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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Requests have been flooding in for a giant
Ferro Rocher recipe. We have been doing a giant chocolate bar series for a while now
like the giant snickers, huge Kit Kat and the massive Twix bar and as usual we will
give this one away at the end of the video to someone who is doing giant things for others.
So keep watching to see their reaction at the end. The first thing we need is lots of chocolate
and I’m using a mixture of milk and dark chocolate. Then pour hot cream over the top so that it
can start to melt the chocolate. Stir it around and at first it will look watery
but then keep stirring and the chocolate will combine with the cream. All of the recipe quantities that you need
for this are on the website howtocookthat.net and I’ll put a link to that in the description
below this video. If you still have lumps of unmelted chocolate
then microwave it for 20 seconds at a time or stir over a double boiler until it is smooth. If you want to you can add some nutella to
that and stir it through, but don’t over stir it because something in the nutella starts
to make the ganache split. So stir it until it is just mixed in. Next take some waffle cones, they need to
be the rolled waffle cones not the molded cake cones. Quickly dip them in some water
and shake off the excess you don’t want to soak them you just want to quickly dip them
in and pull them out. Then place them back on the tray.
Now put them in the oven for abut 2 minutes. When you pull them out they will be soft and
you can unwrap them. Now I first discovered they did this and went
soft like this when I put stale cones in the oven to crisp them up. No thte effect i was
after but it is useful here. Now take a hemisphere cake pan and spray it
with some cooking oil. Cut a triangle wedge from one of your soft
wafers and place it on the sides of the tin, let them overlap each other slightly. Then add a circle to the centre. Place some non-stick baking paper loosely
around the top edge and then rest a slightly larger bowl on top. Now this is going to hold
all of the soft wafers in place so they don’t fall down and collapse when they are in the
oven. Then put that back in the oven to crisp up.
After 5 minutes remove the bowl and the paper and you’ll see the edges are crisp enough
to hold their shape now but the bottom is still a little soft, place it back in the
oven for a few more minutes without the bowl and then let it cool down.
Now for the giant hazelnut centre you’ll need sugar, egg whites, hazelnuts, icing sugar
and hazelnut meal which is just finely ground hazelnuts. Add the egg whites and sugar to the bowl and
beat on high speed until the egg whites are firm. They should be firm enough that you
can turn the bowl upside down without it falling out. Sift in the hazelnut meal and icing sugar
on top, you’ll need a coarse sieve if you use one of the really fine ones it is not
going to go through you’ll be there for hours. And then fold that in using a spatula. When
developing this recipe it took me a while to decide what to use for the centre of the
ferro rocher because they of course have one hazelnut but you can’t buy giant hazelnuts.
So this will give the hazelnut flavour and the crunch that we need to the middle of our
giant one. Now in a smaller hemisphere pan add some of
the mixture, top with some of your hazelnuts and then more mixture. Smooth it off on top
and and bake in the oven until it’s cooked through to the centre. Now our cone lining is cooled and crisp, now
pour in the cooled hazelnut ganache. Once it is full and you’ve leveled off the top
we are going to put it in the fridge for about a three hours to firm up. Tip the two halves of the crunchy hazelnut
centre out of the mold. Now that ganache is firm one on top place
trace a line around it using a knife. Scoop out some ganache to make a hemisphere indent
and then add the hazelnut. Run a knife gently around the top edge to
loosen the ganache from the tin. Don’t push the knife further down because we’ve got the
wafer there and we don’t want to break it just do the very top edge. Then place some
baking paper over the top followed by a tray and flip the whole thing over. Now gently
lift off the tin and then you’ll of course need to make another one of these because
you need two halves.. Place one half of your ferrero rocher onto
a glass on a plate and pour over a little tempered chocolate, spread it out using a
palette knife, we only want this layer to be fairly thin. Add sprinkle hazelnuts pieces
to it before it sets making sure they are on the top and the sides as well. Clean the hazelnuts off the plate and then
pour over a generous amount of tempered chocolate. Now if you’re using real chocolate with cocoa
butter in it like I am here then you will need to temper your chocolate or it will not
set firm to touch at room temperature. If you are not confident tempering then you can
use compound chocolate but it won’t taste quite as good as this one.
Try to cover all the gaps as you pour it on. If you still have gaps take a spoon and using
chocolate off the plate just add more so that all the gaps are covered and the hazelnuts
are all sealed in. Then repeat that with your second half. Once the chocolate is set place one half onto
the cake tin to stop it rolling away. Add some more chocolate around the edge there
and then add the second half. Gee this is heavy, on top. If you have some gaps like
i do just spread some more chocolate into the gaps so it is completely sealed. This
ferro rocher is rather giant compared to the original. Now we want to surprise someone who is doing
giant things for others so lets wrap it up nicely in some gold wrapping paper, tape it
at the top and then flip it over once you’re done. Next take some brown card with a stripe
of masking tape on it and fold it back and forth making even folds. Then squeeze it so
you’ve got nice firm folds there and then open it up and wrap it around the base of
your chocolate and use some glue to secure that into place.
Well I’ve packaged this all up in a box and flown on a plane to Melbourne I’ve literally
just got here driven straight from the airport because I wanted ot introduce you to some
more amazing people. I’ve got here with me today Justine and Justine and a group of her
school friends have started a company. Now is the company names thankyou water or just
thankyou. Thankyou group. Thankyou group. And can you explain a bit about how it all
got started. How old were you when it got started. Sure I myself was 21 and Daniel was
19 and so was Jarrod our cofounder was also 19. um and we started because we were just
looking at I guess the reality that here in Australia we spend 600 million dollars on
bottled water yet at the same time in developing countries around the world there is 900 million
people who don’t even have access to clean water. And so we wanted to find a way to use
the surplus profit we have here in our country to help people who need it the most. And so
you did that by starting a bottled water company. Yeah so we started off as water. Ahh that;s
why you said thankyou water to start with so the first few years we were thankyou water
and then we went and just recently last year we’ve launched a food range. The food range
funds food projects so we do long term and short term aid relief. And then we also have
the hand wash ahh so we’ve got a hand wash and lotion and sanitisers and they fund hygiene
and sanitation. Wow and how did a group of essentially straight out of school kids do
something this amazing how did you get started and get form there to now. Yeah well I can’t
say we did it overnight. It’s definitely been a very hard journey over the last 6 years.
Give us some of your stats of where you’re at now and where the company has grown too.
Yeah sure with the water we’ve been able to help provide over 106 thousand people receive
access to safe water. That’s amazing. That’s over the six years. Umm for our food thats
just been going for a year we’ve been able to help umm 3.8 million serves of food. wow.
Um and with the body care range we’ve been able to help 112 thousand people receive training
for hygiene and sanitation. That’s awesome. And on the back of your bottle you’ve got
this weird little number. What’s that for can you explain that? OK this was a lot of
work we put together. So we felt it was really important that people knew exactly where there
money is going. Because you know sometimes you buy something and you’re like but where
does it actually really go. Did it actually go to the people that need it? Yeah so we
put this program called track your impact together. So how it works is every single
product has a unique code not one is the same. SO it is not like a barcode everything is
different. And when you put that into our online system that we have you’ll be able
to see exactly which project this product has been assigned to fund. So you’ll see the
gps coordinates you’ll see what the solution is what the problem was and how you are being
a part of making a difference in the world. That’s awesome, that is such a good idea I
love that I love the way you can track where your money’s gone. On How To Cook That we
have a special way of saying thankyou to people that we think are doing an amazing job and
doing something great. SO we have this box here you may need to help you but how about
you open it first and then you can call then over if you think you might need them. OK
sounds good by the size of it I think I may need help. It actually weighs 6 kilos because
we had to weigh it at the airport. Cut down this one. It’s like Christmas all over again.
OK are you ready. Oh my gosh. A 6 kilo ferrero Rocher, Oh my gosh.
ohhhhh, what, are you joking, is that actually a thing, it’s 6 kilos, amazing, [screams]
oh my gosh, stop it, you’re amazing, wow, what’s inside it [screams, gasps, clapping]
ohh man amazing. Bite it, just take a bite, [laughing] mmm that is amazing. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes
chocolate and desserts, click here to see the other videos on this channel. And make
sure you also check out Thankyou Groups youtube channel, their products are currently only
sold in Australia but if you live elsewhere you can subscribe to their channel for updates
of when they will be near you. I hope you’re inspired to do giant things. Have a great week and I’ll see you Friday

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