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17 thoughts on “George Washington’s Enslaved Chef: Hercules

  1. Brenda is such a wonderful and talented woman. I‘ve seen her in different videos and each time I listed to every word she said.

  2. Thank you again for these videos, these little glimpses into the lives of people who were enslaved. I feel as though I am celebrating and mourning at the same time. What strength it took to survive daily. What bravery and courage there was in deciding that they were worth the risk and dignity of freedom. What sin we committed in daily denying that right to them.

  3. Extrodinary circumstamces force you to make extrodinary choices. Good video, I do feel terrible for Hercules and his children and the uncertainty inherit in slavery

  4. This is such a great video with a great storyteller. I added this video to my website Tellers Untold where we focus on untold stories in black history for our kids to learn. https://www.tellersuntold.com/our-blog/2019/7/18/ni3bv0mbijav1h5i08yqml95x9kmz0.
    Thank yoU!

  5. So glad Hercules got away and experienced freedom! But sad for his children, no mother, father gone. Then the girls separated from their brother.
    I guess the slaves had to bottle up their emotions.
    No, I'm not black. Just an elderly lady who misses her children and lived with oppression my whole life.

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