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Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, I got so many requests to do something
Grumpy Cat related, so today I’m gonna be teaching you how to make a
Grumpy Cat Cake! I’m pretty excited about it, me-ow! Alright, so let’s get started! The things you will need to make this cake,
will be: 2 chocolate cakes, you can use whatever recipe that you like, just your
favorite chocolate cake. I’ve already got mine pre-made, over here. The size of
these cakes are 6 inch pans by 2 inch, little rounds. About as big as my
head! You’ll also need 2 triangle sugar cookies,
because those are gonna be kitty ears! Meow! But he’s grumpy, so he’s like meh-ow
I don’t care about it! You’re gonna need black decorative icing,
I like the Wilton brand. Chocolate royal icing and tan royal icing. Then you’re gonna need 4 different colors
of Fondant, we’ve got chocolate fondant, and then we’ve got a little bit of pink
fondant, white and light blue. Alright, let’s put it all together! So the 1st thing that you’re gonna do is
take 1 of your cakes and put him on a little cake tray, and then I’m putting
it on top of this spinner, just to make it easier to frost, but you don’t
need 1 of these. Now you’re gonna take your tan royal icing,
this thing is so heavy, oh my gosh! And you’re just gonna put frosting right
on top of your cake. Then take your spatula and smooth it out. Now that you’ve got this frosted you’re
gonna put on your 2nd cake. And what I like to do is flip your cake upside
down so that the smooth side is on the top! Doin’ good! 2 Thumbs up and a foot! Once you’ve stacked your cake, you’re
gonna take your tan frosting. And at the end of the platic bag I’ve attached
a large grass tip, and it looks like that. When it comes out it kind of looks like spaghetti,
or if you pull up quickly it looks like tall grass or kitty fur! Purrrrrrrrr! So that’s what we’re gonna do, we’re
gonna make kitty fur all around our cake. I’m gonna start at the top so you can see
what it looks like. You just push down and pull up! And look at that, little kitty fur! Now that you’ve frosted your cake in cat
fur, you’re gonna decorate the ears, I’m taking the chocolate frosting, again
with a large grass tip, to look fuzzy, like a little fuzz ball! We’re gonna frost the ears first, so that
the frosting will dry standing up, and your kitty ears will look really fuzzy! Now you’re gonna take your triangle ears,
and we’re gonna stick them right on top of the little kitty cake. Once you’ve got your kitty ears in the cake,
you’re gonna take your chocolate frosting, and frost the sides of the ears,
so that there’s fur everywhere! Once you’ve got your kitty ears frosted,
now we’re gonna make Grumpy Cat’s face out of fondant. So we’ve got our fondant
colors out here, and I’ve just laid down a piece of wax paper so that it doesn’t
stick to the surface. If your fondant gets too sticky, just take
a little bit of powdered sugar, confectioners sugar, and sprinkle it down.
Like you would flour if you were making sugar cookies. OK, so first thing that I’m gonna do, is
just take a little bit of brown fondant, and I’m gonna shape it to look
like Grumpy Cat’s face. Just eyeball it, you can print out a picture
of Grumpy Cat’s face, whatever you want to do. The side of his face kind of looks like a
teardrop, a little narrow at the top and then comes down bigger at the bottom,
like that. Then we’re gonna do the same thing with
the other side. Now, just put the white in the middle, press
down. Fill it in, just massage it till the lines
become seamless. And then for his eyes, you’re gonna take
the light blue, and you can use a circle cookie cutter, I’m just using a teardrop
one, just because it’s a rounded edge. Then you’re gonna cut 2 eyeballs, and then
you’re gonna cut it flat across the top. Then you’re gonna take the pink fondant
and make his little nose! Boop! Now that we’ve got the base of little Grumpy
Cat’s face, and now we’re gonna take some frosting and stick it on the front of our cake. Hrrrrrrrr! That kinda sounded like a dog? Brrrr! Last but not least, we’re gonna take our
black decorative icing, and we’re gonna draw Grumpy Cat’s eyeballs and his grumpy
face. Ta-da! Here is our Grumpy Cat Cake! I hope you guys liked it, I loved making this! It’s so cute! One of my favorite cats, yes she is! Thanks you guys for suggesting it! If you
have any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know! Leave me
a comment down there, down below and I will do my best to make it
happen! Also, I will be posting a lot of pictures
of this silly little cat… Cat cake? Haha I can talk! On Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram,
and if you guys make this cake, please send me a picture because I get a big kick
out of your baking creations! I love them! I like to re-blog them and re-post
them and all that fun! OK, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye! Meep meep! Matt check this out. Wicka-wicka-wicka I hate Mondays! Wicka-wicka-wicka-wicka!

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