Gluten-Free Cheese Bread Recipe
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Gluten-Free Cheese Bread Recipe

Hi, I’m Chris Freytag national health and
fitness expert. So let’s make some gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread and it is absolutely
delicious. So here’s how you get started. You take water, milk, butter and a little
bit of salt and you going to bring it to a boil on your stove
or in the microwave which is what I did. So I’m just going to pure that in here then we’re gonna add tapioca flour which is gluten-free and
it’s fluffy so I don’t wanted it to come flying out. There we go, alright and
then we’re going to add our garlic which is just teaspoon and
smells awesome if you like garlic and 2 tablespoons BiPro which is naturally gluten-free whey protein powder and it’s
about three-quarters of a scoop. So we get that in there. We’re gonna stir it up. It smells amazing and once you stirred it up. You’re
gonna actually set the dough aside for 30
minutes. So in the interest of time I’m not going to do that, I’m just gonna
keep going. We’re gonna then add an egg and the best part in my opinion, Parmesan cheese. mmm garlic and cheese together delicious. Stir it all up. It’ll be a little thicker
since you let it sit for 30 minutes and then here’s what you gonna do. You’re gonna
take this mixture, you’re form tablespoon size balls and place them
onto a cookie sheet and you’re gonna bake them and here is what you’re going to get
these beautiful cheese balls that taste as good as they
look and I wish you could smell them. So if you
want more great recipes and more information go to

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