Goodlord customer story: Preston Baker
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Goodlord customer story: Preston Baker

Our modus operandi here at Preston Baker is
‘making moving easy’, and quite frankly the Goodlord platform which we use really helps
us do that. It means that we are one step above the competition. My name is Ashley Mehr, I’m the head of property management here at Preston Baker. We currently have eight offices
across north, west and south Yorkshire and we have in excess of a hundred employees working
within the company. Our processes prior to using Goodlord were very fragmented so we’d
have one piece of software for referencing, we’d have another piece of software for uploading
and getting contracts signed and that was an incredibly frustrating process. Goodlord
has solved that problem, it’s kept it all under one roof and it means we can offer a
more streamlined process for our landlords and our tenants. Our negotiators are able
to close down more deals. We’re really excited to start using Goodlord Go, it’s a utility
setup programme, we currently have an alternative supplier which we use at the moment but one
of the issues we have there is we have to double enter data. With the Goodlord Go product
and with us already being on Goodlord, we can streamline that process again and it means
that our tenants can effectively move into a property and get contacted and have their
utilities switched over using this service. So what we’ve found is that Goodlord as a
platform has allowed us to market ourselves as an innovative agent, everyone nowadays
generally uses their mobile phones, people are becoming more technologically conscious.
I personally do think that letting and estate agents are at risk of becoming obsolete if
they don’t focus on being innovative and revolutionising their business. I think it’s become almost
expected really in many other industries, so quite frankly why wouldn’t it be the same
thing in letting and estate agencies? If another agent approached me and said ‘what should
I do, should I be using Goodlord?’, I would say 100% yes. We have our own account manager,
he offers almost a bespoke level of service, he’ll go above and beyond the call of duty
for me. Everyone’s very helpful in the company, if you don’t believe me look at the website
– there are very helpful tutorials and if there’s anything you need clarification on,
you get on the phone to them and they’ll answer any queries. They’ll hold your hand through
the entire process. 100% use them.

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