Gordon Grosses The Chefs Out With Chicken Giblets | Season 5 Ep. 8 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR
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Gordon Grosses The Chefs Out With Chicken Giblets | Season 5 Ep. 8 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Now, when you properly
break down a chicken, you’re left with
interesting parts. Oh, no. Here we have– [screaming] It’s the– GORDON: You’ve guessed it– Giblets. Liver and the neck,
gizzards, and feet. Delicious. Oh god, can someone
get me a bucket? Sometimes, when
you’re cooking, you need to give
a little scratch. If there’s a bat in
the cave you can go in, or, you can take this one out
and clean your ears with it. [screaming] – You are gonna
scar me for life, Gordon. I’m joking, come on guys. These don’t look
very appetizing, but, use any of these
parts wisely, trust me, you can produce a showstopper. Six cuts, six
incredible, talented cooks, probably
wondering who’s going to be cooking with which cut. It’s up to–

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69 thoughts on “Gordon Grosses The Chefs Out With Chicken Giblets | Season 5 Ep. 8 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

  1. It's pretty common to eat chicken feet while in Yum Cha, plus, there were chicken testicles in a hot pot place so…. not that surprised…

  2. giblets are the tastiest part of the chicken and can be cook in a wide variety of meal, even the nails of the chicken can be deep friend and turn into a very crunchy beer snack.

  3. First world kids, can't be salty though their ancestors fuck everybody in the world so these kids can enjoy their fruits.

  4. Why are these kids making that such a big deal lol it's no that disgusting. I get that they're kids, but they're chefs too so…

  5. The ways these kids react because they are used to hotdogs chicken nuggets burger and more while here in the philippines.. We often use it a lot and the neck is one of the most favorite part (but i dont like ot much) and even the butt , and the liver can be a spread which you can buy and liver is often used with our popular dish adobo along with chixken hearts

  6. Seriously? Its tasty! Here in Philippines we eat giblets as streetfoods. We can cook Adobo Liver (A Filipino Dish) its very yummy. Trust me.

  7. Yall dramatic its not THAT Bad
    Feet are delicious! Especially if fried, Neck are nice and fatty. Liver has a nice taste different but nice

  8. MasterChef Junior: Gordon Ramsay uses chicken feet to scratch his face and amuse the kids

    MasterChef: Gordon Ramsay makes a middle finger out of the chicken feet and points it at the contestants

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