Grilling With A Himalayan Salt Block | Steak Cooked On A Salt Tile
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Grilling With A Himalayan Salt Block | Steak Cooked On A Salt Tile

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting episode of Baum Grillin’z! today we are going to grill a steak on a Himalayan salt block! I picked this up on the internet and i’m pretty excited to try it out. While doing research on it I found out there’s a lot of benefits when you cook with one of these like, I don’t know.. balance your ph level help you hydrate your body, acid reflux all types of science things that I’m not even really worried about. I’m worried about seeing how well it’s going to taste so let’s let’s take a look at this and i’ll show you the things we’re going to need let’s get to it alright let’s look at the ingredients we got a ribeye steak nice and thick we’ve got some pepper that’s all we’re going to use it for this steak since it’s gonna be on the salt block we got some asparagus that should turn out great and we got some onion chives a lemon for some seasoning and our himalayan salt block all right let’s get that grill set up and i’ll let you know what you need to do ok so now for your grill you’re going to want to heat this thing up real slow real slow because it’s very fragile if you heat it up too fast you’re going to crack it going to be no good so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to separate our coals out have it on an indirect and we’re going to slowly start moving them in at least every 15 minutes it’s going to be a long process but once we do that we’re going to hopefully have our salt block up to around 400 500 degrees will be perfect for cooking that steak let’s get to it alright now that we’ve got it set up there on indirect we’re going to put our salt block right on the middle and now for at least for the first five minutes I’m going to leave the lid off after that I’m going to put the lid back on we’re going to wait another 15 minutes and then we’re going to slowly move our charcoal to Center let’s put our lid on and i’m going to dial this down just a little bit we’re going to want to heat this up for quite awhile so let’s just damper it down a little bit on each side stay tuned! so its been 15 minutes let’s move our charcoal in a little bit and keep heating this thing ok another 15 minutes get that thing sizzling! all right we’ll move the charcoal in one more time going to be directly underneath the salt block now. This is the same way you do it in your oven or gas grill go real slow almost there ok so i got my salt block up to a good temperature now make sure that if you’re cooking on a charcoal grill you need to make sure you have some extra charcoal on hand to keep that temperature going because it’s gonna cook off its going to get cooler you’re going to want to keep that temperature up add some more charcoal way that you can tell that your salt block is up to temp is by testing it with some water flick some water on there if it dissolves real fast you know that’s good also if you have one of these infrared thermometers just hit that with thermometer and we have about 400 430 degrees roughly a great spot to be for cooking a steak! first we’re going to start with our asparagus we’re just going to grab a couple of these sit them right on top and we’re going to do a little bit of olive oil on top of it and we’re going to add our pepper to it a little bit of lemon ok for our steak you can slap that right on there! and I’m going to just pepper it. now we’re going to just kind of pat that pepper down a little bit make sure it’s nice and gound in there don’t want to go nowhere all right now that that’s their will flip it in a minute and I’ll get back to you the nice things about a salt block is you can sear it on every side so just lift that thing up obviously you need a thick steak to do this! balanced and cooking now that sides been cooking for a while I think we’re ready for a flip oh that looks so good! stir your asparagus alright the steak is ready and I’m going to pull it off and i’m going to leave it on the salt block because you can that looks wonderful I love a manly steak! Slice and dice and take a bite look at that That looks wonderful! I bet you wish you were right here huh that’s okay you guys can make this at home! ok see how this thing tastes Wow!! that is amazing that is so good the salt brings out a really good flavor I tell you a little bit of pepper that’s all you need this salt block is awesome this is really good perfect! that is a perfect steak! See that little bit of pink such a good flavor! such a good flavor! look at that! that is my new favorite way of cooking a steak. it does take a long time to get that salt block heated up but i’m telling you if you’re having some family friends over whatever it is this will not disappoint that is probably one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time! lets try that asparagus oh alright make sure you cool it down whoa remember the salt block is going to maintain that heat its going to hold onto it for a long time so might not be the best way to serve your steaks but it sure does look cool this asparagus is amazing! woo its hot though! one more bite That’s a knockout of the park i tell ya! now if you guys like what you’ve seen here hit that subscribe button join me on some more of my videos follow me on Facebook Instagram whatever find those links in the description and i hope you guys enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up join the party hit that subscribe button thank you guys and thanks for watching

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99 thoughts on “Grilling With A Himalayan Salt Block | Steak Cooked On A Salt Tile

  1. Well done video but I'm not sold on a block of salt.  No different than seasoning it with a salt grinder.  Just another gimmicky marketing idea for someone to make money.

  2. Nice video, bud! I’m not sure I’d buy a salt block, but I guess plenty of people are interested in it. Nearly 50k views? Nice. Stay warm out there!

  3. I was watching this video then realized I’ve already watched it. And then I realized. I like it the last time too

  4. In INDIA these rock salts r available in reddish pink,pink & whitish pink colours, in powdered form or in 50 grams to one kilo in weight ( called Induppu) available at local ayurvedic (nattu marundu) shops in Tamil Nadu, INDIA & generally used in many homes.

  5. Thank you very much! Going to cook 2 steaks tonight with my daughter on my new salt block! Woohoo! I'll let you know! I have a gas grill! Will try and start heating grill on low, to medium to high. It is well!

  6. How're you going to make a review type video for a salt block. and then not let the meat rest and keep it on the hot cooking surface

  7. Why didn't you use your house oven at different temperatures and to  bring it up to 500 degrees in stages. It's easier than doing on the grill. No cracking the salt block.

  8. 6:26 Looked good but shit cutting that quick made me a little upset. At least you used a bushcraft knife respect for that.

  9. Well, Mr. Baum, you've pretty much had your balls busted over not resting the steak and leaving it on the block. Just keep doing what you do. There really are a lot of people that enjoy your video's.

  10. So wait just to use this thing you have to get it heated? seems like a process and then cook time..A liitle to much, not sure if its worth it..

  11. Looks great, about to cook steak on ours for the fist time. However I'm not going to leave it on the the block, it's just going to overcook it.

  12. I wonder how you could artificially manufacture a salt block? Obviously these are mined etc., millions of years yadayada. But if you can manufacture artificial diamonds, sure you could make salt blocks. Any ideas? Don’t see anything on the net. I wonder if the salt was in big crystals then buried/squashed together or if it was deposited somehow underground as the sea evaporated?? Or both?? Thoughts? A reverse osmosis pump and a press of some kind??

  13. looks like a nice cooking surfice. but for family and friend i think you need a bigger BLOCK to eat on time.

  14. Good video. I wished he'd shown us what the cleaning technique is for the salt block. Something tells me you can't just put it in the dishwasher. 😏

  15. I've been using these for about 3 years now. I primarily use mine for seafood, fish and scallops are great on this, as is asparagus. However I do tend to use it for steak and chops as well. The flavor and cooking is so easy and consistent that I'm not sure I'll ever go back to cooking on a grill surface.

  16. Hey commenters, with salt blocks you can use the block as a serving/warming tray as well as for cooking. Just trying to save you folks some time from repeating the same comment hundreds of others have already posted.

  17. Classic Washingtonian pretending to have an accent. And ditto the other comments… get it off the block once you've finished cooking.

  18. .:ATTENTION:.

    If you are going to make a comment about me not resting the meat, you are not the first.. lol yes I forgot to rest the meat. Please do so if you wish. It was a cold night and a long video production. Please forgive me for not resting the meat……

    Thank you!

  19. Looks Awesome! Now I regret telling my wife to skip out of getting me the Salt Block a while back. Won't make that mistake again.

  20. May be a stupid question but can these be used on a Blackstone griddle and just start the burners off on low and gradually bring the temp up to the recommended temp?

  21. First of all, leaving it on the salt block is ruining the steak because it continues to cook. Second, it appears that you cut it too early. It should be removed from the salt block and left to rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting into it.

  22. For the first half of the video, I thought that was sand in the background. Had this whole perception you were grilling down on the beach lol! Halfway through I realized it was actually snow lol! I immediately got cold and the tropical vibe was gone!

  23. Some things to note when using a salt block. 1. A hot salt block imparts almost no salt to the meat, just a terrific sear. You will still need to salt your meat as usual. 2. Using the block cold to serve anything WILL impart salt flavor to the food. 3. It will hold that heat for 3-5 hours. So remove the food from it soon as it's done or it will continue cooking. 4. Clean up it easy, using only a scrub brush and a little water. Maybe a scraper if really burnt on. No soap needed at all.

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