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Getting Better Together | Johnny Baker

I’ve been a part of Celebrate Recovery for
a long time now and I’ve been sober for a long time, but I still struggle with lots
of different things. 2 things I tend to struggle with are anxiety and what I call seasonal
depression. A few years ago, around Christmas, I went through this season where I was just
depressed. I looked around and I didn’t see a lot of meaning in things. I didn’t see why
should I stay sober? Why should I do the things that I’m doing? What’s it all worth? Day after
day after day, I just found myself stuck. Thank God for my church. Thank God that I
had a safe place where I could come and I could talk about the things that were going
on in my life. I began seeing a counselor and he and I worked together to help me overcome
some of these depression issues. I began talking to other people in my support groups and talking
about my anxiety and the things that I was going through.
I’ll never forget one night I was driving home from one of those Christmas parties and
my daughter, who was just 6 or 7 at the time, she said “Daddy, we really need you around.”
In that moment, God really spoke to me. He said “There are so many ways for you to get
healthy. You don’t need to stay stuck in this depression, in this anxiety.” I began seeking
out ways to find freedom from that. Like I said, I went to counseling and I started talking
to people. I even talked to my wife about it, who I’d been hiding from and not telling
her the truth about what was going on in my life. What was amazing was every time I talked about it, when I went to my counselor, when I talked
about it in my support group, when I looked for help and asked for prayer and for people
to come along side me, I found every time that depression lifted just a little bit.
I just want to encourage you. Again, don’t isolate. Don’t go through this alone. Find
other people in your area, whether you go online and you look for a church near you
or you call up your church or you come to a Saddleback or you do whatever it is to find
the healing you need. Seek out a counselor. Go get a doctor, If
you need to take medicine, take medicine and let God use all of these tools to make you
feel better, so He can use you, so He can work in your life and give you a life that’s
full, not a life that’s empty and depressed and anxious, but a life that’s full.

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