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100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking On Budget Recipes | Almost Anything

  1. I'd LOVE to see what he'd do with rice and beans and leafy greens! Come on, Gordon Ramsay, Work your magic with some plant based meals!

  2. Lamb on a budget? okay maybe we have different definitions of "budget"
    budget to most people is fucking ramen noodles.
    Let me know when you do poor mans recipes

  3. Honestly, who thinks of bone marrow as having a sweet flavor? It's okay if an animal eater says it, but a human eater? Suddenly insane lol

  4. Lamb??? SOOOOOO Do I steal this lamb? Maybe there's a you tube gold that people actually pay for and maybe he thinks he is talking to those peeps?

  5. Well… I had a knife out in the kitchen, ready to make food on a budget. But I guess I should just jam it through my eye socket and end it right here since food on a budget is too expensive for me. God…. Man, Donald Trump was right, I'm so tired of winning….

  6. i love Ramsay's cooking videos, but i was like "where do you think i go to shop?" i live in baltimore city which is called a "food desert" b/c there's not a lot of markets and a terrible selection of all night (i work nights, and drink so i wake late and stay up late) not negative, but i think if he was limited by ingredients available it'd be a different video.

  7. this comment section is the best.

    instead of Gordon's 12K gold budget, i'd like to see him do a challenge like $2 per serving meals and see what he comes up with.

  8. Gordon please be kind enough to control my finances so I can finally be on the right budget, thank you.

  9. Happy for you Gordon. You don't know anymore what budget means. Saffron? That shit goes for more than $500 an ounce my friend.

  10. Douchebag stole all the Asian cuisines, but never mentions where he stole it from and never gives a credit to the people. What a dumb ass.

  11. Um ok let’s use 24k diamonds 1000k diamond Loch Ness monster loin some unicorn horns and leg some golden eggs and bean stock seeds some 5k diamonds and 10k pounds of more gold yep that’s a recipe on a budget

  12. Gordon: "I need the camerman to zoom in closer"
    Director: "Gordon, the audience won't be able to tell what you cooked"
    Gordon: "Zoom closer you idiot sandwich!"
    Zooms to see the atoms within the food
    Gordon: "That's more like it"

  13. Gordon: I’m going to show you how to cook on a budget

    first recipe involves two lamb steaks


  14. I can make several sandwiches over a week for just a loaf of bread, pound of sliced turkey (thin, cuz we fancy), thousand island dressing and the free half pound of cheese that comes with the pound of meat at my deli (sharp white cheddar, again, cuz we fancy). HMU if you want a lesson @Gordon Ramsay

  15. Am I missing something? Is lamb, mackerel or jumbo shrimp cheap in England? Also saffron really? Saffron would cost more than the meat here. Isn’t cheap and good supposed to mean local and in season?

  16. He put $10 worth of saffron in a "budget" meal, After that dish is completed it's true cost is around $20 – $30..

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  18. Every time Chef Ramsay says "flavor" I can't help but think of that old dude Bender killed in Futurama with his terrible cooking.

  19. Get a bowl. Let the box of Fruity Pebbles sit for 10 to 15 minutes to really give you time to reflect on your life choices. Carefully pour the cereal into the bowl. Beautiful. Grab a gallon of milk. Realize the milk expired weeks ago. Weep. Recover. Use flat Mountain Dew from an opened 2-liter of Mountain Dew instead. Really coat the cereal, mixing in the flavor. Realize all two of your spoons are dirty. Grab the mixing spoon your mom gave you when you moved out. Eat quickly before the stale cereal becomes a sugary paste. Meal on a budget. Easy. Beautiful.

  20. In my country lamb is fucking expensive. Not many sheep here. Our farmers like to fuck normal women , so they have cows ..

  21. Not sure this is cooking on a budget. More so "how to cook expensive looking meals with cheaper(ish) ingredients". Some of those are ridiculously unattainable on a budget. Saffron alone is $5-$10/gram, so I feel like that wouldn't be used on a budget. My idea of a budget is meals under $3.

  22. I can't even afford spices lol. One dish I cooked recently on a budget that turned out ok was left over cooked rice, can of ham, garlic powder, black pepper, sugar, soy sauce, and scrambled eggs. Eggs, canned ham, and rice all came from my local food bank as I currently don't have an income.

  23. Today were making a delicious budget Bald Eagle breast marinaded in Dom Perignon and literal king's blood…. My chef in Paris would kill me right now if he knew I was using Alabama Bald Eagle. #BargainBin

  24. Saffron??you mean the most expensive spice on the planet by weight???whose budget are we cooking with again???😦😦

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