Hara Bhara Kebab | हरा भरा कबाब | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Hara Bhara Kebab | हरा भरा कबाब | Chef Ranveer Brar

Rolling & Action! Split bengal gram is boiled. Right! Now what do we have to do! Yes! We have to blanch the spinach also. I’m actually making Hara Kebab. And.. The reason I’m showing a Hara Kebab is because a lot of people asked for it, but also.. There are two ways of making a Hara Kebab and the one I know, I love that and show it everybody because that is Lucknow’s way of making that Munir Ustad tought me. In Lucknow while making Hara Kebab, we don’t add potatoes, green beans or any vegetables. It is made like Spinach Shammi. For that I have boiled split bengal gram. While boiling spilt bengal gram, add ginger garlic. So this split bengal gram is boiling here. add in the ginger garlic, whole spices. The only main difference here is, if we were making shammi kebab, we’d add dry red chilli. Here we have green chilli because, in shammi we need orange colour which is needed here. Here we need green colour. So for the colour, we’ve added green chilli. Right! Simple! Easy! No Rocket Science! So for blanching the spinach, add salt and very little soda. As soon as the water boils, add spinach leaves. Split bengal gram is also almost ready. Don’t bring it to mash consistency because then later, we have roast it. So for that, we’ll leave a little bit of water inside. People say that while cooking the spinach don’t cover it, it will turn black in colour. So it has no logic with covering the pan. The logic is that, the water becomes overheated and that steam cooking is actually what spoils the colour. This is done! Now take the spinach and here we go. Simple! No Rocket Science! Add very little salt! This is done for the paste and now spinach. This is what we got from the bunch of spinach. But there is no other way of retaining the colour. Puree the raw spinach and then roast it. So next time, if you want the green colour of the spinach, so blanch it. Else whatever you’re making will turn black and then you’ll say “Ranveer didn’t tell us” So, split bengal gram. Very nice! Now a quick cheat. *speaking in Punjabi* Done! I am happy! In Lucknow we don’t eat anything without straining. They say, if there’s anything that comes in your mouth, so it is an insult to the chef. So for that I used to strain it then also and I’m straining it now also. Done! That’s it! Just clean it properly. Work with spinach as soon as possible, don’t waste time in the mixer grinder because as the spinach gets warm, it turns black. Why did we add ghee and not oil? It is because, ghee will give richness to the bengal gram and secondly when the ghee will get cold, it will hold the kebabs. If we add oil, it won’t firm like ghee will firm after cooling down. So because we are going to put this in the refrigerator to chill, so ghee will hold it. Very little.. black cumin And.. that’s it! Now roast the the spinach puree. Now.. split bengal gram! Nice! Nice colour! Now for the thickening, add very little roasted gram flour. Done! Simple! Easy! No Rocket Science! This is roasted. It has left the corners. Right! This kebab mixture is ready. We have to keep it to cool. Today if Munir Ustad would be here, he’d be very happy. Let’s put it in the refrigerator. Don’t get excited Ranveer! If I see Hara Bhara Kebab, so for me.. those streams of cooking flashback to my mind. You know, there’s one stream of cooking in which, be that shammi or any other kebab, adding lentils is very important. You cannot make kebabs without lentils. Second stream of cooking is, which has a habit of making tikki’s. In which you add potatoes or green peas for the thickening. And when you collect it altogether, it’ll be green so call it hara kebab. So.. I don’t think any of the streams is right or wrong. You know! If you go to Lucknow, so you’ll say that if these are kebabs, so there should be lentils in these. And if you go to Punjab or banaras or anywhere else.. So people will say, what’s in this! Is it Hara Kebab.. you have thicken it with lentils, We have thicken it with potatoes. Nobody is right or wrong. Personally I am hopeless romantic so according to me, it is important to add split bengal gram in Hara Kebab and I’ll stick to that. Now let’s make it’s filling. For the filling either take hung curd or paneer (cottage cheese) And then finely chop the cashew nuts and mint leaves. And green chillies. That’s it! It’s done! Now we’ll add dry spices in it, in which we’ll add salt, black pepper powder and nutmeg powder. And very little ginger. My grater is nice, no? I have took it out to showoff. Salt! nutmeg! black pepper powder! Done! Now let’s make Hara Bhara Kebab! Okay! Done! I was saying that ghee will hold the mixture..? Ghee is firm. Now make a small bowl, after this add in the filling. Then press the filling in and here you close the bowl. Let’s roast? No! Not now! We’ll put it in the refrigerator. 5 more minutes! Let it hold the shape once, that’s important. If you want the kebab to melt in your mouth, it has to be firm. Once it’s firm and holds the shape then we can roast it. Ghee for roasting the kebabs. Let the ghee get completely hot! First time the pan has to be really hot. There’s no hurry! I’m actually in a hurry, feeling hungry. Roast it from one side and then crisp it from the another side. And.. Here we go! So now here the basic chutney is Curd and flax seeds chutney! Roasted flax seeds and onions. And done! Nice stuffing ya! You guys have still not left. Go make your own recipe. Look at the stuffing. Nice! Hmm..

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  2. Hai naa simple, easy, no rocket science🚀👌 "Ranveer ne bathaya nahi"😁. Each n every episode is lajawab. "Jao recipe banao"👌. Thanks for the recipe will try it. I like the way you present the dish very much.

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    Help me here.could you please elaborate on me here.about the binding of kebabs.and the consistency.

    What should I do if kebabs are like this in my case.

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  9. Hi Chef please read this-
    This is probably the best recipe for kebab because:

    I've seen thousands of videos of this where they ruin the whole thing by putting so many (all) the spices like they are making paneer tikka etc
    It ruins the essence and flavour of what the main ingredients are

    Second for binding they add cornflour, rice flour, breadcrumbs, potato, peas and beans and capsicum- again all that dilutes the main ingredients and stuffing and doesn't have great taste of its own. Daal goes with spinach way better.

    I just tweaked it a little by also adding some nutritional yeast (little) for binding. Gives amazing complementary flavour.
    Also very little sweetness- honey/sugar- A small pinch while making or slightly adding in water in which we blanch spinach.

    Yours is hands down the best recipe on all of YouTube:)
    Probably the only one that dissolves in mouth.
    Also the ghee logic is spot on.

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