Governor Baker $5 Million for Data Science
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Governor Baker $5 Million for Data Science

[MUSIC PLAYING] Businesses have a choice about
where they’re going to be. And they want to work in a state
where the legislature works with the executive branch, and
they talk to businesses about how to make things better. And it’s actually working
here in Massachusetts, and that is a very, very
powerful, powerful thing. So education is where
everything starts, and the power that we’ve got at
UMass and the partnership that we’re building here is going
to payoff not just for a few years, but for decades to come. Mass Mutual would not make
this investment if they didn’t believe this was the
right investment for them to be making, and nor would we. Which is why we’re so pleased
to be putting $5 million on top of the other money that’s been
invested into this program. [APPLAUSE] This governor came to the job
fundamentally understanding how an innovation economy works and
how the Massachusetts economy works. Today’s announcement is an
indication of his commitment to Western Massachusetts,
to Springfield, and Holyoke, and Pittsfield, and all the
communities of this area. We are very early in the game
when it comes to data analytics and cyber security. And the possibilities
here and the opportunity, as well as some of the
threats, are very real. And this is a place where I
believe we can be a global leader. Thanks very much. [APPLAUSE]

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