Governor Baker: “Addiction Is Not A Choice, Addiction Is A Disease”
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Governor Baker: “Addiction Is Not A Choice, Addiction Is A Disease”

Today, I am surrounded by people in recovery.
Good people, good citizens, battling a devastating illness. Our administration is stepping forward
to share their message. A message we hope will become contagious and encourage others
to step out of the shadows. Today the campaign begins to stomp out the stigma of addiction.
We are urging every resident of the commonwealth to support those struggling with opioid addiction,
as we strive to become a state without stigma. When you are labeled as an addict, a lowlife,
a junkie, it sticks hard. Studies have shown that it prevents people from getting into
treatment and holds them back from recovery, stability, and success. The campaign will
spread this message via radio, billboards, digital media, as well as social media. The
banner you see behind us will be displayed in cities and towns around the commonwealth.
Addiction is not a choice, Addiction is a disease. It’s a disease that is no different
than diabetes or heart disease or congestive heart failure and just with these illnesses,
those who suffer from them need our support.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Baker: “Addiction Is Not A Choice, Addiction Is A Disease”

  1. Herion addiction is a choice!!!!! the chemicals in the drug causes the disease of addiction nobody fucking told anybody to stick a needle in there arm!!!!!!! its 2 people the drug deals and the person who choices to do drugs!!!!! When you tell these fucking junkies its not a choice you enable them!!!!!!!!

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