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100 thoughts on “Giant Gummy Bear kitkat and m&m cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

  1. You could probably just melt some blue jolly ranchers in the oven for the splashes if your a little weary of burning the sugar.

  2. You know you're a How To Cook That snob when you refuse to check out other channels, even at Ann's request! xD Definitely the best baking channel on YouTube!

  3. hi ann I am your youngest subscribers my name is Sierra Horton and 10 years old so that's pretty young also I love your chanel

  4. I called my mom to try to say it with me. I said it ten times! My mom was just GWELLY BALLY VWERY CHERRY XD and I was dying laughing

  5. Was it a bottle of soda left over from this video that the boys taste tested in a recent video on their channel?
    It had lost all it's colour though!

  6. Is it bad if the first thing I that I think about when you made the rest or the buttercream blue is “if you skip this step, you can make the bear be swimming in blood.”…….hmmm

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