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19 thoughts on “Great March for Climate Action

  1. sounds great, where can we learn more? For example, with the exception of a few seconds of a sea turtle, this video seems very focused on people & property rather than all species. Also, seems very focused in the USA. Is this part of an international effort?

  2. The best places to learn more are listed in the description. If you have more questions, find the contact information at the website.

    This effort seeks to address the calamity of climate change on all levels, from people, to animals, and everything in the world. While this video has a domestic focus, we have enjoyed some international followers. Would love to chat more about it. -Zach

  3. No problem, I would have given you the link again but YouTube won't let me post links in comments. I hope to see you on the March!

  4. We use the language "all life everywhere" to remind everyone of the importance of limiting climate change. That said, the biggest danger is to human civilization. Many species will be horribly damaged by climate change, but life will survive even in a hot house world. It's we humans who will wipe ourselves out.

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