Hannah & Clay | Take me home [SS]
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Hannah & Clay | Take me home [SS]

C: I did know Hannah Baker. We worked together all the time at the Crestmont. We had classes together. She was my friend.. H: Do you think I could ever be as pretty as Jessica Davis? C: I mean, yeah, Jessica’s pretty and all, but… …you’re special. H: Clay… C: I love you. And I will never hurt you. I’m not going. Not now.. ..Not ever.

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2 thoughts on “Hannah & Clay | Take me home [SS]

  1. ahh i only just saw this now but this is gorgeous thank you!! i love this song and the way you edited it! and paired with these two it's so emotional, i actually handn't seen a video of them in a long time so this just brought back all the feels :') again thank you and i hope you have a happy new year 🙂

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