner decided to refuse cakes the black people would you be okay with that nam tyndale libertarian street i mean if
you have any of you have any he had some fun of those christian guys like me you
know what idle servers the moslems right for
profit and i don’t care as well you know at lake or assistance anybody of any
religion the says oh you’re in a fierce you not i don’t want to your wedding i
mean it you’re not even having does not even in your wedding and so your gonna lose their humanity i wanna make your figure burkhard have
added also i will get another check like i say the u_s_ are probably right exists it bothers me my god

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100 thoughts on “Gay Couple Denied Wedding Cake By Denver Baker Jack Phillips

  1. lol u could be alil sad about it lol i mean u come of proud about standing up for the freedom of an arse hole. buy all means arse holes deserve freedom as much as anybody but u just seem abit dismissive of gay people. if im defending a arse hole i make clear that i dont agree with said arse holes opinions but the arse holes right to expression.

  2. I have a problem when anyone discriminates against someone else for something that was not their choice…yes. And your backwards, warped logic makes no sense at all. Should people refuse to serve jews next? Or immigrants? Or maybe Christians? Or how about refusing to sell to women? No, there are times when government should step in to protect the rights of people…that includes gay people.

  3. Of course they are. Blame the ones being discriminated against. By your logic, it would be perfectly fine to discriminate against someone for being black too. So, racist bigot it is then. Have fun being an ass hole.

  4. And if you cant see that discriminating against someone who is gay hurts them socially, in many cases physically and certainly psychologically, you are a fucking retarded piece of shit and every on this video can now see that. You just backed yourself into a corner, surrounded by logic that you clearly dont understand. Thanks for winning this argument for me bigot. You may now QQ how about you havent lost and how stupid I am like a 10 year old.


  5. "yes if they want they should be able to refuse to who ever they want"

    Then they should practice what they preach and suspend Constitutional protection of religious expression.

    If these assholes want to sell someones liberty…..let them start with their own.

  6. Who cares? He didn't want to make gays a cake, movie on, get someone else to make you a cake. I support gays and I would have done it but this whole making a big deal out of this kind of shit is just fucking stupid. Some people don't support gays deal with it, he isn't the only fucking cake maker on the planet. Say what you think about him not supporting gays, and go get a cake from someone else, don't go to the media like every other person on the planet for attention.

  7. The way the gay community likes to broadcast every person who doesn't want to help put on their marriage ceremonies, or take their photos, – shows that they do not have the same respect for differing viewpoints or tolerance they ask of others- hypocritical? – And to suggest that these incidents are on par with the racial segregation of the last century is ridiculous. If Gays couldn't get on buses or share bathrooms with others OK. Still,why not just go to the next business who wants your money?  I cant stand TV shows that whine anyway – they're turning our country into a crowd of whiny, resentful, ungrateful, *%^$#.  If someone else doesn't treat you the way you hoped, or you don't get what you want, forgive, forget and move on.

  8. Make sure the cake is gluten free and gritty as possible.

    Extra salt too.

    The couple could have went anywhere, but had to make this an example.

  9. I agree with the poster who said he's gone from not caring about homosexuality, to now feeling a little less tolerant of it. As a previously/currently oppressed group, you now want to engage the oppressing of another groups beliefs? You understand this baker "could" do 1 year in prison for this, right? Has a homosexual ever been jailed for getting married? Could I walk into a homosexual bakery and walk out with a cake inscribed "Christians believe homosexuality is wrong"? Someone should have stopped these men from suing. I went from not caring to now feeling empathy for the Christian position. 

  10. So, now gay rights trump religious rights? This P.C bullshit*t is ruining this country! And that bitch needs to shut up and get back in the kitchen!

  11. I feel that this guy, although I disagree with his personal beliefs, was well within his right to refuse the cake. He wasn't practicing hate, he simply turned down participation in something he did not feel comfortable doing due to his religious beliefs. His loss for the business I'd say. To be honest this whole thing has been blown massively out of proportion.

  12. why dont they just go to another bakery?
    if anyone denied me service for any reason
    i wouldnt give them my money
    although i side with the baker on this one
    … you should never compromise if it even means sacrficing a principle

  13. we all need to stop being afraid of being labeles bigots or homophobes just because you actually have moral beliefs
    i dont agree with lGBT's but im not out there oppressing or protesting them ..
    so if that makes me a bigot
    then i proudly declare i'm a bigot

  14. Why do we have to love everyone. Seriously we won't date everyone, or hangout with everyone. Why can't we hate people for no reason. I don't invite everyone into my house am I acting on my beliefs? Its not like that bakery owner set the couple on fire!

  15. She's talking shit. The no discrimination on 'sexual orientation' is dodgy. Her atheism is like a brick wall. He's being rational though.
    Fair enough, he will still serve gays. He's not 'doing wrong'. She said 'hate gays'. She's misleading.

  16. So why then do things as dress codes exist? Isn't that discrimination towards people who wear sports clothing or have tattoos? 

  17. And how exactly is the baker denying gay people their rights? WHere is the right to buy cakes at any shop you want? Isn't there something called the voluntary exchange of goods and services? 

  18. Should a Jewish Baker be forced to make a cake for a Nazi party?  Should a black Baker be forced to make a cake for a KKK party?

  19. As a Gay man who intends to marry his boyfriend soon… The baker should be left alone. He has the right to express his beliefs by refusing to serve someone, just as I have the right to spread the word and cost him customers because of his views, not that I would be that petty. Let the Free Market dictate how this scenario ends.

  20. "those people are ignorant! "  wow! lol. there is so much war left to fight in this world it is mind boggling. Freedom of Association and expression at least allows for differences that are peaceful in their own right. Now, compulsion of thought shall be legislated? How will you hold this type of society together?

  21. Here's an idea: so that we don't discriminate between straights and gays who want to marry, why don't bakers provide the same basic no-frills wedding cake for both, meaning if they want any special touches, they'd either have to pay extra or go elsewhere to a baker who just doesn't care if the couple is gay or straight? It may be no better than a supermarket cake, but if you truly love each other and are not just marrying because you want to legally shack up with someone to get some pleasure for who knows how many years, surely you wouldn't mind making the sacrifice to cough up the extra bucks to make your wedding cake really special.

  22. She's the ignorant one. There's no such thing as a gay genetic and never will be. If someone has religious beliefs you can't violate his rights and force him to do something he doesn't want to. It's totally unfair

  23. I am slightly irritated that people call this "hate." Because let's be honest, the cake maker didn't say "I hate you" or make any insulting comment. He politely declined the pair's custom. If anything, it's the couple being unreasonable.
    A reasonable response would be to shrug and give their money to someone else. To pull this man uncomfortably into the public eye and accuse him of hate, discrimination and intolerance is not only far more radical and aggressive than anything he did or said but also in my mind absolutely hypocritical.

  24. This is the stupidest of the stupidest commentaries that I've ever heard from anyone, first of all Anna, did Jack Phillips say, "he doesn't like gays?" Second of all, have you ever read any theology while crassly commenting that they're ignorant? And where did you hear Jack Phillips ever say that, "you make a decision at some point that you want to be gay?" And as far as your comment on scientific research, are you familiar with Hume's problem of induction, AND THE VARIOUS APPROACHES TO SCIENCE, FROM RATIONAL REALISM TO NON-RATIONAL NON-REALISM AND THOSE IN BETWEEN? And stating what you said about having an opinion and putting those opinions to action, are you aware that it's a free speech right to burn the American Flag, ie. PUTTING YOUR OPINIONS INTO ACTION? And when did he ever say he HATES GAYS? And if he refused cakes to black people then there will be a massive boycott of the place that will run him out of business in a matter of weeks.

    Anna, you're the reason some men think women should be a barefoot and pregnant stay at home mom. SO WHO IS IT THAT NEEDS EDUCATING NOW?

  25. I don't want to be argumentative; and I know that this story is almost two years old; but I also want to throw a few thoughts in the ring.  

    I don't think that ignorance is what drives Jack Phillips.  And did he say anything about hating homosexuals?  I must have missed that part.  He believes that homosexual marriages are wrong.  In the video shown (and the source video, too), he doesn't even mention any religious affiliations (which people are allowed to have).  And anyway, supposing that a Buddhist cake-maker was asked to make the cake for a Christian or Jewish wedding?  Doesn't seem to me that people would be very surprised if he denied them service; am I wrong in that?  Phillips simply said that he thinks that homosexuality is wrong.  I think that divorce is wrong, but I'm related to people who have been divorced, so do I hate divorcees?  No.  I think it's a wrong thing that those relatives of mine have done; it obviously carries more consequences than, say, running a red light, but do I hate every person who's ever run a red light or flipped me the bird?  Not necessarily.  "Hate" is a term we bandy about just a little too much, don't you think?  

    At the time of this story (I don't know the current laws), Colorado didn't recognize homosexual unions called marriage.  Right, wrong or otherwise–this was the law; therefore, Phillips was under no obligation to serve them.  

    I'm trying not to give my own opinion (probably not doing very well at it); what I'm trying to give is a bit more fairness to these reports, which seem to me a bit unreasonable in their dismissal of certain viewpoints.  Seems to me that that's the real source of ignorance.  Am I missing something?  

  26. You're not wrong here, Cenk.

    If the most "unlawful" thing the cakemaker's done, to be uninformed and stupid and "ignorant," then he commits no actual crime; non-discrimination laws be darned.  Cenk has a moment here where he's hit with the brilliance of liberty.  If you own a business, and you don't infringe upon the rights of another person, you (should) have the freedom to refuse to do business with anyone, for any reason, at any time before a contract is signed.

    Yes, this includes homosexuals.  And blacks.  And whites.  And Jews.  And Christians.  And Muslims.  And men.  And women.  And children.  And any other law-abiding citizen.

    Freedom works all ways.  You don't have an inalienable right to not be offended by a belief you don't agree with or like.  You do not have an inalienable right to force someone whom you've not signed a contract with to do business with you; again, non-discrimination laws be darned.

  27. We no longer live in a society where one may choose to not discriminate, because it's not a choice anymore.  It's mandated by law that we do not discriminate.  It is as unjust as forcing everyone to discriminate, a la Jim Crow laws.  This is governmental force.  Plain and simple.

  28. He did NOT discriminate!!!!!!!!!!! He said he would do birthday and other cakes for the gay community!  It was only a wedding cake he would not make!

  29. I find it interesting how this couple could not take their business elsewhere. 
    "Your freedom begins where my freedom ends".

  30. The ignorant here is Anna, he refused to sell the cake because he condemns homosexuality, not because he "doesn't like gays", she is either a dishonest journalist or an outright dumbass.

  31. Anyone in the private sector whether it be an individual or business should have the right to associate or not associate with whomever they choose for any & all reasons!

    If you're a Christian & don't want to serve Atheists that's your right. If your a Jew & don't want to serve Muslims that's your right. If you're a member of the New Black Panther Party & you don't want to serve White People that's your right.

    If I don't like your business practices or your personal beliefs & behavior then I have the right not to do business with your company or not to associate with you personally.

    Obviously the Government has to treat everyone equally but the private sector doesn't!

  32. Here's the difference: a business is not a person. A business does not have the same rights as an individual citizen does. A business can't vote, a business can't request a passport, a business can't immigrate, a business can't be arrested. You get where I'm going with this? We give certain rights and limitations to individual citizens, and we give certain rights and limitations to businesses, don't mix up the 2. When the constitution mentioned how we have freedom of religion, it was talking about INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS. While yes, the SHOP OWNER has the right to hate gays as much as he wants to, he does not legally have the right to open a PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION that discriminates against people based on their sexuality, even if his personal religious beliefs are against homosexuality. Citizens and business are 2 different entities with 2 different sets of rights and limitations protected under the law.

  33. so instead of the far left or right completely having their way, why don't we compromise, and have the cake shops that won't bake cakes for gay-weddings compile a list of other shops that are willing to for 'em.

  34. I guess I'm with Cenk on this one. I also think that bakers and wedding cakes are a very exceptional case. These bakers aren't just food suppliers, or cake manufacturers, they're artists. To make a custom wedding cake for a couple, is, for these bakers, to endorse and support their marriage. To force the baker to make one of these cakes for a homosexual couple would be to trample on his religious belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

    Homosexual couples simply need to leave this baker alone, and find another who is actually happy to make a wedding cake for them. Let this guy run his business in a way that is detrimental to him, and if it can still survive in spite of that, so be it.

    There is the problem that businesses aren't people, hence they can't hold religious beliefs. However, businesses consist of people who can have religious beliefs, which can be problematic when a business is so tiny that it might only have one or two bakers with sufficient skill to make this cake. …although I feel that if a business isn't tiny, it loses the right to put any religious edge into what it does.

  35. well personally I think black people shouldn't get married and would refuse them business all the time!
    Don't you think I sound like a horrible person ^ that is the difference here! just think about how crazy people would get if a larger group was denied service due to their identity (religion , culture…) that is the problem I have here! if they want to refuse them service alright as long as if others refuse service to muslims, Chinese, whites or any other group they would get the same reaction but we all know that wouldn't happen!

  36. So Christians are not allowed to "force" their morals on gays but gays are allowed to force their morals on Christians… Wow. This is a double standard. To deny a black man a wedding cake is not the same exercising your right to follow through with your religious beliefs about marriage. Unlike skin color you can choose who you have sex with. To force a Christian to bake a wedding cake for a so-called "gay marriage" is unconstitutional. The Constitution even says "No state shall make or enforce any law which would abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States."

  37. Homosexuals have NO right to get "MARRIED" because that is a religious ritual that binds one man and one woman, and makes them one with God. This is a direct violation of our First Amendment rights. The separation clause was created to protect those of faith from being persecuted by the government. The Baptists were being thrown in jail for not paying a State run church tax, and their children were being taken away for not taking their children to these churches. If you don't want to believe that is your prerogative, but you have no right to get married if you do not believe in God. Want a party fine, want to live together fine, but you have no right to force others to believe that sexual misconduct is morally good behavior.

  38. This idiot woman co-host is comparing a race to a behavior? She is obviously defending her own lifestyle. Black people don't choose to be born black, and homosexuals are not born gay they choose to be gay. If they have no choice then they have no control over their own thoughts. Homosexuals have a serotonin imbalance and that is why they act out sexually. Maybe instead of trying to convince others to believe homosexual behavior is "natural" or "normal" maybe you should see a doctor, or a shrink.

  39. We have a president that refuses to admit we are at war with Islamic law, yet he wants to force Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu, and every other religion to accept homosexuality into their faith? Obama claims he's a Christian but he cares more about the feeling of Muslims than of Christians?

  40. As a gay guy (24) I feel completely embarrassed about this farce. We have a Christian baker and a gay couple, who, I assume, a priori knew their particular order (a cake for a gay wedding with a specific frosting on it) would be refused. And so they went, were denied the cake and sued the baker, although no real harm has happened to them. They obviosly might have gone to another bakery and forget the issue, the just wanted to involve the administration of justice instead, and so they exceeded the level of viciousness.

    Another thing is the density of the people commmenting. We were just showed a lady who really fails to realize what the case is about or intentionally reached the appeal to emotion fallacy to depict those oh-so-miserable-gay-couple-suffering-real-persecution. I don't know. Seriously, it would be advisable to learn the issue before giving oneself the right to comment. So againg: the baker didn't refuse to bake a cake because they were gays, he did only rejected the particular order, in other words: the refusal wasn't based of the potential customers' sexual ortientation, the ground, however, was the thing – the cake, which would contain a message that didn't stay in accordance with baker's worldview. But apparently no one even bothered to understand his motives. It's really exasperating to see and hear this nonsencial recurring pathetic rant, fallacious as usual comparison to black people (as if it somehow was relevant), acting as SJW, and a couple of rat fucks (yeah, you ain't funny, sorry), not to mention the misleading prtrayal of the baker as a oh-so-vile-evil-and-homophobic-Christian, which really doesn't do justice to him. 

    For an European mind like mine it is also beyond the belief that such a case can be considered as a matter of justice. If what the baker did is a crime, then the American law is fundamentally wrong. Personally I find the infingement of liberties in freedom that happens in US mind-boggling. Gladly, I'm not the part of this clowning. 

    And finally, have luck gays and lesbians, in gaining acceptance in society. With suing everybody to court, acting as persecution victims, and imposing your beliefs onto others, you are going to win a lot. Get ready for the wave of acceptance, tolerance, respect and support. Thanks a buch. I, as a gay dude, have always dreamed to face one more stereotype (as if the rest of them was not enough) and be perceived as a one of vinidcative oversensitve queens. Really, thank you a lot! 

  41. When you let another man put his penis in your rectum that's your choice and business. However, as a black man race and sexuality are not the same. One is a noun, and the other is a verb. A verb shows action. I am against the action not the person. As an African-American it's very disturbing when people compare homosexual rights to African-American American struggles, not the same. I would not bake a wedding cake for a homosexual or a lesbian!!! I can not tell you who you should sleep with that's your choice, but don't ask me to violate my conscience and go along with it…..

  42. I'd like to hear what "science" says about being gay according to the female anchor.  What's the probability that an identical twin of a gay person is also gay him/herself?  Answer?  No significant difference from probability that any one in the population at large is gay.  In other words, even though twins are genetically identical, if one twin is gay, that does not guarantee the other will also be gay.  The argument that people are born gay would require that twins almost universally were both either gay or straight.  While the idea that people are just born gay might appeal to contemporary sensibilities, it just isn't true.

    Just because you feel like doing something does not mean that 1) you were born that way and 2) you must therefore engage in that behavior.  I wonder what the "science" argument here is.

  43. Ana you idiot. This isn't the same as "if the Baker decided to not serve black people." The Baker said he'd serve a gay person, but wouldn't make a cake specifically for gay weddings because it's agaisnt his beliefs (yes, stupid beliefs). You can't force someone to bake a cake for something they don't believe in.

  44. What has the world come to when a guy simply says its against his beliefs and everyone makes a huge deal out of it

  45. I find it absolutely hilarious that some people think religious freedom means they can do whatever they want and treat society and the world like their religious playground.

  46. Okay if that happen in my face I'd be like….'Where the Fuck is your humanity?!?!?!' Then if gays are wrong then why did god created them that way. In my culture the Holy People or God made them that was and its done. Then if he didnt the unborn baby would have died in the pregnancy.

    So love and care and respect. ★*★*★*★

  47. you don't like the service you're getting from the local merchants because you're gay or lesbian about this start your own little gay wedding chapel Gabe sweet shop gay grocery store whatever you don't like the service do something about it and make your own service you might be a big hit try it out

  48. If you own a business that serves the PUBLIC, then serve the PUBLIC. Gays are members of the PUBLIC!!! Where's the problem????

  49. +Mike Art. Wish you could reply to this, Why would you compare racism to religious belief?
    Ok first off, racism is hating or practicing hate on another ease based on bodily features. This is not a(n) nation/international business like Mc Donald's. He made the bakery from scratch so he has every right to discriminate HIS business because of HIS religious beliefs. Haven't people noticed that man and wife make baby but not woman and woman or man and man? Gays go so far as to adopting and they spread a sinful disease toward that poor child. And it won't make too much of any difference, America is 98% Christian isn't too many bakeries gonna serve you unless it's national/international enterprise. My conclusion is When you are born you are born by MOM and dad, some are born brain dead when people are born with a certain gender (directing this to transsexuals) you should have a pure instinct that says "I love being a girl." "I love being a boy." But I guess some are just born retarded :/

  50. I went to an ethnic Palestinian tattoo artist the other day and asked for a tattoo of the state of Israel drawn around disputed borders. He told me he wouldn't do that kind of thing. Should I have him arrested?

  51. Here's the fallacy in this logic. First, he is within his rights to refuse service because of what the cake is for. Discrimination is the "unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of a person or thing." This isn't unjust or prejudice, because he has the right to express his religious beliefs within his business.

    Remember, he did NOT refuse service because they were gay. He refused to make a cake for a ceremony that he did not believe in as per his religion. The first would be discrimination, the second is NOT.

  52. The owner of the Bakery has every right to say what and do what he did. If there's a gay couple that wants to get married, why in the world aren't they just going to a gay wedding cake maker. THERE'S NO REASON TO GO TO A PLACE WHERE THERES A CHANCE THAT YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED BECAUSE YOU'RE GAY!! IF YOU DO, they obviously just WANT THERE TO BE A PROBLEM!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE STUPID AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO CAUSE A PROBLEM!! IT'S UNNECESSARY!!!

  53. nothing this GODless people said mean anything
    by your words you be save and by your words you will be condemned
    homosexuals are the worst cain of people now they start showing their truth colors. but it's ok reject and bully christians
    Muslims will no't preach to you so enjoy wen they rule the USA

  54. A person's constitutional rights should not be taken away from them because certain people disagree with it. This cake decorator has every right under the constitution to accept and deny service to whoever they choose to. If you disagree with a store's belief then don't shop there.

  55. Utter insanity. Why does it matter whether or not the baker's opinion is correct? That has absolutely no bearing on his right to run HIS business how he wants. The gay couple has no basis whatsoever to force the baker to enter into a contract with them.

  56. Black woman refuses to make a cake for a police officer at a Walmart, nothing. Guy refuses to make a cake for two gay guys, he loses half of his worth and his family receives multiple death threats. Liberals make my skin crawl.

  57. It all comes down to who your authority is for judging right and wrong. My authority is Jesus Christ. Go Jack Philips!

  58. All they have to say is their schedule, for the time in question, is full. They don't have to show their schedule.

  59. There is no civil rights violation here at all. The guy's shop offers certain types of cakes, not others. It would be like going to shoe store and claiming your rights had been violated because they would not sell you boots.  The guy's shop has certain types of cakes and presumably anybody can come in and buy THOSE cakes – heterosexuals and homosexuals alike.  So there was absolutely no discrimination. The plaintiffs were simply dissatisfied with the choice available to them or merely wanted to hurt this guy. They should go to a shop that specializes in the types of cakes they want.

  60. This is basically like a person saying to a Muslim eat pork which is against their religion and in this case the bakers religion does not believe in gays

  61. So if I go to a bakery with muslim owners and tell them to make me a custom cake of Muhammad getting f'ed in the butt, I can make them do that? I guess if I can't make them customize the cake, do you think they would have a problem if I told the owners that I was going to a anti-Muhammad party because he was a rapist, I could make them bake a plain cake for that party?

    Since people love defending Islam so much, would someone have a problem with someone making an islamic owner bake that cake knowing full well the cake will be eaten at an anti-islam party? I bet they would.
    The gay couple saw the bibles around his store and probably planned this encounter. Marriage isn't legal in Colorado, so why not have the cake in the state you would get married in?

    I'm not religious at all, but I find it strange that people don't see the slippery slope in this whole situation. You're probably going to see a large amount of alt-right trolls doing something awful like walking into a black owned bakery in like Klansman attire and asking them to bake a cake, then when they refuse it's gonna be another ridiculous legal situation.

  62. Bull shit liberal news he said it was his religion an a article now that came out yesterday liberal shit face trump hater feminist on the right

  63. Honestly what about the straight couples that have a child out of wedlock, or have had sex outside of marriage, A sin is a sin why draw the line with gay couples, what makes them different? I feel like he has the right to his religion but it still is a question of mine.

  64. When that host said that Jack doesnt like gays makes her look stupid in logic and analysis, he welcomed the gays and offered them the cakes that are displayed in his shop the only thing that he did is he refused to accept the couple's request to bake a cake for ther wedding. He does not hate gays, if they are just gay couple who wanna buy some cakes he will obviously sell his cakes, the thing is that the cake that those gay couple's requested is a wedding cake which is in contrast to jack's belief and moral conscience! of mainstream media please be accurate dont skew the story.

  65. During the oral argument, Kagan's, Sotomayor's and Breyer's purpose is only to use up as much of the attorney's time as possible so she can't give her argument which they can't defeat. Search Masterpiece caskshop

  66. I get so irritated with mickey fickey's that compare black people to homosexual couples. If you are not black, the only way someone would know you are gay and discriminate is if you open your phucken mouth and tell them. How many gay/lesbian couples were denied human rights back when black folks were being hung just because they wanted to vote? With black folks, the discrimination is on sight!!! Please stop the gotdamn comparisons. And to call people ignorant because of their religious belief is just dumb. I'm with dude (young Turk dude) on this. This issue (baker/same sex couple) is not as simple as people want it to be. HOWEVER!!! If you signed a non-discrimination clause, then that means you serve whoever comes through that door, unless they are being disruptive, or missing shoes and shirts. Money is green, that is the purpose of your business.

  67. There's plenty of gay bakers to make your cupcake. Go to them morons. Why would you want a cake from a straight guy anyway? If you want barbecue ribs chicken steaks then alright you come and call the straight guy! But your gay! Go get the pansy baker with the apron on named Christopher.

  68. Honestly, I wouldn't have sued. I would have just found another bakery. I'm sure that there are dozens of them that would happily bake a cake for a gay couple. I know I would. That's extra money right there.

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